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The Liverpool Baltic Triangle

Having evolved and transformed over recent years, the Baltic Triangle is one of Liverpool’s most fashionable and highly coveted districts. Filled with a variety of amazing cultural venues, restaurants and bars, and creative businesses, the Baltic Triangle is definitely an area to consider when it comes to Liverpool property investments.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Baltic Triangle and its investment prospects, here are three reasons you should consider purchasing property in the Baltic Triangle district.

The Baltic Triangle is one of Liverpool's most exciting tourist destinations and a coveted place to live for many of the city's residents, making it ideal for buy to let investment.

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Baltic Triangle Property Investment

The Baltic Triangle is a Top Regeneration Zone

Ever since January 2012, the Baltic Triangle has received extensive regeneration that has built it into the area it is today. Around £128 million has gone into the area’s regeneration, with a further boost of £62 million planned for the future.

Thanks to this regeneration, the Baltic Triangle has been transformed into the thriving area it is today. Around 500 new private-sector jobs have been created in the Baltic district, with predictions of almost 800 new jobs to follow, highlighting the strength of the area’s economy. Within the next few years, the Baltic Triangle is predicted to have trebled to 170,000 square feet. Amongst regeneration plans for the area is the re-opening of the derelict St James station, which will give the Baltic Triangle a huge boost if plans follow through.

Investors keen to grow the value of their investment property alongside making high rental returns should definitely explore the opportunities available within the Baltic Triangle.

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The Baltic Triangle is a Desirable Place to live

The Baltic Triangle was voted one of the coolest places to live in the UK by the Times in 2017. With an array of amazing things to do and see and excellent proximity to Liverpool city centre, it’s easy to see why the Baltic Triangle received this vote. Some of the latest additions to the Baltic Triangle include the popular Baltic Market, a venue filled with independent food stalls which host regular live music events – basically, a food and drinks festival for Liverpool residents to enjoy every weekend! Other spots in the Cains Brewery Village area of the Baltic Triangle include lively bars like Birdies Bar and BBQ, the Peaky Blinders Bar, and Ghetto Golf for a unique night out.

Because of its reputation as a trendy, creative district, the Baltic Triangle generates a lot of rental demand from desirable tenants like young professionals. If you purchase a property in the Baltic area, you’ll benefit from a consistent stream of demand and won’t have to worry about any void periods causing you to miss out on income.

With the area ever-expanding and attracting more and more interest from across the UK and worldwide, it’s likely that this demand will continue to grow for many years to come. As more and more bars, restaurants, offices and events are introduced into the area, the Baltic Triangle will only keep thriving further, and this is just the beginning.

The Baltic Triangle Generates High Rental Yields

Liverpool is already hailed as a top city for rental yields, with six Liverpool postcodes making Totally Money’s buy to let map for 2020. The L1 postcode, which is ranked the number one postcode in the UK, spans parts of the Baltic Triangle, which has helped attract more attention to the district from investors keen to maximise their rental returns.

Because the area is so popular and creates a lot of demand from tenants, those who invest in the Baltic Triangle benefit from some attractive rental yields. With low property prices and high average rental costs of around £843 per month, yields in this Liverpool postcode are some of the best in the UK.

Properties like One Baltic Square and Parliament Square come with rental yields of 7%, which is a lot higher than the yields you would find in some other parts of the country. With steady rental price growth in Liverpool over recent years, it’s likely that these rental yields will continue to increase over time, allowing investors to make the best possible return on investment.



Download our Baltic Triangle Investors Guide

For more in-depth information about the Baltic Triangle and its history, regeneration, and investment prospects, make sure you scroll to the top of the page to download our Baltic Triangle guide.


For an in-depth look at the Baltic Triangle and its history, check out our Baltic Triangle guide.

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