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Keeping our clients in the loop is something that’s important to us. We want everyone who has purchased a buy to let property with RW Invest to feel in the know when it comes to their property investment. That’s why we offer regular construction updates for our investment properties, providing useful information on the current stage of each development.

Exciting updates are constantly happening throughout our off-plan investment properties, with the aim to have all construction work completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We create construction updates as often as we can, including a summary of any areas in which construction has begun, construction has progressed, and construction has completed. We also outline any plans for work that is anticipated to happen in order to move the construction process along and use high-quality images to showcase progress.

Whether you’ve purchased one of our buy to let investment properties and you want to keep track of the development, or you’re simply interested in investing and you want to find out more about the property in question, our construction updates are perfect for you. By reading the latest information about how your chosen property development is coming along, you’ll feel more in control of your investment efforts which will help put your mind at rest.

Examples of completed off-plan projects include Local Blackfriars in Manchester and City Residence (phase one) in Liverpool. Phase one of the City Residence development was completed on-time and on-budget back in 2017, and consists of 30 Scandinavian style townhouses – all of which are now 100 per cent tenanted. This development won an award for the North West Property Awards prize for Best Small New Home Development back in 2018, which is evidence alone of the overall quality of the developments we offer to our clients.

Local Blackfriars, which completed during Q2 2019, is another example of a development that completed successfully, both on-time and within budget. The developer for this property, Salboy, is extremely well-known and prestigious within the industry.

While our construction updates are particularly useful for off-plan property developments, they’re also valuable when it comes to refurbishment properties. Completed refurbishment projects include Liverpool’s Reliance House phase 1 and 2, which were built within a beautiful refurbished Edwardian building. Another recently completed refurbishment property was Colonial Chambers, which completed in February 2019.

Here at RW Invest, we have a proven track record for due diligence. We pay special attention to only work with the best developers around to ensure all of our properties have been created to the highest standard. This is evident in both the high-quality designs and structures of our developments, and the frequency of our construction updates.

If you have any further questions about construction updates and want to find out more, our dedicated post-sales managers are on hand to advise you on the status of your development. Our entire team of property professionals are also happy to answer any queries you might have about your investment and provide any further information as needed.

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