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Buying UK Property From Hong Kong

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    Buying UK Property From Hong Kong

    The UK property market is renowned worldwide for its stability and high levels of growth, and in recent years has been increasingly popular with international investors.

    Foreign investment in the UK is on the rise, and many investors are buying UK property from Hong Kong as a result of this.

    More and more investors from Hong Kong are choosing UK properties as an investment strategy, so we have put together this blog post to help you understand what to expect if you are investing in the UK from Hong Kong.

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      Why You Should Consider Investing in UK Property From Hong Kong

      There are several reasons why you should consider buying UK property from Hong Kong:

      • UK property is far cheaper than in Hong Kong. ranked Hong Kong as the most expensive place in the world to buy property, with an eye-watering average price of £1,566,000 in May 2022. In comparison, the UK came in 20th with an average of £238,000 at the time.
      • The UK housing market is famously stable, with a proven ability to endure tough times. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the average price of property shot up to record highs within two years.
      • Buy-to-let investment properties are hot commodities in the UK right now, with high tenant demand and low levels of supply leading to rising rents and more money for investors. The average rent in the UK rose by 10.8% in 2022, according to the Homelet Rental Index.
      • You can achieve fantastic returns in some of the best places to invest in the UK. Cities like Liverpool and Manchester can offer rental yields of up to 8%!
      • House prices are growing rapidly in the UK, meaning investors benefit more from capital appreciation. The average house price in the UK rose by 10.4% in the 12 months from November 2022, according to the UK House Price Index.

      These are just some of the many benefits of UK investing in Hong Kong.

      For more information, try our free guide on property investment, where we break down exactly why it is such a popular method of investment right now.

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      How to Invest in the UK from Hong Kong

      Buying property in the UK is similar in several ways to buying property in Hong Kong, but there are some important differences you need to be aware of.

      It is similar to buying property as a resident, but you will need to be aware of some additional taxes which may factor into your purchase.

      There are no restrictions to buying UK property as an international investor, but you will need to secure residential status if you want to live in your property. Therefore it is easier to invest in the UK from Hong Kong than it is to become an expat, unless you are a British national overseas.

      Property transactions in the UK are done through solicitors, and often estate agents or property investment companies act as the sellers for investment properties.

      Much like in Hong Kong, prices are often negotiable, with the seller putting the asking price of a property slightly higher than what they expect to sell it for. Once a price is agreed upon, the buyer will complete a memorandum of sale.

      The closest equivalent in Hong Kong would be completing a Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase or PASP.

      With investment properties, you will normally need to pay a reservation fee or the first part of your payment plan at this stage.

      Solicitors for both buyer and seller will exchange contracts at this point and you will pay a deposit on the property. Again, this is a good comparison for the Formal Agreement for Sale and Purchase.

      There is normally a waiting period in between the exchanging of contracts and completion of the deal, just to make sure everything is above water and legal. Once it is all confirmed by both parties, the completion of the sale means the property is now yours once you pay the rest of the price, and it is yours to do with as you need.

      If you are using a buy-to-let mortgage, this is when you will begin paying off the interest you accrue using rental income, and if you are buying UK property from Hong Kong, this will be when your property investment journey really begins.

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      How Will You Be Taxed When Buying UK Property from Hong Kong?

      One of the main ways you will be taxed when buying UK property is through Stamp Duty Land Tax or SDLT.

      This tax is similar to Hong Kong’s Ad Valorem Stamp Duty, or AVD, and is a percentage of the property’s sale price which you will need to pay to the government on top of the price of the property.

      How much stamp duty you will pay depends on the value of the property, as the more expensive the property, the higher the percentage you will be taxed on. Read our guide on stamp duty for more information.

      If you are not a UK resident, you will need to pay a 2% surcharge on top of the stamp duty you would pay normally and a further 3% surcharge if this would be your second property.

      Any rent you collect from a buy-to-let property is also subject to Income Tax, while you will need to pay Capital Gains Tax if and when you choose to sell your investment property.

      Foreign Investment in the UK 2023/24

      Based overseas? This is the perfect guide for property investors looking to buy property in the UK.

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      The ultimate guide to help you choose whether to invest in off plan or completed property in 2024.

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      Prices of UK properties are far more affordable, meaning you can get a better return on your investment by investing in the UK.

      The UK housing market is much more stable thanks to the high buyer and tenant demand, so Chinese investors can be reassured in the knowledge that their investment is lower risk than other investment strategies.

      While you can, this is not advisable due to the high property prices, meaning you will struggle to afford Hong Kong real estate or see strong returns on your investment.

      You are likely to need a British National Overseas visa if you want to borrow a UK mortgage, and you will need to put down a deposit of roughly 25% of the property’s value to convince lenders you can afford to borrow. For more information, read this guide from Online Mortgage Advisor.

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