13 Aug by Ethan Hunt

Chinese Investment in Liverpool

Historical Bond Between China and Liverpool Could Spark Big Investment

Chinese investors are heading to the UK in their droves as Chinese investment in Liverpool is set to take off. The People’s Republic of China and Liverpool have a long and storied history of good relations. The Northern Powerhouse city could see a fresh influx of Chinese investment in Liverpool from the Far East nation. Several factors have contrived to make Liverpool a more attractive proposition to Chinese investors than ever. This could be a new golden age for Chinese investment in UK markets and industry.

Ever since the first Chinese sailors and immigrants hit the shores of Liverpool from the mid-19th century, the two have formed an unlikely, though very strong, economic and social bond. Liverpool, twinned with Shanghai, is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe. As an increasingly bitter trade row with the United States deepens, the Chinese government, led by President Xi Jinping, has relaxed rules on Chinese investors making deals overseas.

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Liverpool and the Far East


Liverpool has overtaken London for Chinese Investors

Most overseas investors that look toward the UK will head to London, with its sprawling juggernaut of an economy. Yet high costs, a slumping market and an erratic Pound consistently agitated since the result of the Brexit referendum has Chinese investors looking elsewhere to get more yowza for their Yuan. A rejuvenated Liverpool, one of the UK’s biggest success stories, will welcome the opportunity for further investment from one of their oldest friends. The booming buy to let property market and student property investment market are already being eyed up.

This has already been an interesting year for potential Chinese investment in Liverpool. Since January, enquiries into buy to let properties in Liverpool have shot up by 160%. To compare, similar enquiries made for buy to let properties in London have tumbled by nearly half. In contrast to London and other more expensive regions in the UK, Chinese investors are finding that Liverpool’s buy to let benefits, lower starting costs and bigger yields for high end luxury accommodation, are a far more interesting and alluring prospect.

When it comes to buy to let properties, particularly student accommodation, Liverpool is out-performing areas in the UK traditionally considered more enticing and affluent. As Chinese investment in UK markets heads towards another boom, they are looking to the North West.


Chinese Students in Liverpool

The buy to let student property market is one area that gives Liverpool the jump on the rest of the UK. Chinese investment in Liverpool is set to soar primarily because of the incredible numbers of Chinese students enrolled in Liverpool’s reputed higher education institutions. Chinese students account for the highest proportion of foreign undergraduates and postgraduates in the city.

Chinese investment in Liverpool, and its wealth of Chinese students, conforms to the models adhered to by China’s government. China has always predicated its domestic and overseas economies on protectionism; making sure that China’s needs and interests are the fundamental focus. Now, Chinese investors, encouraged by deregulations, can make secure and profitable overseas investments that are made with the future of China’s younger generations in mind.

China is on track to become the world’s largest economy by 2032. Initiatives and investment in cities like Liverpool and other Chinese investment in UK markets and industries will only stoke and accentuate this imminent dominance.


Chinese Investment in the Northern Powerhouse

It is not only Liverpool that has Chinese investors feeling perky with great investment opportunities. Neighbouring Manchester is also in the line of sight. In the same period that enquiries into Liverpool property from Chinese investors surged, Manchester properties were met with a 250% increase. Investors are enthralled by Manchester’s rapid growth and its status at the UK’s ‘second city’. Manchester has become a city that Chinese investors want to not only invest in but to live in too. Recent data shows that Manchester is deemed worthy of the long trip and stressful relocation for a fifth of Far East investors.

Manchester and Liverpool are now the second and third most appealing places in the UK for Chinese investors respectively. And who can blame them? With a wealth of opportunities already available, further regeneration, such as Liverpool Waters, St John’s Manchester and Wirral Waters, are only ever going to increase the reputations of and returns from these grand old historical cities.

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