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An Infographic Timeline Of Liverpool's History
Theresa May and Brexit's Impact On The UK Property Market
Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Tips For Renovating Your First Home Infographic
UK Top 25 Rental Yields By City Monopoly Board Infographic
Seven Things You Didnt Know About Liverpool Infographic
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Why Invest In Liverpool
PBSA is Great For Overseas Investors Property Investment Infographic
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UK City Centre Living Property Investment Infographic
Overseas Investment In Purpose Build Student Accommodation - Property Investment Infographic
Overseas Students In The UK Property Investment Infographic
Student Investment In Manchester Property Investment Infographic
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Property Investment After Brexit Property Investment Infographic
Media City In Numbers Property Investment Infographic
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Above you will find links to over twenty different high-quality infographics created by RW Invest, covering a range of different topics, and condensing down crucial information into a shareable format. Images range in investment-related topics, from the UK’s top 25 rental yields, to statistics on overseas students in the UK, to the property investment market after Brexit, and more.

These images are at the least both informative and interesting, and at most some key tools to help you along your investment journey. Here are some of our favourites:

Theresa May and Brexit's Impact On The UK Property Market

Featured Infographic: Theresa May & Brexit:

As the now former-Prime Minister of the country, succeeded by Boris Johnson as Conservative leader, now is the perfect time to look at the storied political career of Theresa May, summarised well by our infographic. May has had a long and prolific career, which will now continue as she returns to her position as Conservative MP for Maidenhead. This infographic also contains a brief overview of the Brexit negotiations since the referendum result, as well as some of the statistics showing its effect on the property market.

Did you know?

Theresa May was the first female chairman of the Conservative Party, and has been married since 1980. She graduated from Oxford with a degree in Geography in 1977.

Featured Infographics

UK Top 25 Rental Yields By City Monopoly Board Infographic

UK Top 25 rental yields (Propertyopoly)

This fun take on the classic property board game interweaves some of the best areas to invest in the UK. Passing go, you’ll find that Nottingham takes the top spot, with an average 11.99% rental yield. Liverpool is the most consistently high area on the board, with six postcodes filling in some crucial spaces. Remember to watch out for that stamp duty square, and check accessible transport links to outperform the competition.

Don’t want to leave your potential investment returns to a roll of the dice? RW Invest can provide additional advice on each of the areas mentioned, across the board.

An Infographic Timeline Of Liverpool's History

Timeline of Liverpool’s History

In our timeline of Liverpool’s history infographic, you will find a detailed, in-depth look at the northern city, chronicling some of its most important events. From its earliest point in 1207 to the modern day, some of the more notable recent events include the completion of the unmistakable Anglican Cathedral in 1978, and the city being names the European Capital of Culture in 2008. Today, the city’s population has reached approximately 865,000.

Why Invest In Liverpool

Why Invest in Liverpool

A now burgeoning city, thanks in part to both its incredible education sector and thriving tech hub, Liverpool is one of the most desirable areas in the country today for both young professionals and investors alike, and it will continue to prosper as the developments come to fruition in the future.

Holding host to both Liverpool F.C, the champions of Europe, and Everton, whose recently announced stadium development will transform some of the city’s derelict dockland areas, the city is also certainly not one to be ignored in terms of its sporting prowess.

Cost Of TV Homes Property Investment Infographic Button

The cost of famous properties in the North West

Every wondered how much it would cost to live or rent in the same area as some of your favourite TV soaps/shows? This infographic details the hypothetical cost of properties from Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Fresh Meat, Peaky Blinders, and even Pride and Prejudice.

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