Wirral is the best new student hotspot in the UK. The Peninsula, situated across the River Mersey from Liverpool, is quickly establishing itself as the latest go-to place for young people undertaking their studies in the region. As part of Liverpool City Region, Wirral welcomes large numbers of students to the district, a significant portion of them studying in any of Liverpool’s top-ranking higher education institutes.

As Liverpool continues to grow, its city centre population having doubled in the span of a decade, Wirral has become a fantastic new alternative. Thanks to its proximity to Liverpool, the growth of residential properties and transport link regeneration, more and more people can see Wirral for what it is; a bustling student hotspot replete with low-cost properties that has an incredibly bright future ahead of it.

View Of Birkenhead Skyline Part Of The UK's New Student Hotspot

The local press is certainly attuned to the notion of Wirral becoming a student living and property hotspot. Birkenhead, the historic market town that is the largest urban area on the peninsula, is cited as the next go-to area for students in the area.

But it isn’t just for reasons pertaining to accommodation and more affordable living that students are turning to Wirral. The area is attracting brand-new, state-of-the-art educational and training facilities that aim to attract the very best in their respective fields.

The recent opening of the University of Chester’s Marriss House in Birkenhead means that a large proportion of the UK’s best and brightest student nurses will be taught in Wirral. Having officially opened on October 5th, 2018, Marriss House will equip its eager students with the necessary skills to provide top-class healthcare.

Marriss House is stocked with the latest in medical education and training technology. A fully-equipped skills laboratory, designed to resemble a modern, hi-tech hospital ward, will sit alongside virtual reality technology, a slew of classrooms and a brand-new library that will provide students with access to the latest literature and peer-reviewed articles.

The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool Aerial Photograph

Mersey Maritime Knowledge Hub is a Liverpool John Moores University institution based in Wirral that will serve as an incubator for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Liverpool City Region is leading the way regarding digital and technological innovation in its employment sectors, particularly in areas such as the Baltic Triangle, and the Mersey Maritime Knowledge Hub will provide students with the perfect conditions to learn and improve.

The River Mersey needn’t act as a barrier for students looking for a place to live. Instead, it should be considered as a new frontier to cross. Students making their way across the water will find themselves best placed to choose between some excellent locations and accommodation; best to do it now before everybody else has the same idea.

High-end, luxury student accommodation such as Hamilton Hub are a buy to let investor’s dream, offering low starting costs and an 8% net rental return. The development also had incredible potential for capital appreciation and is situated directly in an area that is set to receive up to £1 billion of regeneration and rejuvenation.

Wirral has made itself a desirable proposition thanks to several present and future regeneration initiatives. As work in Liverpool commences at a fast and vast rate, so too do projects in Wirral. The Wirral Waters scheme is a ground-breaking £4.5 billion project that will rival Liverpool Waters.

Wirral Waters will transform the already picturesque coastline beyond all recognition, bringing with it jobs and economic prosperity to the region. Students considering taking up residence in Wirral will be attracted to the imminent creation of 20 million square feet of mixed-use floor space that will include masses of retail and leisure facilities, such as bars and restaurants.

Regeneration of Wirral Waters Plan

For students who choose to live in Wirral making the commute to a higher education institute across the river in Liverpool, they will be heartened to discover that big regeneration plans for the Liverpool City Region rail network will be completed and implemented by 2020. Passengers will be granted larger trains and shorter journeys, meaning the commute to and from Wirral and Liverpool will be a breeze for students.

It is no accident, or indeed surprise, that Wirral has become the latest student property hotspot in the UK. The conditions are perfect for investors to get in on the ground floor and make money in this booming area. Concerted efforts from higher education institutes, local authorities and determined developers have contrived to make Wirral the new go-to area for student property

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