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Investment Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities

Property can provide a more tangible experience than investments in businesses or stocks and shares. With several different types of property investment strategies available, it’s important to take an approach tailored to you and your investment requirements.

Buy to Let Investment Strategies

For anyone looking for investment opportunities, the buy-to-let sector is certainly an avenue worth exploring.

Buy-to-let enables investors to purchase a property with the intention of letting it out to tenants. If you find a great property in a popular location, benefits can include high rental yields that may increase over time, the potential for capital appreciation and several flexible exit strategies.

Investors can be assured that rental income is generated each month in this constant and secure market that surpasses business investment opportunities concerning stability. There is also the issue of involvement; buy to let property is usually managed, reducing the need for hands-on investors.

Buy to let can be split into residential and student properties, with each leading into slightly different investment openings in UK locations. This versatility is rare in comparison with other more commercial property investment opportunities.

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Buy to Let Property Investments


Student Accommodation Investment Opportunities

If you want to find high return investment opportunities, student accommodation is a lucrative route to take with 8% considered a good yield for properties in this sector.

The current climate is witnessing a rise in student numbers alongside a lack of adequate lodgings. This combination of high demand and undersupply has highlighted the student market as a prime investment hotspot.

If you prefer small investment opportunities, UK micro-apartments and studios provide lower-scale strategies for those not wanting to put too much cash into a property venture.


The Residential Route

Residential properties also create some of the best property investment opportunities in the UK and are a worthwhile addition to your portfolio.

Similar circumstances indicate that the amount of high-quality housing and apartments are not keeping up with rising urban populations, producing a profitable market with a high tenant demand. The recent influx of people to cities is being fuelled by more and more young professionals and postgraduates moving into central urban zones with bright career prospects and employment opportunities.

Another plus point of a residential property is that tenants are likely to remain with little to no vacant periods, assuring the most income for investors.


Off Plan Investment Opportunities

This kind of investment strategy tends to be cheaper because of the slightly higher risk involved. Buying a unit in a building that hasn’t been erected yet does seem a little daunting, however, there are a wealth of reasons why it proves to be a popular choice for investment by many.

One positive outcome when purchasing prior to construction is that investors have the first pick of purpose-built units in a brand-new development that features the latest technologies and design features. There is less chance of needing building repairs in the near future and there is also a longer time window for payment. With developments being constructed from the ground up, after an initial deposit, the remainder of the payment is usually not due until completion.


The Liverpool Strategy

For some of the best investment opportunities, Liverpool has plenty to offer. With many of its postcodes featuring in the top postcodes for buy to let yields and with prices currently at an affordable level, there is potential for capital appreciation in the long-run when property prices begin to catch up to other leading cities.

Liverpool properties could see a 22.8% price growth. A reason behind this increase in costs is because the abundance of tenants outweighs the amount of accommodation available to them. With four major educational institutes and a general surge in population, there are plenty of people needing properties to live in throughout the centre.

Additionally, the price growth can be explained by the city’s establishment as an all-round better environment. Since the multi-million pound development of Liverpool ONE shopping complex in 2008, regeneration levels have spiked throughout the city, reshaping its skyline. Now a much more desirable place to live, areas such as the Baltic Triangle, RopeWalks and the waterfront are top places to invest for a worthwhile investment.


The Manchester Strategy

Manchester has some of the most valuable investment opportunities, meaning that it also has great potential for future capital growth. Considered the second city of the UK next to London, it’s also the face of the Northern Powerhouse.

According to an article by the Guardian, ‘When measured by a combination of jobs and population increase, Manchester had seen the fastest city centre growth in England and Wales’, and this pace is reflected in the city’s tenant demand. Its central location within the UK is perfect for professionals needing to commute around the country for work and business meetings. There are also over 85,000 students who will require student accommodation close to central university and college campuses.

The best buy to let locations in Manchester generating unparalleled yields include Salford where MediaCityUK regeneration has transformed the Quays location and driven up the number of young workers in the creative and digital industries.


International Strategy and Investment

If you’re an overseas investor, join the many who have taken advantage of UK investment opportunities more than ever with Brexit’s weakening of the pound.

Overall, there has been an increase in foreign direct investment which could be down to the worth of UK currency against other foreign monies. The firmness of the UK market and its economic strength as a nation is echoed around the globe and international investors are urged to seek out properties in different countries to their own.

Property prices tend to be a lot higher in Asian countries like China and Japan, encouraging the arrival of these investors into the buy to let UK market.

Grand plans for northern regeneration is helping to produce some of the top yields in Europe, so if you have offspring heading off to a university in the UK, why not invest in student accommodation for them to live in whilst studying? This way you can ensure that they are residing in a safe environment with high standard furnishings and amenities, whilst making a profit along the way.

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