Off Plan Property Investment In Liverpool
Off-Plan Property Investment In Manchester
Off-Plan Property Investment Guide
Off-Plan Property Investment Guide

If you consider yourself clued up on the UK property market, chances are you will have heard of off-plan investments. Buying off-plan property means to purchase a property that’s not yet completed. This may seem a confusing concept to some, but with a bit of research and understanding, it’s easy to see why off-plan properties are such an appealing investment option. Here are some of the benefits of investing in off-plan, and reasons why you should consider this for your next property venture.

What is off-plan property investment?

Off-plan property investment is when an investor buys a property while it’s still in the planning or construction stages. Unlike other property types, investing in off-plan means that the buyer can only see how the property will look through computer-generated imagery and other technology.

What does off-plan property mean?

Off-plan property means that the property hasn’t yet been built. The investor who buys it is choosing to purchase the property ‘off the plan’, signing a contract without taking a physical tour to see or inspect the finished outcome.

How does off-plan property work?

Off-plan property works differently to more traditional properties. Those interested in buying off-plan will get to see how a property will look with the help of computer-generated imagery. Some people are put off by being unable to see the property in person, but the benefits far outweigh any uncertainties.

Architect With Floor Plans What Does Off-Plan Property Mean

How to buy off-plan property

To buy off-plan property, you first need to find the right property for you. Look online for developments based in your preferred location and priced within your budget. Then, find out whether you’ll be eligible for a buy to let mortgage or whether you’ll need to pay the upfront cost.

A lot of the time, it can be difficult to get a mortgage loan for off-plan properties. This is usually down to timing issues, with most mortgage agreements only being valid for six months. Therefore, if the development doesn’t complete by this time, the buyer will need to re-apply which can be a time-consuming process. This is part of the reason why we require our investments to be paid in full rather than with a mortgage.

Once you find an off-plan property of ours that you’re interested in buying, we’ll provide you with all the details and information needed to make a decision. Although we can’t give you a physical tour of the finished property, we can provide you with a look at the planned outcome with the help of virtual reality. By using computer-generated imagery and VR technology, we can let potential investors see how the property is expected to look upon completion, helping them make a more informed decision.

One Baltic Square Off Plan Property Investment Liverpool

Why buy off-plan property?

Buying off-plan property can be cheaper and can create better returns than other properties. Investment companies tend to offer off-plan properties at a lower price as a way to entice investors. This way, by the time the property is ready for tenancy, it’s likely to have significantly grown in value.

Off-plan properties are considered one of the most effective investment options when it comes to capital growth. When you purchase an off-plan property in an area with a lot of potential for capital appreciation, the chances are that by the time your property is ready for tenancy, it will have significantly increased in value.

At RW Invest, all of our off-plan properties are located in UK property hotspots — Liverpool and Manchester. Both these two cities have seen huge house price growth over the years, with the north-west exceeding any other UK region. This property price growth isn’t set to slow down any time soon, with predictions for the north-west region to see a growth of 21.6 per cent over the next five years. If you buy off-plan property in Liverpool or Manchester, you increase your chances of making lucrative returns on your investment through capital growth — even more so than you would with a traditional investment.

So we know that off-plan investments allow you to make better gains on the value of your property, but what about price? Buying off-plan property in the UK is often cheaper than buying other investment types such as a refurbishment property. We offer our off-plan developments at below market rates, making the investments a lot more affordable while also maximising the potential for growth.

Our Bridgewater Wharf development, for instance, is located in a prime central Manchester location and priced from just £134,995. Within proximity to MediaCityUK and featuring luxury private balconies, communal garden areas, amazing river views and more, Bridgewater Wharf is likely to attract the most sophisticated of tenants. Similarly, our One Baltic Square development can be purchased from £121,950. This off-plan development is based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle; an area voted the ‘coolest place to live’ by the Times. This makes One Baltic Square an excellent choice if you’re keen to buy off-plan property in Liverpool. Both of these off-plan developments have a high likelihood of increasing in value by the time construction is complete, and offer attractive rental yields of 6 and 7 per cent.

Off-plan property investments tend to perform well in terms of attracting rental demand. The majority of tenants find new-builds desirable as they value being one of the first people to live in a property. Since new-build off-plan properties are completely modern, they also tend to not need any maintenance or repairs prior to tenancy. Investing in an off-plan gives you peace of mind that tenants will always be interested in renting your property, ensuring a consistent cash-flow of rental income and lower void periods.

One of the final benefits of buying off-plan property is the freedom that comes with this investment type. Because these properties haven’t been finalised, investors can pick and choose the best units. For instance, investors can research the different units available and consider whether the dimensions and specifications will be suitable for their investment goals.

Where to buy property off the plan

The best locations to buy off-plan property are cities and towns with a lot of capital growth potential. Off-plan properties have a reputation for increasing in value before they’re even ready for tenancy. If your off-plan property has been built in a prime location, the chances of this happening are even stronger.

Liverpool and Manchester are the two UK cities that present the best opportunities for capital growth. The north-west has the highest rate of house price growth compared to any other UK region, with predictions for even further growth over the next five years. Thanks to ongoing regeneration projects that are bringing lots of interest to these two cities and boosting the economy, investors who purchase off-plan property in Liverpool or Manchester are likely to see their property grow in value by the time it’s ready for tenancy.

Bridgewater Wharf Off Plan Property Investment Manchester

In Liverpool and Manchester, there’s a lot of demand for rental properties from young professional tenants. If you buy off-plan property in Manchester, you’ll want to make sure you appeal to this target tenant to attract as much demand as possible. Research suggests that millennials are a lot more likely to buy into products or services if they have an eco-friendly quality. Since new-builds are naturally more eco-friendly due to using less energy, investing in an off-plan property will appeal to the environmentally conscious tenant.

If you’re interested in investing in your first off-plan property or are maybe curious and want to find out more about our available properties, get in touch today. Our property experts are on hand to offer you advice about the best off-plan property for you, offering you guidance every step of the way.

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