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Investment Opportunities

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    How to Find the Perfect Investment Opportunity For You

    Every investor needs to start somewhere, and if you’re thinking about investing your money, you’re one of many smart investors in the UK that are taking control of their financial future. Whether you’re investing as a way to save for retirement or you simply want to earn some extra income alongside your usual day-to-day career, making an investment is a fantastic venture that everyone should consider at some point in their lives.

    As with any new commitment, however, it can be tricky knowing where to begin, especially when there are so many investment opportunities out there to choose from. If you’re just starting out in the investment world, this easy to understand guide runs through the main things you need to think about. From helping you establish your budget and goals, to understanding what are the best investment opportunities out there for UK investors to explore. If you’re keen to learn more, scroll down to read our guide to finding the perfect investment opportunities in the UK.

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      1. Compare Investment Types

      There are a range of different ways to invest money, and it’s understandable to be confused on which investment route to take. The main investments that most people make are buy to let property investments. But which of these investment opportunities holds the most potential?

      To work out which investment type is right for you, you should think about the level of risk you’re happy to accept. This is why for a lot of investors, the property market is a better option. Not only is property investment classed as lower risk, but buy to let investments also offer two types of returns through rental income and capital appreciation once you sell your property.

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      2. Establish Your Budget

      Every investor needs to know their budget before their start looking at different investment opportunities. Establishing a budget will help you narrow down your options and identify the investment that suits your needs best. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t already need to be incredibly wealthy before you make your first investment. In a lot of cases, investors will start small and build up an attractive portfolio over time. Here are some tips according to the budget you have in mind for your investment.

      £50k or Under

      If you have a budget of £50k or less for your first investment, you may feel like you’re more limited compared to investors with larger budgets. While this can be the case when it comes to certain investments, £50k is definitely a sizeable sum of money to start out with. So what’re the best investment opportunities for this budget?

      If you want a smaller commitment to start out with, then investing your money into Individual Savings Accounts can be a good option. These are one of the most popular alternative investments, and there are many ISAs out there which allow you to deposit £20K a year and earn interest on top of this amount. However, for those who want to see sizeable returns on their investment, this is quite a limiting route to take.

      One of the best ways to invest £50k is into property. Property investment is one of the most common investment opportunities in the UK due to the potential to make rental returns as well as capital growth returns. With a £50k budget, it’s still possible to invest in buy to let property and make an attractive income. Some ideas on how to do this include using a buy to let mortgage to purchase the property, which would require a deposit of at least 25% of the overall property value. Look for ways to lower costs if you only have a small budget for your property investment, such as buying an off-plan property which often comes with discounted rates.

      £100k or Over

      If you’ve worked out your budget and realised that you have £100k or more to begin investing, you’re off to a great start! £100k is a sizeable amount to have available and leaves you with a choice of many great investment opportunities, including buy to let. While in some cases you could purchase a property in full with £100k, especially in more affordable UK cities like Liverpool, splitting your money between multiple investments is usually a good strategy. This way, you can spread your risk across different property investment opportunities to build an investment portfolio and gain twice the returns. You could do this by either using a buy to let mortgage or splitting the overall cost of the property and paying in stages. Or, of course, if your budget is well over £100k, you’d be free to pay the full lump sum amount of money from your property fund straight away!

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      3. Research the Best Locations for Property Investment Opportunities UK

      The area that investments in property are based in has a big impact on the success of your investment, not only in terms of returns but also your personal budget and investment goals. Good investment opportunities will be based in the top UK cities for buy to let investment, so getting a better idea of these locations is a must, especially if you want to keep a low level of risk. Here are some of the most important elements you should keep in mind when researching the best investment locations in the UK.

      Look at Rental Yields

      To make a property investment successful, you need to generate high rental returns. Rental yields are an indicator of how significant your rental returns could be, and higher rental yields can signal the best investment opportunities. So what are the best UK cities for rental yields?

      In a recent study from Totally Money, a list of the top 25 buy to let postcodes was revealed. Within this list, Liverpool was the city boasting the number one rental yield postcode, thanks to the L1 postcode’s impressive yields of 10.00%. Following the L1 postcode is Falkirk in Scotland which boasts yields of 9.51%, and Glasgow with 8.71% yields. Other cities mentioned on the list include Leeds, Sheffield, and Leicester, but Liverpool is by far the most popular city, with a total of six postcodes making the list.

      It’s evident that compared to property investment opportunities in London, the North of the UK is home to some of the strongest rental yields in the country. Rental yields in London, for instance, come to as low as 2.28% in the WC1X postcode. This is why, by researching online, UK property investment opportunities with the most potential will reveal themselves when you factor rental yields into your investment criteria.

      Think About Capital Growth

      The beauty of buy to let is that rather than just offering one type of return on your investment, there are two – rental returns and capital growth. In order to benefit from both of these returns, however, you need to look for property investment opportunities in areas with a strong potential for capital appreciation as well as high rental yields.

      When you look at property price trends, it’s evident that UK property prices are rapidly growing. In a recent report by Savills, it was revealed that property prices in the North West and Yorkshire and forecast to see significant house price growth over the next five years. In the North West, property prices are expected to grow by 20.2%, while Yorkshire prices are set to see an increase of 20.2%. If this is the case, a property such as One Baltic Square in Liverpool which is priced from £121,950 would be worth around £150,000 in five years. With this North West growth in mind, investments in Liverpool and Manchester are definitely worth exploring to benefit from high returns overall.

      Consider Affordability

      Along with rental yields and capital growth, Liverpool investments come out on top in terms of affordability. According to a recent property statistics from Zoopla, property prices in Liverpool average at about £178,105 as of February 2020. When looking at flats specifically, the average price for a one-bedroom flat stands at just £98,831, which is worlds apart from London’s average of £476,419 for the same property type. Many investments in Liverpool are also priced under £100k, allowing you to benefit from excellent returns for an affordable price in a prime location.

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        4. Research the Different Types of Investments in Property

        So now that you’ve done your research on investment locations, you should think some more about the type of investment you want to make. There are two popular types of property investment opportunities in the UK – residential and student buy to let. Both these property types come with a lot of potential, but the route you choose to take may depend on your personal investment goals.

        Benefits of Student Investments

        If you want to find high return investment opportunities, student accommodation is a lucrative route to take with attractive rental yields available for properties in this sector. Student properties are one of the best asset classes for those with a lower budget as these type of properties are usually more affordable. For instance, take the Liverpool student opportunity – Poets Place. This investment is priced from just £78,950, and comes with yields of 8%, proving that you don’t need to spend over your budget to make a lucrative investment.

        When it comes to investments in UK cities like Liverpool, student property is highly in demand due to the large population of students living in the area. This has meant that while property prices for student accommodation may be low, the cost of rent is high, resulting in some attractive rental returns. If your main goal is to attract a lot of demand and generate high returns while keeping costs low, you should definitely explore available student property investment opportunities in the UK.

        Benefits of Residential Investments

        When it comes to real estate investing, residential properties are equally as beneficial as student investments. The main difference between the two is that the price of residential properties is usually a little higher than student flats. When you look to invest in an affordable property hot spot, however, this is not a major difference, and you can still find some very good investment opportunities with low price tags.

        The main appeal of residential property investments is the fact that you can rent these properties out to a wider range of tenants. Unlike student property, residential properties are usually open to young professionals, families, retiree’s, or even students who don’t want to live in student accommodation. The most common tenant for this type of property, however, is the young professional. With the number of young professionals rising massively, especially in Northern cities such as Manchester, the demand for residential properties is at an all-time high. By choosing investment opportunities in the form of city centre residential apartments, you can make high rental returns and benefit from capital growth in the future.

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        5. Research the Property Company

        The next step after researching locations for the best property investment opportunities is to research the companies themselves who are selling investment properties. The types of businesses involved with investments in UK cities include property investment companies, property agents, property developers, property management companies, and construction companies. The company you choose to in invest with – whether this means the property investment company or the developer – is a major element of your property venture. If you invest with the wrong company, your investment could suffer massively, and you could face risks including loss of income or end up having a difficult experience overall. Due diligence is such a vital step towards finding the most trustworthy UK property investment opportunities.

        Read About the Company

        One of the first things you should do as part of your due diligence process is to read about the company you’re interested in investing with. It’s likely that while looking online for investment opportunities, you’ve come across a few possible options being offered by an investment company.

        Before looking into the investment opportunity itself, you should spend a bit of time reading up on the company selling it. Look for information such as how long they’ve been operating for, where they’re based, who their team are, and learn a bit about their backstory. Be wary of companies who only launched very recently, as this could mean they’re less experienced and don’t have a lot of knowledge on the industry.

        Look at Company Reviews

        Another step you should take when conducting due diligence is to read customer reviews for the company. These can normally be found on websites like TrustPilot or Google Reviews and can be a good indication of whether the investment opportunities and the company itself are worth exploring further.

        If a company has a lot of beaming reviews and a high average rating, they’ve likely been operating for a long time and left a lot of investors satisfied with their purchase! Things like good communication, friendly service and an easy investment process are all qualities to look out for when reading customer reviews.

        Arrange a Meeting/Viewing

        Once you’ve researched the company and selected a potential investment opportunity that you want to explore further, you should look into arranging a meeting or property viewing before making your final decision. This stage of the property investment process will give you a chance to ask some more questions about the property, find out more about the company, find out a bit more about the area it’s based in, and hopefully take a tour of the property or the development site.

        If the property is off-plan, it’s unlikely that a tour of the physical property will be possible as it will still be in the construction stage. In this case, you may be able to view CGI images of the property during your meeting or view a show flat for an idea of how the property is expected to look. Here at RWinvest, we even offer our investors the chance to use a Virtual Reality headset to take a CGI tour of certain developments.

        This is the stage of the investment process where you will decide whether or not to go through with your purchase. You should trust your instincts at this stage and pay attention to your overall feelings towards the property investment opportunity itself and the company selling it. If the venture ticks all your boxes and you feel confident that it will bring you success, you should trust your gut and make the first of many investment opportunities!

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          We hope this guide has left you feeling more knowledgeable about how to find the perfect investment opportunities for you. If you’re still wondering ‘what are the best investment opportunities’, don’t hesitate to contact us at RWinvest. A helpful member of our team would be happy to talk you through the options available to you and help you find the ideal venture for your needs, goals, and budget.

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