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Manchester Investment Property For Sale

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    Find Manchester Property for Investment

    As one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the UK, Manchester has a thriving property market which is ideal for many investors. It is for this reason that so many people seek out an investment property for sale in Manchester.

    With a fantastic mix of affordable prices, a growing business sector, a vibrant student population and exciting culture, it’s easy to see why Manchester is viewed by many as the most popular city outside of London.

    As a key player in the Northern Powerhouse, Manchester is a city filled with buy-to-let properties combining affordable prices with high rental income.

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      embankment exchange's exterior

      Embankment Exchange

      • Invest from £225,950
      • 6% Projected NET rental yields
      • Prime Manchester location

      Located right along the waterfront and just a short walk away from the city centre, Embankment Exchange offers buy-to-let units with the best of both luxury apartment living and riverside views.

      Part of ongoing efforts to renovate the area of Greengate into ‘the Brooklyn of Manchester’, Embankment Exchange will contain first-class facilities such as an on-site spa and fully equipped gym overlooking the River Irwell are just two of the features available to tenants for below the market prices.

      There will also be an exclusive resident-only lounge with a fully stocked bar for tenants to relax in. Work-from-home booths will mean you can get away from your apartment while you work to help separate work and life, and a 24-hour concierge service will assist tenants with any issues they have, at all hours of the day.

      Underground parking and cycle storage will mean it’s easy to get to and from work, and given the placement of Embankment Exchange, there are great transport links to the rest of Manchester and the wider North-West. The development is just an 8-minute walk from Manchester Victoria station.

      To help promote sustainability and eco-friendliness, there are several features set to be installed in the development which will help keep energy bills and service charges low. Rooftop solar panels and a heat recycling system will mean less energy will be used to heat the development, while a smart leak detection system will reduce wastage and damage.

      Situated in Greengate and overlooking the waterfront, Embankment Exchange is part of ongoing efforts to regenerate the area into a thriving hub on the edge of Manchester city centre. Greengate has a rich history dating back to medieval times and is being transformed into one of Greater Manchester’s most exciting areas.

      A unified vision is set to transform the area by 2040. This is set to include a new Greengate Park and Greengate Boulevard to help redesign the area. Large companies such as HMRC have their offices in the area, in addition to 101 Embankment providing brand new office space.

      With this regeneration aimed at making Greengate into a culturally relevant area of Salford, it is expected that developments such as Embankment Exchange will become very popular with young professionals in the coming years. The combination of large employers, existing new build developments and proximity to Manchester city centre is sure to attract newcomers to the area.

      Already having proven to be a massive hit with investors, the last units in Embankment Exchange are available to invest in right now, thanks to the luxury amenities and the short walking distance to Manchester’s central retail district.

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      Why Buy Investment Property in Manchester?

      There are several reasons to consider Manchester property investment, such as:

      • The average house price in Manchester is £231,656, over £50,000 lower than the national average property price of £285,009 according to the UK House Price Index.
      • Manchester’s house prices are rising fast. From June 2022-23, the average property price rose by 12.4%, faster than the national average!
      • Manchester’s population is growing rapidly. The Office of National Statistics reports that from 2011 to 2021, there was a recorded growth of 9.7% over the 10-year period, over 3% higher than the national average.
      • Rental yields across Manchester are high, meaning you can get a better return on your investment faster. The M14 postcode is recorded as having an average rental yield as high as 12%!
      • Manchester’s economy has grown faster than London’s since 2014 and is the second largest in the country.
      • Vast amounts of regeneration have transformed areas of the city, such as Greengate and Salford.
      • There are several prestigious universities in Manchester, bringing thousands of students to the city. Current estimates indicate there are over 100,000 students in Manchester, and around 46% stay after they graduate to work. Student property in Manchester is highly sought after.
      • Manchester was voted the best UK city to live in according to the 2021 Global Liveability Survey, coming in 28th place out of 140 cities around the world.

      As you can clearly see, there are many benefits to investing in Manchester, which is why it is one of the most popular places to purchase investment properties in the UK.

      It has the ideal combination of below-average market prices combined with above-average rental yields which creates the best chances of your investment property providing you with high returns over time.

      Here at RWInvest, we have several Manchester investment properties for sale with great rental yields, affordable prices and premium locations across the city. These would be great starting points or additions to any property portfolio.

      If you would like to learn more about these investment properties for sale, keep on reading as we break down some key statistics about each one, as well as some important information you should be aware of.

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        Merchant's Wharf

        Merchants Wharf

        • Invest from £249,950
        • 5% projected rental yields
        • Prime Manchester City Centre

        Overlooking the waterfront in the heart of Manchester, Merchants Wharf is a luxury new-build development set to combine the facilities of a 5-star hotel with the best features of modern apartments.

        Designed to fit the needs of young professionals who want to be just metres away from the riverside, Merchants Wharf will be constructed using luxury flooring, large windows, fully fitted kitchens and other features of luxury apartments in a range of sizes.

        Duplex layouts over two floors are also available, each with over 1000 sq ft of room. This will add a new dynamic to the development, while a mix of commercial and residential property space will only help contribute to the area’s plans to become a central mixed-use neighbourhood in the city.

        In addition to the 196 high-quality units, a fully-equipped gym will be available to tenants, built into the development. Balconies and terraces on the higher floors of the development will allow for lots of fresh air and outdoor space as part of the property.

        On-site parking gives tenants the chance to safely store their cars while a 24-hour concierge can help resolve any issues they have. High-speed internet throughout the development will mean any tenants who work from home can do so with no interruptions or issues.

        Located in the middle of Salford, Merchants Wharf is at a perfect bridging point between Manchester city centre and the waterfront. A bus station adjacent to the development and Cornbrook Metrolink being just the other side of the development means there are great transport links close by.

        Merchants Wharf is also close to several key areas of Manchester. MediaCityUK is just under two kilometres away, and Salford Quays or Spinningfields are not far either. This means there are plenty of large employers close by, which will help draw young professionals to the property from all manner of backgrounds and industries.

        In addition to this, the waterfront is the focus of intense regeneration in the coming years. Numerous additional residential and commercial developments are set to begin along the riverside and the area around Merchants Wharf, meaning that you can be ahead of the trend by investing in the area now.

        Units in Merchants Wharf are being sold at up to 55% below market value, meaning you can invest well below what you should be paying for this kind of prime Manchester real estate. This way, you can make more of a return from collecting the rental income.

        With the final three-bedroom units still available to invest in, Merchants Wharf provides investors with a development opportunity that combines affordable prices with high return potential in one of the best locations for property investment in the UK.

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          View of manchester

          Manchester Off-Market Property

          • £10,000 projected returns
          • Prime Manchester locations
          • £15k price rise incoming

          Want access to a top-secret Manchester property for sale? Our Manchester off-market opportunity offers the chance to invest in an exclusive investment property in Manchester before anyone else.

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          MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, APRIL 11, 2017: Media City UK in Manchester during sunset, England

          Why Invest in Off-Plan Properties in Manchester?

          The Manchester property market is one of the most exciting and thriving markets in the UK. With the current market conditions, off-plan properties are the best way to invest if you want to save money and achieve high returns.

          Buying off-plan means purchasing units in developments while they are still in the process of being constructed. Oftentimes this kind of property is being sold for below the market value, and it means you can get the best units in the development early.

          Due to rising interest rates, buy-to-let mortgages are becoming less and less affordable for many. Off-plan property sidesteps this issue, as the lower prices mean you are less likely to need a buy-to-let mortgage to purchase property, and payment plans can be installed, so you only need a portion of the money at each stage of construction.

          Off-plan property is being constructed all over Manchester, in prime real estate locations such as the waterfront and Salford. Other areas you may consider include Stockport, Didsbury or Trafford if you want to invest slightly further afield in Manchester.

          Rental properties you buy off-plan will need to be constructed before you can begin collecting rental income, meaning it may take a little longer to start earning returns than with traditional buy-to-let properties.

          This means it is possible to invest in popular areas of Manchester for as little as £200,000 if you know where to put your money.

          New off-plan properties are being announced at a regular pace, so keep track of what investment properties for sale in Manchester are being sold every few months.

          Nevertheless, the combination of more affordable prices, prime real estate close to Manchester city centre and high rental yields make off-plan one of the best ways to buy investment properties for sale in Manchester.

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