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Liverpool Property Investment: Buy To Let Investments

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    Your Guide to Liverpool Buy-to-Let Property Investments

    In the world of property investment, all good investors will appreciate that one of the most important things you can do is invest in the right area.

    For the past few years, one city has topped the scoreboards for property investment hotspots – and that’s Liverpool.

    If you’re thinking of getting started with Liverpool property investment and exploring Liverpool buy-to-let opportunities, look no further.

    This detailed guide to Liverpool property investment features all the key information you should know, including:

    • The benefits of investing in the Liverpool buy-to-let market.
    • Recent data on Liverpool house prices and the Liverpool rental market.
    • The Liverpool property price forecast.
    • An analysis of the best areas to invest in Liverpool.

    And more!

    For an investment with affordable property prices, high rental yields, and amazing capital growth potential, Liverpool property investment is a perfect option.

    Keep reading our detailed Liverpool property investment guide and kick-start your Liverpool buy-to-let journey today.

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      Chapter 1: Why Invest in Liverpool?

      Investors from around the world regularly take advantage of Liverpool’s property investment opportunities. But why is that?

      In the first section of our Liverpool property investment guide, we’ll look at some of the reasons why buy-to-let in Liverpool is so popular and why you should invest in property in this city.

      Key Topics:

      • The benefits of investing in Liverpool for rental yields.
      • Liverpool’s thriving rental market.
      • Affordable property prices in Liverpool.
      • Strong capital growth prospects from Liverpool buy to let.

      4 Reasons to Invest in Liverpool Property

      You might be wondering, ‘Is Liverpool a good place to invest in property?’ and the truth is that there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the Liverpool buy-to-let market.

      More and more investors are choosing to invest in Liverpool property thanks to the opportunities on offer.

      But what is so great about Liverpool property investment, and why should you consider exploring tenanted properties for sale in Liverpool?

      Property investors should consider property investment opportunities in the Liverpool buy-to-let market to take advantage of high rental yields, increasing demand, and strong capital growth potential.

      Keep reading for more information on the benefits of Liverpool buy-to-let investment and why you should explore investment properties in the city.

      1: High Rental Yields

      Liverpool boasts some of the most impressive investment properties for sale, with some of the highest rental yields in the UK.

      Since rental yields, which calculate the percentage return you make each year, are such an integral part of any buy-to-let property investment, it’s not hard to see why Liverpool is deemed a top property hotspot.

      Liverpool’s rental yields average above 5%, while some Liverpool buy-to-let areas, such as the L4 postcode, reach even more impressive heights of up to 6.4%. The L1 postcode, based in the city centre, has also been known to generate yields as high as 10%, according to TotallyMoney.

      With Liverpool being such an affordable city in terms of property price, these yields come as no surprise, especially when paired with the rising rental costs in the city.

      2: Ongoing Rental Demand in Liverpool

      Liverpool is filled with those looking for quality properties to rent.

      Liverpool property investment is an attractive venture for those hoping to appeal to a wide range of different tenants due to the large population of young people seeking rental properties.

      This high rental demand makes buy-to-let opportunities an excellent option for those involved in investment in property in Liverpool.

      Students and young professionals make up a large portion of people seeking quality rental properties in Liverpool.

      With a student population of over 57,000, students in Liverpool provide a reliable stream of demand.

      Liverpool’s buzzing business scene, lively nightlife and endless attractions have made the city popular with young professionals.

      3: Affordable Prices

      One of the reasons that so many people look to buy investment properties in Liverpool is the affordability of the city’s property prices.

      On average, Liverpool property prices are a lot lower than house prices in other UK cities.

      As of September 2022, the average property price in the Liverpool area is £195,263, according to Rightmove.

      Compare this with Rightmove’s average price for London property, £823,358, and you can understand why Liverpool buy-to-let is a favourable option.

      Because Liverpool investment properties are so much cheaper to buy, investors can build buy-to-let portfolios more quickly than they would elsewhere.

      Take a buy-to-let property for sale right now with RWinvest as an example – investors could purchase a unit in our most recent development, Central Park, for just £164,950.

      In many other UK cities, investors would struggle to purchase a property for similar amounts.

      4: Strong Growth Prospects

      Liverpool has come a long way since the financial struggles of the 1980s.

      Today, Liverpool is viewed as one of the best cities to live and work in, which has led to high demand for properties.

      Because there’s so much property market demand, Liverpool house prices have seen a considerable surge over recent years.

      In 2020, in particular, Liverpool property prices reached record-breaking heights despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imminent outcome of property prices after Brexit.

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      Chapter 2: The Liverpool Property Market

      The Liverpool property market is undoubtedly thriving, with investors worldwide taking advantage of affordable property prices, high Liverpool rental returns, and strong economic growth.

      Due to an ongoing property boom in Liverpool, the Liverpool housing market is currently competitive for homeowners, renters, and those buying investment properties.

      This has helped the city gain a reputation as the best place to buy property in 2024.

      So, what exactly makes Liverpool so special when it comes to the area’s housing market and economy?

      Here are some key pieces of information that you should know if you’re considering making a Liverpool investment in 2024 and beyond.

      Key Topics:

      • House prices in Liverpool are growing.
      • Liverpool is a popular city for overseas investment.
      • Economic growth is strong in the city.
      • The population is growing.
      • Liverpool has a famous cultural scene.
      • Liverpool is a top tourist hotspot in the UK.

      Liverpool Property Prices Are Growing Fast

      The North West region is known for having some of the fastest-growing house prices in the UK.

      According to Land Registry data, Liverpool property prices have increased by a massive 67% between June 2012 and June 2022.

      In the last three years alone, average house prices in Liverpool have increased by a substantial 33.8% between June 2019 to June 2022.

      With strong Liverpool property price forecasts ahead, it’s clear that property prices in Liverpool are showing no signs of slowing down.

      Levels of Foreign Investment Are High

      Levels of overseas investment in the Liverpool property market are high. If you’re looking to buy property in the UK from overseas, Liverpool is a popular choice.

      From 2017 to 2018, there was a 160% year-on-year increase in Chinese buyer enquiries into Liverpool buy-to-let investment.

      In 2019, Liverpool was recorded as one of the biggest UK recipients of foreign direct investment, with growth in overseas investment levels for Merseyside areas such as Knowsley, St Helens, and Haydock.

      This FDI across the region led to the creation of 3,389 jobs.

      Liverpool Has Experienced Fast Economic Growth

      Recent research reveals that Liverpool is predicted to see GVA growth of nearly 6%, compared to an average of just 0.6% pre-pandemic, a massive boost to a fast-growing economy.

      Regeneration plans will only drive this economic growth further and improve the city’s reputation as a magnet for national and overseas investment.

      In turn, this will attract even more interest from those keen to invest in Liverpool over the coming years.

      The City’s Population is Expanding

      As of 2022, the current metro area population of Liverpool stands at 912,000. That’s up by 0.66% since 2021.

      Between 2017 and 2022, the population in the city also increased by 2.6%.

      Around 75% of Liverpool city centre residents are reportedly aged between 17 and 29, which is a significant reason why there are such high levels of rental demand in Liverpool.

      With reports of many people now choosing to leave London and move up North, the population of Liverpool is likely to grow even further over the coming years.

      Liverpool Boasts a Rich Culture

      There’s a reason why Liverpool was voted the European Capital of Culture back in 2008.

      As the birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool’s music scene plays a big part in the city’s world-famous reputation.

      Regular music events are held in Liverpool, including LIMF, Liverpool Sound City, Africa Oye, and the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival.

      Both the music landscape of Liverpool and the thriving football scene bring in herds of tourists each year, helping the economy to flourish.

      According to Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, Liverpool Football Club grew the city’s economy by a huge £497 million GVA between 2017 and 2018.

      Levels of Liverpool Tourism Are High

      Liverpool is a prominent tourist spot, with people from around the UK and worldwide embarking on city breaks in the area.

      There’s plenty to do and see in Liverpool, with world-class shopping and new restaurants launching regularly, as well as a famous nightlife scene.

      One walk around Liverpool, and everywhere you look, you’ll be faced with beautiful pieces of architecture.

      Our Reliance House Studios development is a great example, boasting a stunning Edwardian façade.

      Liverpool also boasts a wide range of art attractions, with galleries such as the Tate Liverpool and Liverpool Walker Art Gallery showcasing many exciting exhibitions.

      What Are Liverpool Property Market Predictions?

      Before exploring apartments to buy in Liverpool, it’s essential to make sure you know about the different predictions expected for the Liverpool property market in the coming years. Here are a few things that investors looking to buy-to-let property for sale in Liverpool should know about.

      House Prices Are Set to Soar

      Investment in Liverpool is a fantastic prospect for investors focused on house price growth.

      The North West region is predicted to see a 20.2% house price growth on average by 2028, according to predictions from Savills.

      This is one of the highest expected growth of any UK region, with the overall UK average standing at 17.9%.

      With continued regeneration spanning many city areas, prices and property values are set to continue increasing in Liverpool.

      The Rental Market Will See Further Growth

      The appeal of living in Liverpool is also set to continue, helping to maintain the high levels of demand for quality rental properties for many years to come.

      According to JLL, Liverpool rental prices are expected to see a growth of 14.8% over the coming years, which seems likely given that the Liverpool rental market has experienced surging demand levels over the last year.

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        Chapter 3: Which Liverpool Property Investment Should You Choose?

        Liverpool property investment is undoubtedly a great option to consider for anyone looking to put their funds to good use.

        But what is the best type of Liverpool property to invest in?

        In the world of buy-to-let, investors have a wide range of property types to choose from. Choosing the right one for you is a crucial step in your investing journey.

        To help narrow down your selection, we’ve put together a guide to some of the most popular types of property investment in Liverpool with the benefits of each strategy.

        Key Topics:

        • Student buy to let investment in Liverpool.
        • Investing in Liverpool residential property.
        • Off-plan property investment in Liverpool.
        • How to pick the right investment for you.


        Which Liverpool Property Investment Is Right for Me?

        There are lots of options when selecting the best investment properties in Liverpool.

        As with investments in any UK city, Liverpool offers some great student and residential investment opportunities.

        Investors looking to buy Liverpool property should also think about whether they wish to purchase an off-plan property or instead invest in a property that’s completed and ready for residents.

        So, which is the best option? Let’s explore these different property types in more detail.


        Student Vs Residential Property Investment Liverpool

        With a high volume of students and young professionals seeking rental properties in Liverpool and driving the highest level of tenant demand, both these property types are popular choices for Liverpool investments.

        However, the type of property that’s right for you could depend on several factors such as your budget and your buy-to-let investment goals.

        Here are some benefits to consider when deciding whether to make a student or residential investment in Liverpool.


        Student Investment Property Liverpool

        Student buy-to-let is one of the most popular choices for those looking to invest in the UK property market.

        When investing in Liverpool, student property investment opportunities are a great option.

        Liverpool is home to major universities like Liverpool John Moores and the University of Liverpool and boasts a reputation as a top student city.

        The opportunities for student property investment Liverpool offers are often low-priced compared to residential, while still offering great rental yields.

        Because of these lower prices, student property investments make an excellent option for first-time investors who are beginning to look into how to build a property portfolio.

        When choosing a buy-to-let student property in Liverpool, consider how close the property is to universities, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

        Another thing to consider when buying Liverpool student accommodation is the quality of the property itself.

        Today’s students are now a lot more focused on renting stylish accommodation with a luxury edge and qualities like high-speed internet.


        Pros of Liverpool Student Buy to Let:
        • Lower prices for student property compared to residential properties.
        • High demand due to a thriving Liverpool student market.
        • High rental yields available with the right investment.


        Residential Property Investment Liverpool

        In terms of buy to let investment, Liverpool  has gone from strength to strength in recent years as a lucrative area to purchase a residential property.

        At £180,268, average property prices in Liverpool sit well below those in other UK cities like London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham, making it a much more affordable place to enter the market and build a strong portfolio.

        In addition, employment prospects have been on a consistent rise across the city over the past decade. This is largely due to several multi-billion-pound regeneration projects currently taking place in key investment zones.

        These include the £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters Scheme, which is the largest such project in the UK at present, as well as the £2 billion Knowledge Quarter, home to a new state-of-the-art hospital and planned academic health sciences campus.

        Transformative investment schemes such as these are attracting huge numbers of skilled professionals to Liverpool and increasing the graduate retention rate coming out of the city’s three main universities. This is a key selling point for many buy-to-let investors and one of the reasons the Liverpool buy-to-let market is currently out-performing the majority of UK cities.

        The quality of Liverpool residential properties available for buy-to-let investment is also drawing the attention of global investors. With world-class residential developments scattered across the city’s most popular postcodes, there has never been more opportunities to invest in this northern powerhouse.

        Presently, there are several developments both completed and in construction throughout Liverpool generating rental yields of up to 7% and offering onsite facilities and five-star services that attract a steady flow of tenants.

        Importantly, residential properties with long-term tenants aren’t the option those seeking a Liverpool-based investment.

        As a city with a huge tourist industry fuelled by an historic industrial past, a world-famous sporting legacy and a little band called, well, you know who they are… Liverpool is one of the best places to invest in short-term rental property, a highly lucrative buy-to-let investment strategy.

        Now, it can be hard to find properties that are ready-made for short-term lets, as these require specific planning permission. But in the last year, a greater number have become available in Liverpool and present some of the best investment opportunities on the current market.

        Our advice: keep an eye out for Liverpool properties that have short-term or C1 planning consent and are located near the city’s main attractions. With the right location, facilities and onsite services, these can generate yields of up to 15% so yes, they’re well worth paying attention to!


        Pros of Liverpool Student Buy to Let:
        • Low property prices compared to other major UK cities.
        • Almost 7% Average Rental Yields.
        • Excellent opportunities for both long and short-term lets.


        Foreign Investment in the UK 2023/24

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        Off-Plan vs Completed Property

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        One Park Lane - Construction Update - Q3 (1)

        Should I Invest in Off-Plan Property in Liverpool?

        There are lots of options when selecting the best investment properties in Liverpool.

        As with investments in any UK city, Liverpool offers some great student and residential investment opportunities.

        Investors looking to buy Liverpool property should also think about whether they wish to purchase an off-plan property or instead invest in a property that’s completed and ready for residents.

        So, which is the best option? Let’s explore these different property types in more detail.

        Off-Plan Property Investment in Liverpool vs Buying a Completed Property

        Besides deciding between student or residential, when looking for an investment property for sale in Liverpool, you should also consider whether the buy-to-let property is an off-plan, new build or an older property.


        Off-Plan Investment in Liverpool

        Off-plan properties are properties that aren’t yet complete and are still in the planning or construction stage of their development.

        Even though these properties aren’t ready to live in yet, they’re still available to invest in.

        Since Liverpool is a major regeneration city, off-plan properties are often appearing across the city.

        Off-plan properties come with many benefits for buy-to-let in Liverpool, such as:

        • Better potential for capital growth. This is because, by the time your property is completed and ready for tenancy, it could have increased in value.
        • High tenant demand. Since off-plan properties are also new builds, they’re the desired property type for many tenants.
        • More choice of the best units. Investors can select the best units within an off-plan development on a first-come-first-served basis.

        We have off-plan properties available in the form of both student and residential Liverpool property. View our guide to buying student off-plan property in Liverpool.


        Completed Liverpool Properties For Investment

        For those who don’t have an interest in off-plan property, buying a property that is already completed is another option for those interested in investing in Liverpool.

        Buying a property within a completed development is a good option for those who don’t want to wait for their investment property to be completed.


        Benefits of investing in completed Liverpool property include:

        • The ability to view the property before you invest.
        • The ability to start renting out the property to tenants straight away.
        • If the property is still relatively new and in a good location, tenant demand can be high.

        We often sell completed properties here at RWinvest within select developments, so let us know if this is the route you’d like us to take. We can offer details on any relevant Liverpool property deals.


        How to Decide Between Off-Plan and Completed Property Investment in Liverpool

        Since both off-plan and completed Liverpool property investment opportunities come with their own benefits, it can be tricky to know which one to choose.

        Whether you invest in a Liverpool property that is off-plan or completed depends on personal preference.

        To help you decide, here are three questions you should ask yourself.

        1. Is taking a physical tour of the property necessary for you?
        2. Do you want to start renting your property out straight away, or could you wait?
        3. Would you prefer to pay below-market value property prices for your property?

        Once you answer these questions, you should better understand how to choose the right Liverpool buy-to-let properties for you.

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          LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - Apr 03, 2019: A beautiful view of the modern regeneration of Princes Dock in Liverpool, UK

          Chapter 4: Where to Invest in Liverpool

          Now that you know about the benefits of investing in the Liverpool property market, you should think about the best areas to buy in Liverpool.

          Researching the different parts of the city can help you identify the best buy to let areas in Liverpool.

          This is because certain parts of Liverpool offer better prospects than others regarding rental yields, capital appreciation, and tenant demand.

          Find out more about the different parts of Liverpool, the city’s different regeneration zones, and the best places to focus on if you’re looking for flats to buy in Liverpool.

          Key Topics:

          • The different districts in Liverpool.
          • Top Liverpool regeneration zones.
          • The best areas in Liverpool to invest for high rental yields, low prices, and enhanced capital growth.
          Liverpool city aerial view

          If you’re not from Liverpool, you might not be familiar with all of the neighbourhoods and districts within the city. Before you invest in property or buy a house in Liverpool, knowing more about the most common areas is essential. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular Liverpool areas that you should know about.

          Inner City Liverpool

          The city centre is undoubtedly Liverpool’s most popular area, especially for tourists or students and young professionals looking for a place to live in the city.

          The city centre, and many other inner-city areas such as Kensington, are often considered the best postcodes in Liverpool to make a property investment.

          This is because property prices within inner-city Liverpool are often more affordable but come with more rental demand.

          Many investors look for apartments to buy in Liverpool city centre or other inner-city areas, with the average asking price for one-bedroom flats in the city centre being £124,792 as of June 2022.

          South Liverpool

          South Liverpool is an exciting suburban district with plenty to see and do.

          With some of Liverpool’s highest property prices, South Liverpool is considered a more affluent area which is generally more popular with young couples or families looking to buy a house in Liverpool.

          For buy-to-let, Liverpool areas like Garston and Aigburth are popular with investors due to their growing young professional populations.

          While South Liverpool may not be one of the strongest buy-to-let areas in Liverpool, it still boasts a strong property market thanks to rising house prices and is viewed as one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool.

          The appeal of South Liverpool lies mainly in the attractions available, with plenty of green space, shops, bars and restaurants, and a range of good schools.

          Current asking prices in the L18 postcode, which spans affluent areas like Mossley Hill, can be up to £365,000.

          North Liverpool

          The North Liverpool district of the city is a Liverpool area that is becoming more common for those looking to buy a house in Liverpool.

          North Liverpool is known as one of the more affordable areas in Liverpool and has recently started to rise in popularity with first-time buyers and investors.

          This portion of the city is one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool if you have a lower budget available.

          Home of the £1 house scheme in 2017, Liverpool’s Northern district of town, Anfield, offered a range of homes available to purchase for just one pound.

          This scheme involved derelict houses for sale in Liverpool, which allowed many students and lower-income families the chance to purchase a home of their own.

          Once run-down, the Anfield area is also undergoing a lot of regeneration, with plans to vastly improve the quality of life for local residents.

          Property prices in Anfield averaged at around £100,264 over the past 12 months, while other areas of North Liverpool, such as Maghull, average around £224,441.

          Off Plan Investment Guide

          The ultimate guide to investing in off plan property, from the best off plan strategies and locations to costs and benefits.

            Liverpool Regeneration Zones

            Regeneration is massive throughout Liverpool, and the ongoing redevelopment schemes within the city play a big part in the appeal of Liverpool property investment. Find out more about some of the most popular Liverpool regeneration zones that offer property to buy in Liverpool.

            The Baltic Triangle: The Coolest Place in Liverpool

            Once an abandoned and derelict neighbourhood, the Baltic Triangle is an example of a Liverpool area that’s experienced a lot of regeneration over the years.

            Located towards the south end of Liverpool city centre, £128 million has been invested into new developments in the Baltic Triangle since 2012.

            The Baltic Triangle is now a hub for the creative industries, with workspaces like the Baltic Creative attracting fresh new talent to the city.

            New nightlife and leisure attractions are regularly opening in the area, such as the popular Camp and Furnace events venue and the Baltic Market, housing some great food stalls from local independent eateries.

            Since the Baltic area is a short walk from the main attractions of the city centre, Liverpool’s young tenants enjoy living in this creative and trendy hotspot.

            With a further £62 million worth of regeneration currently taking place, the Baltic Triangle is definitely one to watch for Liverpool buy-to-let.

            The Liverpool Knowledge Quarter: Liverpool’s Learning Hub

            The Liverpool Knowledge Quarter is another of the city’s top regeneration areas and a great place to consider for Liverpool property investment.

            As a result of ongoing regeneration, the Knowledge Quarter has become one of the best buy-to-let areas in Liverpool.

            This innovative regeneration scheme has strengthened Liverpool’s science and research sector by introducing expansive developments such as the Liverpool Science Park, the Royal College of Physicians, Sensor City and more.

            With more than £1 billion worth of developments underway, the Knowledge Quarter is a vital part of Liverpool’s regeneration and encourages more people to invest in Liverpool.

            Liverpool Waters: A Highly Anticipated Waterfront Scheme

            The Liverpool Waters scheme is the biggest ongoing regeneration project in the UK and is set to transform the city’s iconic Northern docklands with the addition of the new Everton F.C. stadium and approximately 3.3 million sqft of premium business space.

            Across the 150-acre site, this project will create a sustainable, mixed-use waterfront, which will significantly expand the central business district and provide a further boost to employment prospects in Liverpool.

            This £5.5 billion investment will breathe new life into the area overlooking the famous River Mersey, increase property values in the area and make it one of the most desirable places in the UK for young professionals to live and work.

            Get Your FREE Liverpool Investment Guide

            Everything you need to know about investing in Liverpool, one of the UK’s hottest investment cities.


              The Best Areas in Liverpool to Buy an Investment Property

              Now that we’ve looked at different parts of Liverpool and explored some top regeneration zones, it’s time to think about the best investment areas in the Liverpool property market. If you’re thinking about apartments for sale in Liverpool and you’re wondering where to look for your investment, here are some of the best places to invest in Liverpool for 2024 and beyond.

              Liverpool City Centre

              Average Property Asking Price: £170,186 (September 2023)

              Population: Approx 36,000

              Exploring apartments for sale in Liverpool city centre is often top of the list for investors hunting for the perfect Liverpool investment.

              Liverpool city centre is undoubtedly one of the best buy-to-let areas in Liverpool.

              This area is one of the best places to focus on when investing in buy-to-let due to the city centre’s mix of high rental yields, capital growth, regeneration, and demand.

              Liverpool city centre is an ideal location for both student and young professional tenants who want to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life.

              Home to some of the top regeneration zones like Ropewalks, the Baltic Triangle, and more, make sure you check out the choices of property for sale in Liverpool city centre.


              Average property asking price: £133,034 (September 2023)

              Population: 13,246 (Dingle)

              The areas of Toxteth and Dingle are becoming increasingly known for their investment potential.

              Based in the South Liverpool district, these neighbourhoods span some of the best postcodes in Liverpool, including L8.

              Because of the proximity to the Baltic Triangle, these areas are attracting high demand from young professional and student renters looking for a slightly more affordable alternative to the Liverpool city centre.

              Toxteth and Dingle are also popular with first-time buyers seeking the best areas to buy in Liverpool due to their close proximity to the city centre and South Liverpool suburbs.


              Average property asking price: £258,005 (September 2023)

              Population: 51,789

              Nestled away in the Liverpool suburbs, you’ll find Crosby.

              Crosby is a primarily residential area based in Sefton that is popular for those looking for the best areas to buy in Liverpool when purchasing their own home.

              Recently, Crosby has gained attention for its potential when it comes to Liverpool investments.

              Past developments in the area, such as the stunning Crosby Gardens, have proven an attractive buy-to-let opportunity, with yields of 7%.

              Capital growth is high in the area. While the overall property price average may be a little more expensive than other Liverpool postcodes, the potential returns are not to be missed.

              In Crosby, investors will find plenty of apartments and houses in Liverpool for sale, perfect for targeting tenants who prefer a quieter and more scenic lifestyle.


              Average property asking price: £133,882 (September 2023)

              Population: 88,818

              Located in Merseyside’s Wirral area, Birkenhead is another up-and-coming Liverpool hotspot.

              Here, properties are affordable, and regeneration is on the horizon, which is why more and more savvy investors are exploring the choice of apartments for sale in the area.

              With high potential yields, affordable prices, and proximity to Liverpool city centre, Birkenhead is one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool and Merseyside, whether you’re an investor or a first-time buyer.

              What Are the Best Buy-to-Let Postcodes in Liverpool for Rental Yields?

              Graph needed

              What Are the Best Buy-to-Let Postcodes in Liverpool for Rental Yields?

              The best buy-to-let areas in Liverpool are L4, L5, L3, L1, L20 and L8. The success of these postcodes is down to the high average rental yields, growing demand, and capital growth potential.

              According to Property Data, the L4 and L5 postcodes offer rental yields of 6.4%, whereas the inner-city postcodes of L3 and L1 have yields of 6.1%. Falling slightly behind them is the L20 postcode with rental yields of 5.9%, and the L8 postcode, which has yields of 5.8%.

              With many of these postcodes dominating vibrant city centre areas, such as the L1 postcode, there are some great options for Liverpool buy-to-let investments.

              It’s safe to say that for buy-to-let, Liverpool postcodes like these should be your go-to option.

              Completed, Furnished 2-Bed Apartment in Prime L1

              We are now welcoming offers on this city centre property in a previously sold-out development. Get in touch and get your offer in.

              Chapter 5: Liverpool Properties For Sale

              Are you ready to find your perfect Liverpool property investment opportunity?

              We have some unmissable Liverpool buy-to-let properties available to invest in today, offering rental yields of up to 8%.

              Discover the best current Liverpool property deals in the final chapter of our guide to Liverpool property investment.

              Alternatively, click the following link to see the latest buy-to-let properties for sale in Liverpool from RWinvest.

              The Gateway

              Prices from £162,950

              6% Assured NET Rental Returns 

              The latest and most impressive development in the RWinvest portfolio, The Gateway, will bring four striking residential towers to Liverpool’s biggest regeneration zone.

              The Gateway will comprise Manhattan, 1, 2, and 3-bed apartments of a world-class standard. Each unit will be made up of premium fixtures and fittings while boasting an ultra-modern design, tailored to attract the city’s growing demographic of young professional tenants.

              With a commitment to eco-friendly living and residential well-being, The Gateway will go well above the norm in terms of the tenant experience on offer. An immersive garden spa, state-of-the-art media suite and private dining area with city and waterfront views are some of the features that put these properties in a league of their own.

              As such, owners of one of The Gateway’s exquisite apartments can expect incredible annual returns, with property values set to increase by 14.5% before the development is even complete.

              View Property

              Central Park

              Prices from £164,950

              Guaranteed 6% returns

              Liverpool’s answer to New York living, Central Park, is one of our latest and most exciting developments. With some of the most affordable prices in Liverpool, this development should be at the top of any investor’s wishlist.

              Located in the popular Baltic Triangle, a trendy spot for young professionals, Central Park offers residents uninterrupted views of the city, and access to an outdoor gym and rooftop terrace alongside Manhattan-style apartments.

              With great transportation links to the rest of Liverpool and beyond, thanks to the new underground station opening nearby, Central Park is one of the best buy-to-let investment opportunities currently on the market.

              Thanks to assured 6% returns, this development will prove exceptionally popular with both investors and young professionals looking to rent.

              View Property

              ELEMENT – The Quarter

              Prices from £74,950

              8% Net Rental Returns

              The sign of a new age of eco investing; if you’re looking for an exciting new property to buy, Liverpool’s first eco-friendly development is perfect for you.

              Our latest property development, ELEMENT – The Quarter, presents a unique opportunity to invest in Liverpool.

              Located in the Knowledge Quarter, this project incorporates some fantastic features and facilities popular within the eco property market, such as eco-lighting, eco-heating, solar panels, and more.

              The development even uses sophisticated hotel-standard recycling systems to limit energy and water waste.

              With 8% assured rental yields, these apartments to buy in Liverpool are guaranteed to be a hit with both tenants and investors.

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              Heaps Mill

              Prices from £124,950

              7% Assured NET Rental Returns

              Made up of five unmissable developments, this project is set to take the Liverpool property market by storm.

              Located just minutes from the Baltic Triangle, Waterfront, and Liverpool ONE, this new development is the perfect base for young professional tenants living and working in the city.

              Formerly a functioning rice mill, Heaps Mill will be transformed into a luxury residential development complete with stunning design features and exciting onsite facilities including a gym, spa, and rooftop terrace.

              Prices start at only £124,950 and offer 7% rental returns. We don’t expect units to last long, so be sure to enquire quickly if you want to secure an investment in this buy to let Liverpool opportunity.

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              One Park Lane

              Prices from £129,950

              6% Assured NET Rental Returns

              One Park Lane is an upcoming property development in Liverpool. Part of our new Heaps Mill development, One Park Lane, is set to reach 16-storeys high.

              Like Heaps Mill, this development boasts a prime location near Liverpool landmarks such as Liverpool ONE and the Waterfront.

              Each studio, 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartment is designed to the highest standard and the development itself is equipped with sustainable technology for a more eco-conscious investment.

              You can invest in One Park Lane today for less than £130,000 and gain access to assured 6% rental yields, high tenant demand, and high projected capital growth.

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