Off-Plan Property Investment

The Complete Guide to Off-Plan Property Investment 2023

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Property Editor
Updated 19 May, 2023
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What Is Off-Plan Property

Off-plan property is defined as a type of property that’s not yet been completed.  

Off-plan property investment is when an investor buys a property while still in the planning or construction stages. There are many benefits of buying off-plan properties as an investment, such as below-market value prices and a better choice of units. 

When a property investor invests in off-plan property, they’re buying it while it’s still under construction or in the planning stage. 

There’s rising market demand for off-plan property investments in the UK’s key cities due to the benefits they offer investors.  

Want to know more about what off-plan means? Ready to explore this investment type in more detail?  

Then click the link below to read our helpful blog post on the topic.


Click Here to Learn More About the Definition of Off-Plan Property

Buy Off Plan Property Today
Pile Cap Foundations Complete at Miller’s Place
Heaps Mill Exterior Heaps Mill Exterior

Heaps Mill

Exclusive RWinvest Opportunity


Prices from £129,950

7% Assured Net Rental Return

Below slab drainage has commenced.

Concrete Frames Nearing Completion
Embankment Exchange - Manchester Embankment Exchange - Manchester

Embankment Exchange

90% Units Sold


Prices from £225,950

6% Projected Rental Returns

Staircase and stair structure installation complete in Greengate Building.

Off-Market Property
Off-Market Manchester Off-Market Manchester

Exciting Off-Market Opportunity

M1 Postcode


Prices from £200,000

5% Projected Rental Return

Secure a Unit With as Little as £45,000

Liverpool L1 City Centre Postcode
The Mill, Liverpool The Mill, Liverpool

The Mill

Invest With £60,000


Prices from £154,950

Assured 6% NET Rental Return

Grade 2 Listed Building

Unmissable Nottingham Investment Opportunity
Nottingham off-market property Nottingham off-market property

Nottingham Off-Market Property

Unmissable Nottingham Investment Opportunity

Off Market

Prices from £192,995

5% rental yields

Secure a Unit With as Little as £40,000

Flat Roof Covering Almost Complete
Merchant's Wharf - Exterior Merchant's Wharf - Exterior

Merchant's Wharf

Luxury Waterfront Apartments


Prices from £249,950

Up to 6.5% Projected Rental Return

The flat roof covering is almost complete.

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    Why Buy Off-Plan Property

    So, you now know what off-plan property is. But what are the benefits of buying off-plan property?  

    Why do property investors choose to purchase new build homes that aren’t yet completed? 

    In a nutshell, off-plan property investment is considered a strong venture due to three key reasons: 

    1. Off-plan property is often priced at below-market value rates. Investors looking to get more for their money will explore off-plan investments due to the lower-than-usual property prices available. 
    2. Because off-plan properties are new builds, they’re in high demand from renters in the UK who want a brand new property with contemporary designs and features. 
    3. Property investors who buy off-plan property can choose to invest in a wide range of units in one development. This is a luxury not usually available to investors, allowing many to enjoy the freedom of off-plan and cherry-pick the best units. 


    Read Our Guide to the Benefits of Off-Plan Property Investment

    How to Buy Off-Plan Property 

    Off-plan properties are a popular investment within the UK property market, but the process of purchasing a property off the plan is a little different than the typical process of buying a residential property. 

    If you’re a first-time buyer of off-plan properties and wondering how to buy off-plan, be aware that things may be a little different in regards to: 

    • Finding a mortgage lender for your buy-to-let mortgage. 
    • Paying for your off-plan property and putting down a reservation fee. 
    • Viewing an off-plan property and taking a tour. 


    Find Out How to Buy Off-Plan Property With Our Step-by-Step Guide

    Chat to One Of Our Agents About Off-Plan Investment and Find Your Ideal Opportunity


    Where to Buy Off-Plan Property 

    When selecting a buy to let investment, it’s essential to invest in the right area.  

    But how do you select the right area? Well, you can do so through property market research. 

    Some UK cities and regions offer more opportunities, more enticing property prices, and better rental returns than others when it comes to off-plan property.  

    In the UK, five of the best places to invest in are: 

    • Liverpool. 
    • Manchester. 
    • Birmingham. 
    • Leeds. 
    • Sheffield. 

    You can learn more about the best places to buy off-plan property and discover why these areas are so popular within the off-plan housing market with our detailed top 10 list.

    Just click the button below to be taken straight there! 


    Read Our Guide to the Best Places to Buy Off-Plan Property

    What Are the Risks of Buying Off-Plan Property

    While there are incredible benefits to buying an off-plan property, you also need to consider some of the risks.  

    Like anything investment-related, off-plan property comes with an element of risk. Fortunately, the risks and downsides of investing in off-plan property are easily avoided with the right know-how.  

    Some of the cons of investing in off-plan property are:

    • The development could fail to complete due to inexperienced developers.  
    • The property price of your investment could fall in value by the time it’s completed if you invest in a low-performing area. 
    • You can’t take a physical tour of the property before buying it, which is an issue for some investors. 

    If you want to reap the benefits of off-plan property, learn how to avoid the risks, and ensure your first off-plan investment is a success, then check out our guide to the risks of buying off-plan. 


    Learn How to Avoid the Risks of Off-Plan and Get the Most Out of Your Investment

    Exclusive Units Available

    Sky Gardens

    Completed Serviced Apartments

    Liverpool Prices from £149,950

    Projected Rental Income from £800 pcm

    Short Stay Approved

    Contemporary Sheffield Investment Property

    Langford Tower

    Prices From £142,500

    UK Prices from £142,500

    Sheffield City Centre Location

    Incredible Onsite Facilities

    Awaiting Final Testing & Commissioning

    Vantage Point

    Unique and High-Quality Residential Accommodation

    Manchester Prices from £132,950

    7% Assured Rental Yields 

    North West Regeneration Hotspot

    Is Off-Plan Property a Good Investment in 2023? 

    Since the beginning of 2020, the UK property market has experienced a lot of ups and downs.  

    In 2020, property prices dropped, only to rise significantly thanks to extreme market demand partly fuelled by the stamp duty holiday.   

    As of 2023, house prices in the UK are currently still massively high. Many first-time buyers of investment properties are now considering making a buy to let purchase. But is off-plan property a good investment to make in 2023? 

    With an optimistic forecast ahead for real estate market growth, and ongoing demand for new build properties, now is a great time to purchase an off-plan property in the UK.  

    To discover why off-plan property is a great investment to consider in 2023, and why it’s a great way to maximise your future capital growth returns, look at our informative blog post below. 


    Discover Why 2023 Is a Great Time to Invest in Off-Plan Property

    How to Sell Off-Plan Property 

    When it comes to selling your off-plan property, you may be wondering whether the process is the same as it would be for selling a regular residential property. 

    If you’re thinking about planning the sale of your off-plan property, the following things are worth considering: 

    • Can you sell the property before the completion date has arrived? 
    • Will you get more for the property than your initial purchase price? 
    • Do you have to pay capital gains tax on off-plan property? 
    • Will your completed property generate a lot of interest from different buyers in the UK housing market? 

    Find answers to these questions and more by reading our guide to selling an off-plan property. 


    Check Out Our Guide to Selling an Off-Plan Property

    The Best Off-Plan Properties For Sale in the UK  

    At RWinvest, we’re proud to offer an impressive portfolio of off-plan properties in the UK, including opportunities in Manchester like Embankment Exchange, and Liverpool property investment. 

    Our off-plan investment properties are located in top UK areas to ensure the best possible capital growth and rental returns.  

    We have off-plan purchases priced at below-value rates, with enticing deals offered by the industry-renowned developers we work with. 

    Browse our latest off-plan properties for sale, and be sure to enquire if you’re interested in investing in 2023 and beyond.


    Discover the Best Off-Plan Properties Currently For Sale

    Amy Jackson
    Amy Jackson
    Property Editor

    Amy Jackson is the property editor at RWinvest. Amy has over three years of experience working in the property content sector and has a keen eye for finding the latest news, statistics, and must-have property investment information.

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