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What Is a Property Investment Company?

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    Learn More About Property Investment Companies

    With buy to let property investment becoming more and more popular, you may finally be considering starting your investment journey.

    While you can opt for traditional methods of going it alone, an increasingly popular way is to use the services of a property investment company – just like us here at RWinvest.

    Buying property through property investment companies in the UK is a strategy that comes with many benefits.

    But exactly what is a property investment company, and do you need to work with one?

    In this guide, we take a deep dive into exactly what property investment companies do and the pros and cons of using a property investment company in the UK, so you can decide if this is the right method for you.

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      What Is a Property Investment Company and What Do Property Investment Companies Do? 

      A property investment company is a company that helps you invest in property.

      Using a property investment company in the UK is helpful if you lack experience purchasing property.

      This is because property investment companies can guide you through the purchasing process, provide solicitors, and help you find a property management company to work with.

      Each property investment company is different and can specialise in various types of property investment, like purpose-built student accommodation, HMOs, traditional residential property, and off-plan.

      They can also offer investment opportunities with specific selling points, such as properties with high yields or long-term capital growth potential.

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      What Are the Advantages of Investing Through a Company?

      Many benefits come with enlisting the help of a property investment company when investing in buy to let property.

      Here are some of the main advantages of using a property investment company that UK investors should know about.

      One of the main benefits of investing through a company is you can save time.

      Instead of monitoring websites like Rightmove or Zoopla, checking auction listings, researching online, and booking house viewings, most of the work is done for you.

      After a simple chat with a specialist within your property investment company of choice, you can narrow down exactly what type of property you want and explore all of your latest options.

      This is great if you’re working full-time and don’t have the freedom to spend hours researching.

      If you’re just starting out in the property world, you may find it hard to identify properties with the most potential.

      Luckily, thanks to the decades of experience property investment companies have, they will usually offer you the best deals on the market.

      Here at RWinvest, we only work with the best developers to offer investors the most exciting deals.

      Another key benefit is that often property investment companies offer properties with a management company.

      Property management companies are vital if you have a full-time job, live away from your buy to let property, or are just too busy to handle being a landlord.

      This is because they organise everything for you, from finding tenants to securing rent.

      These companies charge for their services, typically 10% of your monthly rental income, but are essential for a completely hands-off investment.

      The main benefit of investment companies is getting hefty discounts, especially if you’re investing in off-plan.

      As an incentive to work with a property investment company, you can net a sizeable discount due to their relationships with developers.

      Here at RWinvest, you can find properties up to 55% below market value with UK property investment opportunities.

      Not only can you get some discounts on the overall property price, but you can expect some exclusive deals, too.

      For instance, RWinvest offers free furniture packs on select properties worth over £5,000.

      We also have added incentives once you purchase. If you recommend our services to a friend, for instance, you could get a free £500.

      Another huge benefit of investing with a property investment company is that investment companies can often provide structured payment plans.

      If you don’t have the money upfront and don’t want to deal with mortgage repayments and mortgage brokers, this can help you afford property ventures.

      This has made property investment more accessible than ever and can help you get on the property ladder as soon as possible.

      Each company will offer different payment structures, so be sure to ask first to determine if you can afford the property.

      While some properties will be available from various sellers, you can sometimes find properties you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

      This can include entire developments or specific units in a project.

      At RWinvest, for example, we’re the exclusive seller of property developments from Nexus and Legacie developments.

      If you want to purchase a unit in exciting developments like The Prestige, you can only do so by working with us.

      As an incentive for investing, some companies will even guarantee you returns for a set number of years.

      For instance, many of our properties come with assured 7% returns for a set period. That’s nearly double the UK average yield of 4.44%!

      Once the assured rental period ends, you’re likely to still keep earning a similar amount depending on the location of your rental property and the property market at the time.

      Assured yields are not available to those buying property through traditional means, which is a huge benefit of using a property company.

      For beginners, the legal side of property can get complicated, with a lot of paperwork to complete.

      That’s not to mention the hassle of finding a solicitor experienced with property law.

      However, many companies (ourselves included) can handle much of the paperwork and provide you with a specialist solicitor for the paperwork you need to complete.

      This makes investing as easy as possible, and anything that can simplify the buy to let process is a welcome benefit for many property investors.

      By working with investment companies, you can understand property investment basics and how to get through the buying process.

      This will undoubtedly help you build confidence, which can help you purchase properties on your own in the future.

      Of course, this confidence-building won’t just allow you to go it alone, but it might give you the confidence to buy more properties and build your own buy-to-let property portfolio.

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        What Are the Disadvantages of Investing Through a Company?

        Of course, this wouldn’t be an impartial guide to the question, ‘what is a property investment company?’ without covering some of the disadvantages of using a property investment company. 

        Not every investment strategy is suitable for everyone. Some property investors may find that the following points put them off using a property investment company. 

        While you will need patience for the buying process, you will primarily need it if you buy off-plan.

        That’s because off-plan properties can take several months or over a year to reach final completion, so you will need to be patient while the building process lasts.

        Those prepared to wait can reap the benefits of off-plan property investment. If you want quick returns right away, this isn’t the investment for you.

        It is also possible, however, to buy property from a property company that is already complete.

        Enquire about our completed developments if this is something you’re more interested in.

        Another potential disadvantage of using a property investment company is missing out on the hands-on experience.

        This is only a downside if you don’t want a hands-off investment and would prefer the personal journey of finding suitable properties, purchasing them, and managing them.

        However, keep in mind that you can still choose to manage the property yourself, even when investing through a property company, rather than using a rental management company.

        Not all investors who buy property from a company opt for a hands-off venture.

        Another of the downsides is that you may have a lack of choice when using a property investment company in the UK.  

        Unlike when you buy properties on property portals like Rightmove, investment companies tend to offer a smaller stock of investment options to choose from. 

        This is because property companies like to offer the very best opportunities on the market, focusing on quality rather than quantity. 

        A prime example of this is how at RWinvest, we specialise in off-plan buy to let investments and don’t offer alternative investment options such as HMOs.  

        We also focus on key UK areas to ensure our clients are maximising their potential returns.  

        If you have a specific property type or area in mind, check and research what type of properties the company specialises in to see if they’re a good fit. 

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        Buy to Let Criteria

        Is Buying Through an Investment Company Right for You? 

        So, is buying through an investment company right for you?

        To decide whether using an investment company for your buy-to-let purchase is a good choice for you, you should think about your own preferences and investment plans.

        Some investors enjoy the personal exploration of the property market and prefer making their own investments based on their knowledge.

        However, companies are perfect for you if you don’t have the spare time to look for a property or just want a completely hands-off investment.

        Even if you have prior knowledge of the property market but just want access to the best deals available, working with investment companies like RWinvest is ideal.

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          What to Do Before Choosing a Company 

          Before starting your investment journey with a company, there are a few things you need to consider.

          Firstly, you need to research the property investment company you’re thinking of working with.

          Due diligence is vital when investing in property, as you will want to feel safe and secure in your investment.

          For that reason, be sure to look at both the investment company and the project developer if you’re considering an off-plan venture.

          Look at their portfolio and whether they have a history of delivering properties on time and at a price advertised.

          Likewise, check out reviews of the companies on websites like Trustpilot.

          If you want to understand more about due diligence and how to identify a good property development company, check out our guide.

          Why Invest With RWinvest? 

          If you’re looking for a property investment company in Liverpool, Manchester, or London, look no further than RWinvest.

          RWinvest is an award-winning property investment company, voted the best property business in the North West in 2020.

          With over 18 years of experience, we specialise in residential and student off-plan property investment and take pride in helping our clients make the best buy-to-let purchase possible.

          Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with us:

          • We focus on the best UK cities. If you’re seeking a property investment company for Manchester, Liverpool, or Birmingham investment, or you’re looking at up-and-coming areas like Luton, we can help you.
          • We’re incredibly proud of our customer feedback, with over 1,000 five-star reviews.
          • We specialise in off-plan new build properties. This allows us to offer our clients below-market-value rates and the ability to cherry-pick the best units in a new development.
          • We offer virtual tours of our developments, which is perfect for those who want to view an off-plan property before buying or investing from overseas.

          If you want to invest in property and explore all the latest options, be sure to contact our property specialists today. Follow the below links to get in touch:

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