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The People of the Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle Demographics

The Baltic Triangle is a historic area experiencing a steady renaissance, making it a one of a kind destination, a melting pot for innovation and a collective beat of creative hearts. Envisage an area where artists paint their feelings on the side of old buildings, photographers enthuse over the potential for many intriguing snapshots and young entrepreneurs are enticed through the scope for unparalleled opportunity.

Initially, it may seem the offbeat culture throughout the intertwining streets have a taste for the unconventional. However, if you scratch below the surface you will begin to realise the whole new world is home to a creative playground underpinned by the rich diversity of talent – which is why this area is the most exciting in Liverpool for independent business and culture.



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Baltic Triangle is the Place to Invest

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Baltic Triangle Using Creative Minds for Accelerated Growth

The historic gem in Liverpool city centre is a hotbed of innovation that has experienced a revival through a talented pool of creative people, entrepreneurs and their combined business ventures. As the glorified old meets the groundbreaking new, the Baltic Triangle secures its reputation as an internationally acclaimed location giving a nod to its Nordic roots.

Attracting a wide demographic to the graffiti-lined streets, this distinct quarter is a far cry from the initial industrialised area standing strong behind Merseyside Police headquarters.

Through a plethora of 200-year-old grade II listed buildings and converted warehouses The Baltic Creative was established as a community interest company as potential was highlighted by a small group of visionaries and local likeminded voices to ensure local business remained in the city without getting wiped out by larger organisations seeking lower rents.

Mark Lawler, the director of Baltic Creative, suggests that the ethos is to develop a centre of creative and digital companies that yearly dividends go straight into supporting the growth of the area:

“We support artists, musicians, makers, designers, web apps, gamers, publishers, printers – all manners of creativity in spaces like offices, performance spaces, maker spaces, shopfronts and studios”.

“It’s all about supporting the area plan to be creative and digital, but also to support independent Liverpool”.

baltic triangle baltic triangle

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is Embracing the Past and Creating a New Vision for the Future

Hoping to triple its footprint over the next five years, more than 150 businesses across the creative and digital sectors call the Baltic Creative home. CGI filmmakers, game developers, digital agencies and tech start-ups are transforming this historic area into a rapidly evolving hub for creative enterprises. It is obvious this is only the beginning of the radical revolution this prolific pocket of Liverpool is undertaking.

Unlike other refined areas in Liverpool, the Baltic Triangle remains a raw, organic zone juxtaposed with cutting-edge facilities catering for a diverse selection of people from a wealth of different backgrounds and experiences. Key industries have helped strengthen the appeal of this multifaceted location to an assortment of demographics. This is the beauty of the Baltic Triangle, as in essence there is no specific target demographic, it is quite frankly an eclectic amalgamation of ingenious businesses and people from all walks of life working in harmony to build an unrivalled community.

Baltic Triangle’s Groundbreaking Access to Educational Expertise

This flourishing district with restless creative spirit is a major attraction for those seeking to collaborate, cultivate and nurture their dynamism through the world-class educational facilities on offer. The Studio is a space operating differently to that of a conventional school. Through developing expertise, broadening their horizons by interacting with industry partners and igniting their passion towards becoming a creator not a consumer, this school prepares young people for unprecedented success in the digital sphere, for employment, entrepreneurship and opportunities in new business ventures.

Around 10 years ago, the dimly lit streets consisted of nothing but shadows and silence, but as the cultural quarter began to gain momentum the vision to build sustainable plans for growth accelerated causing a momentous shift in direction.

The Baltic Triangle Art The Baltic Triangle Art

Attracting All Walks of Life to the Melting Pot of Culture, Arts and Innovation

Tourists and out of towners are fascinated by the intriguing exhibitions, workshops and festivals littering the bohemian boulevard, hence why it is essential we protect and nurture the birth of the Baltic’s re-energised creative scenes.

Liverpool’s cultural identity is strengthened because of the vibrant district. A place that once slipped below the radar has revolutionised its trendy hipster vibe to deliver a variety of ways for different people to access the arts.

Metamorphosing a smaller irrelevant cry into a bellowing exclamation the quirky ambience has propelled the eclectic area into the spotlight, screaming from the rooftops, “Look at us, look what we have achieved, and this is just the beginning.”

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