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RW Invest offers a diverse property portfolio with investment opportunities in both residential and student sectors. Providing the most superior buy to let properties in prominent UK locations, our wealth of experience in the investment industry across our dedicated teams is just one of the reasons why our company stands out from the rest. We only offer properties in the most lucrative locations with the top rental yields in the country. We have a wide range of properties located in Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester and Leeds, which are situated in sought-after areas. The majority of our developments are located in central neighbourhoods, which offer tenants access to excellent job opportunities, high-quality education and an abundance of leisure activities. By investing in a prime location, you can guarantee to receive significant rental returns as well as the potential for capital appreciation, which will benefit you in retirement.

Domestic and overseas clients alike select RW Invest for their first property investments in the UK, and our unrivalled after-sales coordination process encourages them to return to us for future property ventures.  The entire team here at RW Invest are dedicated to providing the best service possible to ensure that our clients make the right investment decision, experience a smooth and fast completion process, and also come back for more!

At RW Invest, we are keen to expand our network and make new connections. Despite our five-star ratings on Trust Pilot and Google Reviews, sometimes it takes a more personal introduction from a friend or colleague to gain an investor’s trust. We know you’ll want to tell your fellow investors about the excellent service you received at RW Invest, so we have developed a specialist program that lets you know how much we appreciate it when you spread the word. This will aid other investors to profit from successful investments, and will also help to further improve your own investment, as the more capital put into a specific location, the better it becomes. Increase your cash flow by helping out your fellow investors. All you have to do is sign up to the RW Invest referral programme, and spread the word about our high-quality property investment services.

The RW Invest Referral Program has been set up exclusively for our customers. We will reward both prior and current customers when they refer a new client to us. An introductory fee will be paid to the client on exchange of the property sale by the referred investor. Past investors have enjoyed numerous cash rewards by simply mentioning RW Invest to the likes of partners and associates, who have then gone on to invest in a property with us. All we need is a few details from the person you’d like to refer, and once the property sale has been successfully exchanged, you will receive your referral funds. It really couldn’t be easier! If you want to find out more about our Referral Program, please Contact us today, and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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