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Is Leeds Good to Invest Right Now?

Economically vibrant and at the heart of the northern powerhouse initiative, Leeds city centre is undoubtedly an obvious place to invest in property and as Yorkshire’s largest city, Leeds has long been identified as a thriving cosmopolitan area. Having largely completed the process of gentrification that’s ongoing in Liverpool and Manchester, property investment in Leeds represents a compelling proposition.

The demand from buyers and renters, supported by a sharp spike in local population in recent years, continues to heavily outweigh supply. This provides an indication that property values and rental prices will rise further towards the end of 2018, not just in the heart of the city but in the suburbs, as more people are looking further afield for value for money.

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Leeds Property Investment

Demand outstrips Supply

Thousands of new homes are currently under construction across the city to help plug the supply-demand imbalance, where the average price of a home now costs £164,800, according to Hometrack.

Aside from boosting the supply of residential properties, transport facilities across the region are also experiencing a revamp, helping to increase Leeds’ international activeness, as well as create thousands of new homes and jobs across the city.

Leeds station is one of the busiest in the country but with the addition of High Speed 2 (HS2) and HS3 trains playing a vital role in achieving the aims of the city’s strategic economic plan, Leeds station looks set to become a genuine transport hub for the city, the region, and the North of England.

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Vibrant Urban Living

For remote workers and those who have a hefty commute, living in a well-connected city is imperative. Leeds provides an excellent base for urban living as it is becoming increasingly more popular.

Ultimately, Leeds is a vibrant city offering increasing employment opportunities supported by the city’s expanding retail offering, as well as the growing financial and services sector helping to attract fresh talent to the region. This is further boosting the demand for property; an attractive proposition for anyone considering the best investment for 2018.

Strong Capital Growth

Leeds property investment offers unparalleled opportunities for strong capital growth. Three major universities support a flourishing student population, affordable house prices and high rental demands. Leeds has the fourth largest student population in the UK and will continue to attract interest from private, commercial and student tenants. The vast number of students generates the need for accommodation, providing the best investments for buy-to-let landlords.

Outside of the capital, Leeds is the UK’s largest centre for financial and business services, securing a larger graduate retention percentage as many students remain in Leeds after completing their studies. Therefore, this creates a continuous demand for accommodation from graduates securing property around the city.

The housing market in Leeds is steered by high demand and low supply, which means growth in rental yields and capital values. Landlords, investors and developers are reaping the benefits from high yields due to strong rental income. Leeds property market is also beneficial for homeowners who wish to step foot on the property ladder as house prices are predicted to increase steadily going forward into the future.

Ever-growing Demand for Property

An IP Global report states that Leeds is struggling to meet the ever-growing demand for property. Around 90,000 new homes are needed by 2021 but there are only 60,000 in the pipeline. This shortfall is only set to boost prices even further in Leeds with the city already proving one of the best investments by rising 4% over the last year. Rental growth is predicted to rise by 18.8% by 2022 according to the research.

Hamish Pound, the head of investment at IP Global said, “We advise investors to focus on supply and demand because an imbalance here is likely to provide the greatest gains.”

Leeds growth has been amplified by the success of the wider West Yorkshire region, with an expanse in the economy accruing to £50bn, an increase of 40% over the last decade. However, in recent years, Leeds has experienced consistent growth in house prices and is attracting more and more buyers. A plethora of commercial developments has helped place Leeds of the map for offering lucrative investment opportunities due to an increased demand for residential property.

Regeneration opportunities in Leeds are significant. Leeds South Bank represents one of the largest and most appealing regeneration initiatives in the country, estimated to accommodate over 4000 new homes. Aire Valley also highlights significant investment opportunities, with more than 400 hectares of land for development (the equivalent of 400 football pitches). Transforming brownfield land and decrepit infrastructure will also develop the local amenities, improving the value of surrounding properties and making now a prime time to invest in this true Northern delight – Leeds.

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