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A Waterfront to the World

What do you get when you combine 2 million square metres of land on Liverpool’s northern docklands with £5.6 billion? Introducing Liverpool Waters – the regeneration scheme that will redefine Liverpool’s hotspot waterfront district. Bold plans outlay a prodigious, multi-use destination that will unite business, residential and leisure developments in an outstanding illustration of architecture and design.

The Peel Group

A 30-year time slot has been dedicated to completing most of the construction, with The Peel Group heading up project management. Responsible for redeveloping a total of 1.2 million square metres of property, plus 15,000 hectares of land and water, Peel leads the way for property development in the UK and across the globe, with a specific interest in North West locations.

MediaCityUK - Liverpool Waters Development

With their entire portfolio currently valued at a momentous £2.3 billion, this ambitious and awe-inspiring developer sets the bar for real estate ventures. Homing in on infrastructure and transport, Peel’s specialist team possess an abundance of unrivalled knowledge, skills and finesse that are reflected in their proven track record of developments.

L2 Port Liverpool Waters Regeneration

Previous flagship projects that proved to be a great success include MediaCityUK, L2 Superport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Liverpool property investment has been powered by The Peel Group’s influence on Northern Powerhouse cities. Also working on the neighbouring regeneration taking place over the River Mersey at Wirral Waters, Peel aims to grace Merseyside’s main channel with a stunning, mirror-effect skyline.

The Ocean Gateway vision, which will be rolled out over the next 50 years across the North West of England, places focus on ports, logistics, retail, leisure, residential and commercial developments, media infrastructure and renewable energies. All of these features have been incorporated into the planning of the Liverpool Waters masterplan development in order to prioritise the accessibility of this iconic waterfront zone.

Liverpool Waters

Sustaining Waterfront Heritage

Liverpool is renowned for its plentiful history and its waterfront is no exception. The city anchors itself on its prevalent maritime heritage which stems from Liverpool’s status as a world trading port. A significant player in the growth of the British Empire, its port boasted a means of transporting people and commodities across seas to Europe and America. Innovative techniques and superior dock facilities set it apart from other trading terminals around the world.

Industry has always been another key component in Liverpool’s past. Home to a major port, many offices worked to organise trade and shipping whilst warehouses were utilised to manufacture materials for the boats.

Due to its rich maritime and mercantile history, Liverpool was deemed a UNESCO Word Heritage site in 2004, and it is in the Liverpool Waters plan’s best interests to build sensitively and not only maintain, but augment the waterfront’s valuable legacy. Modern developments will accompany structures such as the Dock Boundary Wall plus the Victoria Clock Tower, which commemorated the opening of Salisbury Dock in 1848. In fact, the latest Liverpool Waters news expresses Peel’s plans to utilise the famous dock wall as a contemporary entrance into Princes Dock without jeopardising its inimitable heritage.

In a testament to the waterfront’s past, Liverpool Waters will breathe life back into the now partially run-down dockland zones with the introduction of innovative landscaping and sophisticated building design gifting the city the gargantuan investment that is deserved.

‘A Place to Live, Work and Play’

The Liverpool Waters vision places emphasis on its multi-use nature. Aspiring not only to cater for commercial office space, but also residential accommodation and an eclectic display of leisure facilities, the regeneration hotspot has been branded a location for living, working and playing.

A total of five distinctive neighbourhoods will join Liverpool’s already extensive property portfolio boasting over 9,000 spectacular waterfront apartments overlooking the River Mersey. An urban capsule for modern-day living, every residential development will offer tenants a lifestyle like no other, residing close to the city centre and all of its attractions and amenities, whilst living within one of the UK’s biggest ever acts of renaissance.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration Plan

Image Credit: Virtual Planit

Liverpool Waters

Image Credit: Virtual Planit

Liverpool Waters will also be open for business, with 315,000 square metres of land dedicated to creating first-class commercial space in a world-renowned Mersey Waters enterprise zone. Many companies have already moved in, including KPMG, Cargill and PricewaterhouseCoopers, making the most of the quality office facilities available. On-site car parking, maintenance and around the clock security will all be in place to maximise appeal to new firms that will welcome over 37,000 new employees.

Local residents and employees can take a break in the wealth of leisure provisions in place along the docklands site. Corporations such as Bean Coffee, Cargo and the Harbour Health Club will join hotels such as the Crowne Plaza and Malmaison which will make up 53,000 square metres of land. Ranging from stylish restaurants to cute cafés, there will be no shortage of things to do in this predicted buzzing hive of urban activity.

The Docks

Princes Dock already houses residential accommodation and offices, but boasts big plans for an additional eight-storey maritime inspired commercial building which will offer over 80,000 square metres of Grade A enterprise facilities. There’s also proposals for 1,200 homes, 580 hotel rooms and a 25,900-square metre Mersey cruise liner terminal worth £55 million.

Introducing another wharf named Central Dock, Liverpool Waters will welcome thousands of new homes that will tower up to 44 storeys high, plus more offices, and a breath-taking park. Central Dock will form the prime entertainment section of the regeneration district with 25,000 square metres devoted to restaurants and bars. A £25 million Isle of Man ferry terminal is also located here.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration Plan

Image Credit: Virtual Planit

The views from Clarence Dock add another dimension to the Liverpool Waters masterplan, and it’s easy to see why hotels like the Titanic have set up here. The iconic Bascule Bridge is also nearby which has recently been revived by Peel in an attempt to level the contemporary new developments in housing, commercial and leisure sectors. There will also be an expansive car park with over 3,000 spaces.

Bramley Moore Dock sits at the most northern point of Liverpool Waters and plans for a world-class sports stadium in association with Everton Football Club and the City Council. An additional marina will be home to revolutionary ‘floating’ retail units and apartments whilst leaving room for the finest samples of food and drink in Liverpool.

Presenting a gateway into Liverpool city centre, King Edward Rise will transform from an industrial estate into a connecting enterprise quarter. Significant improvements to infrastructure in the area include works to roads and public transport that will upgrade accessibility to this dock.

The Phases

Both the scale and length of construction has forced individual projects within the Liverpool Waters development to be divided up into distinctive phases. All phases will commence in 2018, with each taking different times to complete.

Phase one will incorporate the development of three residential towers and the cruise liner terminal within Princes Dock. Phase two will focus on the construction of two residential buildings and the Isle of Man Ferry terminal, plus new road infrastructure on Waterloo Dock.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration

Image Credit: Virtual Planit

Work to the proposed £500 million Liverpool waters Everton Football Club stadium on Bramley Moore Dock will commence in phase three, while phase four consists of the Central Dock masterplan.

Phase five will see the upgrade of road infrastructures at King Edward Rise which will boost accessibility to Liverpool Waters.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration

Image Credit: Virtual Planit

Liverpool is already a city rich with investment opportunities, and the latest news infers that it’s the best UK city for rental returns and capital growth. Liverpool Waters is helping to raise the city’s profile in the investment world and is igniting excitement in many UK and international investors.

However, it’s not only the main Liverpool Waters site that will present residential properties. Those in surrounding areas which are not officially considered a part of the Liverpool Waters regeneration site will still benefit from the scheme’s construction. Developments on neighbouring docks are assuring excellent rental returns because of the nearby facilities and overall reputation of Liverpool as a front-runner for innovation and rejuvenation.

Additionally, Liverpool’s growing population is working alongside an undersupply of housing to create perfect market conditions. A large proportion of city centre residents are thought to be between the ages of 17 and 29 – tapping into two major markets in the form of young professionals and ‘generation rent’. These ideal tenants will flood to the city after getting wind of the latest Liverpool Waters news, in a bid to be part of something spectacular and truly lifechanging.

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