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Why invest in Liverpool

Is Liverpool the Place to Invest now?

Liverpool is surfacing itself as one of the most thriving cities to invest in. Offering some of the best investments, this Northern property hotspot is culminated by a booming market and robust rental yields. Liverpool’s economic worth is estimated at an almighty £121 billion. With access to a staggering 6 million customers and over 252,000 businesses calling Liverpool home, it is the centrepiece of the second largest regional economy in the UK. As a result, this serves as an easy option for investors unsure where the best investments are to entrust their money.

With so much buzz surrounding the Liverpool property investment market, it’s hardly surprising that the popular city’s hive of activity presents unmissable property opportunities for investors. So why is Liverpool a good place to invest in property? Here we’ll explore the Liverpool buy to let market in a bit more detail and provide you with some reasons why to invest in Liverpool property.

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Liverpool Property Investment


Why invest in Liverpool for Rental Yields?

One thing that makes the Liverpool buy to let market stand out is rental yields — something so important for both beginner property investors and experienced investors to pay attention to. Compared to many other UK cities, Liverpool is known to generate some of the most attractive rental yields with figures reaching up to 11 per cent in certain postcodes, many of which are listed among the countries top buy to let postcodes.

Liverpool properties are known for being more affordable than those in other areas of the UK. This, combined with the fact that rental costs in Liverpool have experienced a 2.56 per cent rise, is the reason behind these high yields. Properties like our new Poets Place development, situated in Liverpool City Centre, offer yields up to 8 per cent, with prices from as low as £75,950.


Why invest in Liverpool for Demand?

In order for a buy to let investment to thrive, the area in which your property is based needs to have a high population of people seeking rental accommodation. Liverpool boasts one of the youngest populations in the UK, with flocks of students and young professionals heading to study and work in the city each year. Since both students and young professionals are some of the most popular groups of people seeking rental properties, this sets those interested in Liverpool property investment up for a promising venture.

Property investment Liverpool revolves predominantly around the young and professional workforce keen to seek long term rentals. With a huge population that has doubled in the past decade increasingly attracted to Liverpool’s four universities, alongside the general surge in population, graduates opt to remain there long-term which pushes the rental demand up for this readymade target market of millennial renters.

If it’s students you’re looking to target with your property investment in Liverpool, then make sure you’re selective in choosing the best possible opportunity. Liverpool student investment property opportunities like our off-plan City Point development are perfect, being well-located with a modern design, and generating rental yields of 8 per cent.


Why invest in Liverpool for Capital Growth?

Between its burgeoning property market, infamous heritage and bustling districts, Liverpool presents a profitable area for investors looking to get ahead of the curve and invest while the city is growing. With such extensive regeneration and a positive future for capital growth, it’s not hard to see why Liverpool is dominating some of the best property investment hotspots.

The north-west region has, for a while, been ahead of any other UK city in terms of house price growth, presenting a 5.6 per cent rise between July 2017 and July 2018. For those interested in the range of property investment Liverpool offers, further growth is on the horizon, with property prices expected to increase by 18.1 per cent by 2022.


Fuelling this capital growth is regeneration in the city, with Liverpool being in the foreground for large scale regeneration and construction projects. The region is experiencing £5.5 billion of regeneration in terms of revitalising the cities tired infrastructure, archaic transport links and forgotten culture to a modern, dynamic waterfront quarter. Projects in the city will provide numerous new jobs and homes, giving a substantial boost to the city’s expanding economy while remaining in keeping with the city’s glorified heritage.

When it comes to Liverpool property investment, choosing a buy to let property in an area surrounded by a lot of regeneration is key. While rental yields and demand are important, if you buy a property in an area with little to no expected growth and no new developments and regeneration in the pipeline, you’re limiting your chances of success. This is why all of the opportunities for property investment in Liverpool that we find are located in thriving regeneration hotspots, such as our Fabric District residence which is based in one of the city’s most up and coming areas.

With 15 years of experience, RWinvest have the right level of expertise to help you find the perfect Liverpool investment opportunity for you. We work hard to find only the best properties on the market, so whether you’re looking for a Liverpool student investment property or a residential investment, we’re sure to have an opportunity that fits both your budget and needs.

Sarah Roberts, RWinvest

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