With over 15 years of experience, RW Invest is a market leader in UK property investment. With offices in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester, we specialise in buy to let residential and student property investments. We provide our clients with exclusive access to the most exciting and profitable developments available.

Founded in 2004, RW Invest is a property investment company that offers a wide range of properties, from completed and tenanted buy-to-let apartments to city centre student developments. Our name is well established within the real estate industry. We provide a wide range of services to help investors in their search for their next real estate investment. In our 14 years of business, we’ve built a trusted network of home builders, property developers, property investors, estate agents, rental management companies, letting agents and solicitors specialising in the buy to let market and other areas of property investment.

With offices in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester, we are creating investment opportunities throughout the Northern Powerhouse in an attempt to contribute to its regeneration. Manchester and Liverpool are front-runners in the modern property industry, receiving billions of pounds for regeneration. Aside from investment in skills, culture and transport, RW Invest plays a big part in the Northern Powerhouse’s potential for buy to let property.

By building relationships and collaborating with both our partners and competitors, we can negotiate the lowest possible property prices for our clients. Achieving below market rates, we create the most potential for capital gains for our clients. The trust of our customers is imperative to our success. A large part of this comes from our due diligence. All of our developers and management companies are subject to stringent background checks, questionnaires, comparable pricing, rent and planning feasibility studies and property title searches with local authorities.

With a large team over three key cities, RW Invest possesses a diverse set of professional skill sets across property investment, residential lettings, online media, banking, commercial property, recruitment, advertising and graphic design. We also boast the largest direct sales team in UK property investment as well as a superior client care service. This solid foundation has laid the groundwork for an exciting future in property investment.

RWinvest affiliations and awards for property investment

RW Invest is a full member of the Property Ombudsman Scheme, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Trading Standards Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. We openly promote our client reviews on our website and use platforms such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews to highlight our five-star rating. We encourage our clients to leave as much feedback as possible to improve customer experience and continue to build our reputation transparently. Read our Google Reviews here and view our Trustpilot ranking here.

At RW Invest, the only thing more important than our reputation is customer satisfaction. We have outstanding customer reviews and an unparalleled work ethic. We respond to customer enquiries swiftly and comprehensively. Click here for Liverpool Property Investment properties. Click here for Manchester Property Investment properties. Click here for Student Property Investment properties.

If you have any questions about our property deals or wish to discuss different investment opportunities, please Contact Us.


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