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Best Place to Invest in Property UK

The UK’s most lucrative Property Hotspots in 2019 and beyond

Whether you’re new to property investment or a veteran investor, you need to stay on top of the ever-changing property trends to establish where to buy an investment property in the UK. When researching, it is important to look at current trends as well as property predictions for UK property hotspots to establish whether or not the buy to let property you choose has the potential to appreciate and benefit from capital growth and rental income.

In previous years, London established itself at the forefront of the housing market. Now, however, the capital has been left in the dust due to surging house prices, lack of demand, and low rental yields. This has forced investors to look further afield to discover the best places to buy investment property in the UK when it comes to the rental market and capital growth. While seasoned investors will have some sort of knowledge of the top locations for buy to let investments, a first-time investor may be wondering “what is a good rental yield?” or might be unsure where to invest in property in the UK. If this is the case, take a look at this property hotspot guide which will help you discover where to invest in UK property in 2019 and beyond.

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Best Buy to Let Areas 2019 – Where to buy Investment Property UK?


The Best Investment Areas

As of late, there have been several cities coming out on top as a high yield property investment in the UK, which provides investors with excellent investment opportunities due to the significant tenant demand and potential to appreciate. This includes the North East region and the Midlands, especially cities like Leicester which has experienced a 3.02% rise in rental growth in the past year. While this is an impressive increase, the most prominent buy-to-let region is actually the north-west, which has become one of the most up and coming areas in the UK to invest and one of the buy to let hotspots of 2019. If you’re wondering where to buy an investment property for the best returns and growth, look no further than this region.

When looking for the best investments, different UK towns and cities offer different opportunities. Having been considered one of the best places to invest in property in the UK for 2018 and previous years before, the north-west is a definite property hotspot. Rental demand, high rental yields and excellent capital growth prospects amongst the many reasons to invest in this area.


The North West – UK Property Hotspots 2019

So, just what is a good rental yield? Usually, anything above around five or six per cent is considered a strong yield, and with some Manchester and Liverpool postcodes bringing in rental yields of over 9%, it’s easy to see why the region is considered home to the best rental yield cities and best places to buy rental property in the UK.
Over recent years, the UK’s north-west region has experienced a massive surge of interest from property investors in the UK as well as overseas. This is due to an increase in population as well as the numerous regeneration projects in both Manchester and Liverpool that are still ongoing, which are set to completely transform the cities of this region into the number one UK property hotspots 2019 has seen. By investing in north-west property investment opportunities, you’re able to take your first step towards climbing the property ladder and building a profitable portfolio.


Best Places to Buy to Let – Manchester

The city known as the ‘capital of the north’ and the leader of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has established itself as one of the best places to invest in property in the UK for 2019. This is mainly due to the high average rental yields and the economic growth that Manchester has experienced, which has involved the creation of more start-ups and more job opportunities. This, in turn, has brought a large number of people to the city and resulted in a significant amount of demand for housing.

Here at RWinvest, we have witnessed this progression and in order to cater to this demand, we have sought out some of the most prominent postcodes in Manchester, partnered up with credible developers, and helped investors find incredible opportunities with projects like our Hollywood Manchester development. This residential property is located in the heart of Salford Quays, an investment hotspot where the ever-expanding Media City is based – home to the BBC, ITV and other emerging creative talents. This is a popular rental market with the young professional crowd who want to find places to stay in Salford Quays. The development is also just a stone’s throw away from central Manchester, so it offers everything the centre does without too much hustle and bustle. So, if you’re looking to invest in a development with guaranteed returns, this Salford Quays property is a great choice, as it boasts an 8% rental yield that has the potential to increase along with capital appreciation.


Best Places to Buy to Let – Liverpool

Another of the fastest growing northern cities that is taking the UK property investments sector by storm is Liverpool – home to The Beatles and this year’s Champions League Football winners. The area has gone through a notable amount of regeneration that has helped it become one of the UK’s buy to let property hotspots. This includes areas like the Baltic Triangle that have undergone a complete transformation process, going from a warehouse waste ground to one of the most popular areas in town and featuring an abundance of restaurants, bars, and activities along with property investment opportunities.

Liverpool has been named as the leading property investment UK city with strong rental yields reaching up 9.79% in L7 and 9.33% in L1, crowning it as the city with some of the best rental yields in the UK for 2018. According to Zoopla, rental values average at £824 a month, which, paired with affordable property prices, makes for some attractive yields. Yields like this are considered an extremely high yield for properties in UK, and this is part of the reason Liverpool stands out as one of the best property investment UK areas.

This is a result of affordable housing as well as high monthly rental income, which are great benefits for both landlords and tenants. To claim these benefits, you should take a look at our array of properties, which are some of the best in the Liverpool property market. This includes our luxury Parliament Square development – a fantastic investment opportunity that’s located in the Baltic area, just outside of the city centre. This is designed for the young and successful who are looking for a balance between work and play, which they will be sure to find in these great apartments which allow tenants to access a private cinema, top-of-the-range gym, good transport links, and even offices right on their doorstep. This offers investors a unique prospect for their portfolio which will be guaranteed to attract attention and has the potential to become the most lucrative investment of them all.

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