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Where to Buy Property Off the Plan in the UK

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    Discover The Best Places to Invest in Off-Plan Property

    If you’re a property investor considering off-plan property as an investment, you’ll want to know everything there is about investing in off-plan new build properties.

    Once you understand the basics, like what off-plan means and why it’s a popular property purchase option among home buyers and investors alike, there are more things to think about.

    One of the most commonly asked questions about buying an off-plan property, or any property for that matter, is about the best place to invest.

    Location plays a massive part in the success of any property investment venture, and researching the UK property market before you buy is crucial.

    In this guide, we’ll help you understand where to buy property off the plan in the UK if you want to get the very most out of your buy-to-let investment.

    The following areas are perfect locations for new build homes, offering high rental returns and excellent capital growth, along with high rental demand from tenants who favour off-plan homes.

    Sound good? Then keep reading to learn more about why you should buy off-plan property in Manchester, Liverpool, and more.

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      Liverpool City


      Liverpool is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy property off the plan in 2021 and beyond.

      One of the biggest benefits of buying off-plan property is that you gain access to below-market rates.

      With property prices in Liverpool already being some of the lowest in the country, investors can secure some amazing deals.

      For instance, properties like the upcoming development, ELEMENT – The Quarter, have prices starting from just £74,950.

      That’s almost £100k lower than the city’s current average asking price of £177,647, according to Zoopla.

      Rental yields in Liverpool are some of the highest in the UK, while capital growth is also booming.

      If you’re worried about finding tenants for your off-plan property, Liverpool is the perfect city to invest in.

      The population of students and young professionals is high in Liverpool, which is a good thing for those who own off-plan property.

      Young people are generally more drawn to new-build homes as they prefer the modern look and design of the properties.

      Off-plan homes are entirely brand new and are classed as new builds, which means they are more eco-friendly – a desirable factor for young renters.

      • Rental yields of up to 10% in the L1 postcode.
      • 28% property price growth predicted for the North West region by 2025.
      • Affordable property prices are made even lower by off-plan deals.
      • A high population of students and young professional tenants means high rental demand.

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      Birmingham is another city that’s gaining a lot of interest thanks to its property market.

      If you’re interested in kicking off your property investment journey with an off-plan investment, buying off-plan property in Birmingham is definitely a good option.

      This Midlands city is an economic powerhouse and a great place to live if you seek a wide array of business opportunities.

      Within the city’s huge population, around 64% is of working age, exceeding the national average of 62%.

      A younger population means more rental demand from young professional tenants.

      What better way to target this demographic than with a modern new build property?

      Rental yields in Birmingham are high compared to London, while average property prices of £253,904 make it a more affordable choice than buying off-plan property in the capital.

      • A high population of young professionals means better rental demand when you buy off-plan property in Birmingham.
      • More affordable property prices than you’d find if you wanted to buy off-plan property in London.
      • Attractive rental returns and capital growth are available with buy to let properties in the city.

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        View of Manchester


        Just a short distance from Liverpool lies Manchester, one of the UK’s largest cities and a hotspot for property investment.

        The property market in Manchester generates a lot of interest from buy to let investors due to the area’s booming house price growth, tenant demand, and rental returns.

        Manchester is a top destination for young professionals thanks to the growing number of businesses based in the city, from Missguided to ITV.

        If you want to buy off-plan property, Manchester makes an excellent choice.

        As with Liverpool, Manchester property prices are considered more affordable than house prices elsewhere in the UK, such as in London.

        Those who buy property off-plan in Manchester can invest in some desirable postcodes of the city for a lower purchase price than they would if buying a finished property.

        • Off-plan property in Manchester is more affordable than similar investments in other key cities.
        • Capital gains are significant, with Savills reporting 28% regional growth expected by 2025.
        • The housing market in Manchester is booming, with rising property prices and high tenant demand.
        • Manchester is incredibly popular with young renters, with a range of great business opportunities.

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        When you think of property investment, the Southern town of Slough may not be the first area to spring to mind.

        However, when it comes to investing in off-plan, Slough is an area that shouldn’t be ignored.

        This up-and-coming UK city is popular with those on the London commuter belt, with transport links connecting Slough to London in less than an hour.

        More recently, those looking to buy off-plan property in London have been turning away from the capital and heading to more suburban towns like Slough. It’s easy to see the attraction.

        With property prices that are significantly lower than those in London, a booming economy, and ongoing regeneration, for those who want to buy property off-plan in London, Slough is the next best thing.

        Zoopla states that Slough’s current average property price is £335,558, which is highly affordable compared to London’s £951,249 average.

        For renters, living in Slough is also a welcome alternative to the high rental costs of the capital.

        Many renters are now more willing to live on the outskirts of London if it means spending less on rent, particularly during 2021 when remote working has become more popular than ever.

        • Lower average house prices than in London, making below market value off-plan purchases even more affordable.
        • The real estate market is thriving, with expected capital growth on the horizon.
        • Excellent transport links connect residents to London in less than an hour.

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          View of Leeds


          When buying student or residential property for investment purposes, the Yorkshire city of Leeds is a familiar favourite amongst buy to let investors.

          Leeds is one of the UK’s most prominent cities, with a strong culture, a great university scene, and a thriving housing market.

          Off-plan developments are available throughout this city due to the demand for housing from students and young professionals.

          Like the other UK buy to let cities, property prices are considered affordable, with Leeds boasting an average £258,160 asking price according to current Zoopla data.

          Savills has predicted Yorkshire and the Humber will see significant house price growth by 2025, with an expected increase of 28%, making the region on par with the North West.

          • High capital growth rates are expected, making off-plan property investment a lucrative choice.
          • Average property prices of less than £260,000, allowing investors to find some excellent off-plan deals.
          • There is a lot of demand from tenants due to Leeds being a fantastic city to live, work, and study in.

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