We’ve Planted 49,900 Trees in the Amazon Rainforest!

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Property Editor
Updated 10 January, 2022
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49,900 Trees Planted in the Amazon Rainforest 49,900 Trees Planted in the Amazon Rainforest

If you’ve been keeping up with the charity work we do here at RWinvest, you may remember that back in January 2021, we set out an initial target to plant 45,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest. 

Well, as of January 2022, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve exceeded this target. In partnership with One Tree Planted, we’ve now planted 49,900 trees in the Amazon! 

Read our latest blog post to find out a bit more about this achievement and why it’s so important to us. 

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Launch of the eco-development, ELEMENT – The Quarter. Launch of the eco-development, ELEMENT – The Quarter.

Why Are We Planting Trees? 

We set out on our mission to plant 45,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest in line with the launch of our eco-development, ELEMENT – The Quarter.  

ELEMENT – The Quarter is the North West’s first-ever eco property development, which features forward-thinking designs and state-of-the-art, eco-conscious technology.   

To coincide with the launch of this development, we have donated money for 100 trees to be planted by One Tree Planted for every unit sold in ELEMENT – The Quarter. 

So far, a total of £51,467.18 ($69,500) has been raised in donations to One Tree Planted 

Supporting the environment has never been so vital, and we need to act now to protect the planet against issues such as climate change, air pollution, water and energy crises, and much more.  

Benefits for the environment Benefits for the environment

How Will This Benefit the Environment? 

We’re so thrilled to know that this development will not only help the environment in many ways once it’s completed, but is also massively contributing to one of the world’s most crucial ecosystems.  

Rainforests are so important for many reasons, including the following: 

  • They house over 30 million species of plants and animals, which accounts for half of the world’s wildlife and two-thirds of its plant species. 
  • An estimated 25% of all the world’s medicines come from plants that grow in our rainforests, with potentially many more that are yet to be discovered.  
  • Rainforest trees draw water from the forest floor and release it back into the atmosphere. Without rainforests, the world would experience more droughts and water shortages.  
  • Rainforests help to stabilise the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When deforestation occurs, much of the carbon that is stored is released into the atmosphere as CO2, contributing to global warming. 

And what about the Amazon rainforest?  

  • The Amazon rainforest produces roughly 6% of the world’s oxygen and readily absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  
  • The Amazon River is the second-longest in the world and covers nearly 4,000 miles. The river is home to a range of species, including those that are endangered.  
  • The Amazon has the world’s highest rate of rainfall, with 3,700 cubic miles of rainwater falling from the sky every year. 
  • Over 40,000 plant species reside in the Amazon rainforest, including those that have medicinal properties or that are used for food.  

One Tree Planted is such a vital organisation committed to global reforestation, whom since 2014, has more than doubled the number of trees planted every year.  

They work hard to restore forests that have been affected by forest fires and floods, protect habitats, and build communities and create jobs. 

We’re glad that by selling units in our eco-development, we’ve been able to help One Tree Planted continue its amazing work in such a vital rainforest as the Amazon.  

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How to get involved How to get involved

How Can I Get Involved?  

Want to help plant 100 more trees in the Amazon rainforest? Get in touch today to enquire about available units in our ELEMENT – The Quarter development.  

ELEMENT – The Quarter is an off-plan development located in Liverpool’s thriving Knowledge Quarter area.  

Targeted at young professional and postgraduate tenants working and studying in the area, this property offers perfect accommodation for like-minded eco-conscious tenants.  

Facilities in this development include a communal cinema room and games room for residents to enjoy.  

Sophisticated technology such as a heat recycling system, rainwater recycling system and more make this project stand out as a one of a kind eco-friendly property in the North West. 

Units start from just £74,950 and offer fantastic 8% rental returns. Enquire via the listing for ELEMENT – The Quarter or chat to one of our agents using our live chat service to find out about current availability.  

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Property Editor

Amy Jackson is the property editor at RWinvest. Amy has over three years of experience working in the property content sector and has a keen eye for finding the latest news, statistics, and must-have property investment information. 

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