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Liverpool Named 11th Best City in the World for Food in 2024

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    Liverpool Represents UK on First ‘World’s Best Cities for Food’ List

    Time Out has published their first-ever ‘World’s Best Cities for Food’ ranking, and Liverpool has placed 11th.

    The results are based on a survey of thousands of city-dwellers from around the world, and only the highest-scoring city for each country was included in order to ensure a diverse list reflecting global tastes. Because of this rule, Liverpool is the sole representative of the UK on the list.

    While Liverpool beat out cities such as Porto, Lyon, and Osaka, it was still outflanked by foodie titans such as Naples, Lima, Bangkok, and Beijing.

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    Why is Liverpool’s Culinary Scene so Highly Rated?

    This triumph for Liverpool’s gourmet scene comes after the city’s Baltic Triangle district was named the coolest neighbourhood in the UK by Time Out in October last year, and earlier this year the publication ranked Liverpool 7th place in their 50 best cities in the world list.

    With this trail of accolades behind it, it’s not surprising to see Liverpool’s culinary scene now gaining recognition as well.

    In the article, Time Out notes Liverpool’s eclectic mix of eateries such as cult street food vendors and contemporary small plates. It also names scouse as the city’s go-to dish, a stew that gave locals the ‘scouser’ nickname.

    According to Liverpool-based writer Alice Porter writing in Time Out: “Liverpool is perhaps better known for its nightlife than its food, but a clutch of brand-new foodie ventures have earned the city a newfound rep for its dining scene,

    “This is largely down to homegrown talent: local chefs like Paul Durand, who opened Michelin-mentioned Manifest in 2022, and Sam Grainger who owns small-plates spot Belzan and Mexican taqueria Madre. All are well worth making the journey to Liverpool for.”

    With interest in what Liverpool has to offer growing, is now a good time to invest in property in this up-and-coming city?

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      Is Liverpool Worth Investing in?

      Liverpool has been going from strength to strength in its various sectors, including tourism, hospitality, and property. In fact, it was recently named the best place to invest in the UK in 2024 by The Times.

      As Liverpool’s desirability as a place to live increases, so does the strength of the local property market. Many investors have recognised the high demand and affordable prices that make Liverpool an investment powerhouse.

      Looking to the future, buy-to-let areas in Liverpool have also been acknowledged for their potential for high capital growth and rental growth, thanks to the city’s growing attractiveness as a place of residence and ambitious regeneration projects that are ongoing or in the pipeline.

      The city was also recently recognised as the best large city break in the UK according to Which?, showcasing Liverpool’s strong tourism sector and attractions. A healthy tourism industry can boost a city’s property market, and more directly have a positive impact on the short-lettings sector.

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