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Stamp Duty Calculator

Since June of 2016, paying stamp duty became a legal requirement for a second home. It’s important to ensure your buy to let property falls into the residential category before going ahead and reading stamp duty rates. If the stamp duty tax does apply to you then use our specially devised RWinvest ‘stamp duty calculator’ to work out how much tax would could be charged on your property investment.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) takes into account the price of the property plus whether you’re purchasing multiple properties, showing a clear breakdown of the taxable amounts and how much you should pay. An essential element of buying an investment property is ensuring you’ve calculated all the fees and funds before going ahead with your investment.

Rental Income Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

When purchasing a buy to let investment, you might not have all the funds needed to purchase the property outright which is when a buy to let mortgage comes in. Buy to let mortgages can be used to help you pay for an investment but there are sometimes when mortgages can’t be used. If you’re wanting to use a buy to let mortgage, then using the RWinvest calculator can give you an estimation of how much you will repay over a certain period.

Much like a regular mortgage, a buy to let mortgage involves loaning money that can help cover the initial purchase cost of a property and then the loan is repaid every month by the property owner for a set time period. Generally, to get a buy to let mortgage you need to be purchasing a house or apartment for investment purposes and should have a good level of financial stability to be able to keep up with regular mortgage repayments. Since this type of mortgage is intended for landlords who want to rent out the property rather than live in it, there is a certain criteria you must fall into in order to be accepted for a buy to let mortgage.

Rental Income Calculator

Rental Income Calculator

If you’re considering using a buy to let mortgage, you need to understand how much rental income you should receive in order to pay off your payments and make a return on your investment property. The RWinvest rental income calculator works out the minimum rent required to cover your mortgage repayments meaning you will be able to see if it’s possible to generate a significant income after these payments have been made.

Typically, you will need to achieve a 4% gross rental income of the amount you’re borrowing to satisfy any buy to let mortgage lenders. through using our helpful tool, you can work out what your rental income will be within a few clicks. However, it is also important to consider that buy to let mortgages aren’t always as helpful as you may initially think. Many investors choose to pay for the cost of their buy to let property with an upfront payment if they have the funds to do so. This makes more a much easier investment.

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