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Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

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    Investing in Buy-to-Let Property

    Buy-to-let property is one of the most exciting and rewarding investment classes in 2024, thanks to the unparalleled potential for growth, stability and returns.

    If you are wondering where you can find some of the best buy-to-let properties for sale in the UK, then look no further!

    Here at RWInvest, we have a range of world-class off-plan buy-to-let investment properties for sale in some of the UK’s biggest cities like Liverpool, Manchester and London.

    From first-time investors to buy-to-let investors looking to expand their property portfolio, our buy-to-let property for sale offers high rental yields, affordable prices and all the benefits of new-build properties.

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      Why Should You Invest? ​

      There are many reasons why you should consider investing in buy-to-let property:

      1. House prices have grown exponentially in the past few years. 2022 saw the national average reach a record high, and in the past five years, prices have risen by 27.7% per Land Registry data. Capital growth means you can see major profits by selling your investment property in time.
      2. Rents are also rising thanks to the high demand for rental property.
      3. The housing market is remarkably resilient and able to endure difficult financial situations. For example, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, house prices rose by record high levels in 2021.
      4. Thanks to high affordability in top cities, many investment properties have high rental yields, meaning you can get higher levels of returns in cities like Liverpool and Manchester.

      If you are asking why you should invest in property, then hopefully, this brief summary answers your question!

      Read our guide on how to invest in buy-to-let property for details on the process of investing and what to expect.

      Our buy-to-let property portfolio for sale features high rental yields, world-class designs and facilities and properties that are located in some of the most popular areas of their respective regions.

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      Buy-to-Let Property for Sale ​- The North West

      Here is our range of exclusive new homes for sale available to buy with RWinvest.

      Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Liverpool

      Average House Price (per Land Registry 2023 Report): £177,803

      Liverpool is one of the best cities for buy-to-let property thanks to high affordability and rental yields.

      Student property in the city is in high demand thanks to the excellent universities in the area, while great transport links to the broader North-West and nation mean it is easy to commute for work.

      Take a look at our Liverpool buy-to-let properties for sale:

      Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Manchester

      Average House Price (per Land Registry 2023 Report): £231,656

      One of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the UK, Manchester is a thriving property market ideal for property investors.

      With many major employers in Manchester, like the BBC and Barclays, the rental market in the city is thriving thanks to the wide array of young professionals moving to the area for work.

      Excellent transport links around Greater Manchester mean that the commuter belt is thriving and ideal for those looking for more affordable valuations in their buy-to-let property for sale in Manchester.

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        Buy-to-Let Property for Sale - London and the Midlands

        Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Birmingham

        Average House Price (per Land Registry 2023 Report): £231,270

        The crown jewel of the Midlands, Birmingham, has some of the best-value buy-to-let investment opportunities in the UK.

        With top educational institutions like the University of Birmingham and a fast-growing economy set to rise to £29.6bn over the next year, the city is an ideal landing spot for students and young professionals alike. This makes buy-to-let property for sale in Birmingham an excellent choice for investors.

        Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in London

        Average House Price (per Land Registry 2023 Report): £523,325

        With it being the nation’s capital, buy-to-let property for sale in London is often a popular choice for property investors.

        From the range of major employers in the city to the wide variety of tenant classes, buy-to-let investment property in London is always in high demand, which leads to above-market-value house prices.

        Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Luton

        Average House Price (per Land Registry 2023 Report): £285,944

        Located on London’s commuter belt, buy-to-let property for sale in Luton is an underrated investment option for those seeking to target the capital’s high volume of young professionals while avoiding the sky-high prices.

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          Invest with RWInvest

          With 20 years of experience in the property investment market, RWInvest is one of the best places to go for buy-to-let property for sale in the UK.

          Our expert sales team helps you to find the best investment opportunities to suit your goals and budget, while our dedicated post-sales and client care teams help guide you through every step of your journey into property investment.

          With award-winning service, experienced staff and round-the-clock care, why not look into buying rental property with RWInvest?

          Alternatively, you can read our guides on the best places to invest in the UK for information on other popular areas for investors, such as Leeds property investment and Glasgow property investment.

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