Liverpool is surfacing itself as one of the most thriving cities to invest in, offering some of the best investments, the property hotspot is culminated by a booming market and robust rental yields – it is hardly surprising that the popular city’s hive of activity presents unmissable best property opportunities for investors.

The north west of England offers an array of property hotspots and Liverpool secures itself as an instantly recognisable city worldwide. Momentous regeneration projects firmly places the city on the map, proving why it is not only a popular choice for investors to secure the best property, but also a financially logical one.

Royal Liver Building Liverpool

Liverpool’s economic worth is estimated at an almighty £121 billion, with access to a staggering 6 million customers and over 252,000 businesses calling Liverpool home, it is the centrepiece of the second largest regional economy in the UK. As a result, this serves as an easy option for investors unsure where the best investments are to entrust their money.

Promotion of the prestigious northern powerhouse initiative propels Liverpool into the foreground for large scale regeneration and construction projects. The region is experiencing £5.5 billion of regeneration in terms of revitalising the cities tired infrastructure, archaic transport links and forgotten culture to a modern, dynamic waterfront quarter. This project alone will provide at least 17,000 full time jobs, creating a substantial boost to the city’s expanding economy whilst remaining in keeping with the city’s glorified heritage.

Why Invest In Liverpool
Why Invest In Liverpool

There is a self-evident history of trade links with global markets, attracting major property and business investors into the city. Preserving Liverpool’s heritage is essential for developers and although mass investment and construction is changing the face of the city into a truly modern metropolis, in much of the city, cultural history is still prevailing.

Property investment Liverpool revolves predominantly around the young and professional workforce keen to seek long term rentals. With a huge population that has doubled in the past decade increasingly attracted to Liverpool’s four universities, alongside the general surge in population, graduates opt to remain there long-term, pushing the rental demands up for this readymade target market of millennials.

House prices has risen by 2.4% over the last year and monthly rents have risen by 5.2% over the same period to an average of £765. Properties in the private sector are becoming increasingly popular with landlords with 26% of all homes built last year being bought by savvy investors looking for the best investments to secure the best property, in the best location at the best time.

On the whole, Liverpool properties could see a 22.8% price growth due to the multitude of tenants outweighing the levels of accommodation available to them. This goes to show the city is proving popular with those looking to capitalise on Liverpool as it is set to become a true international city in the upcoming years.

Between its burgeoning property market, infamous heritage and bustling districts, Liverpool presents a profitable area for investors looking to get ahead of the curve and invest while the city is growing; it’s not hard to see why Liverpool is dominating some of the best property investment hotspots.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Many postcodes are featured in the top postcodes for buy to let yields and with prices at an affordable level, there is potential for capital appreciation in the future when property prices begin to catch up to other leading cities.

Rob Bence, co-founder of The Property Hub. “I think we’ll see it in the top three cities for capital growth in 2018. A decade on from its year as capital of culture, it continues to attract plenty of investment and development. It’s also a major university city, which makes it a prime location for investors,” says Mr Bence.

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