What Is a Property Investment Company?

With property investment becoming more and more popular, you may finally be considering starting your investment journey.

It’s a good move. Property prices are expected to grow considerably over the next five years, and with returns already high with increasing rental figures, there’s never been a better time to invest.

While you can opt for traditional methods of going it alone, buying a property yourself, and organising tenants, an increasingly popular way is to use the services of a property investment company – just like us here at RWinvest.

Buying property through a company can be great depending on your goals and can help you have a completely hands-off investment and earn passive income alongside your primary job. Sounds great, right?

With all this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into exactly what property investment companies do, so you can decide if this is the right method for you.

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What is a Property Investment Company?

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Advantages of Investing Through a Company

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Disadvantages of Investing Through a Company

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What’s Off-Plan?

What is a Property Investment Company?

A property investment company is a company that helps you invest in property.

They’re useful if you lack experience purchasing property. This is because the property investment company can guide you through the purchasing process, provide solicitors, and help you find a property management company.

Each property investment company is different and can specialise in different types of property investment, like purpose-built student accommodation, HMOs, traditional residential property, and off-plan.

They can also offer properties with specific selling points, such as properties with high yields or long-term capital growth potential.


With all these different aspects, it’s important to understand your goals before investing in a property.

If you have less money but want high returns, student accommodation may be ideal for you.

Alternatively, suppose you want a combination of high returns and long-term capital growth and have some money to spend. In that case, a traditional residential property may be your best option.

Here at RWinvest, we specialise in off-plan residential and student property. You can start investing with us from just £34k and can get access to assured returns of up to 8%.

What Are the Advantages of Investing Through a Company?

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What Are the Disadvantages of Investing Through a Company?

What’s Off-Plan?

Now that you understand why you should consider a property investment company, it’s time to look at what we offer at RWinvest.

Here, we specialise in off-plan property.

Off-plan property is a property that can be purchased before its completion. This can mean the property is still in the planning stage or currently in development.

You may be hesitant to purchase a property that hasn’t reached completion yet, but there are some distinct advantages of buying off-plan property.

First and foremost, it’s cheaper.

As an incentive to buy into a property that isn’t finished, you can expect some incredibly sizeable discounts.

One of our properties, Merchant’s Wharf, can be purchased for 55% below market value.

All of our properties are comfortably below the UK average. Our latest Liverpool property, ELEMENT – The Quarter can be bought from as low as £74,950 – that’s nearly £175,000 cheaper than the UK average of £249,309 and almost £100,000 below the city average.

The fact that it’s cheaper also has a sizeable impact on your capital growth potential.

That’s because, upon completion of the property, the price is already likely to have increased in value. And with UK prices set to increase by 21.1% in the UK by 2025, you are in line for a sizeable profit.

Another benefit is you can cherry-pick the best units.

So, let’s say you are interested in a brand-new development. You may want to purchase a unit with views of the city as you think tenants will like that the most.

While traditional properties won’t allow you the freedom to pick and choose, you can select exactly what property you want if you act early into the development process.

But how will the property look?

Well, while you won’t be able to see the property in person, you can see it through the use of virtual reality technology.

This means you can get an in-depth look at how a property will look through your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or virtual reality device.

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Is Buying Through an Investment Company Right for You? 

So, is buying through an investment company right for you?

To decide whether using an investment company for your buy to let purchase is a good choice for you, you should think about your own preferences and investment plans.

Some investors enjoy the personal exploration of the property market and prefer making their own investments based on their knowledge.

However, companies are perfect for you if you don’t have the spare time to look for a property or just want a completely hands-off investment.

Even if you do have prior knowledge of the property market and property investment but just want access to the best deals available, working with investment companies like us at RWinvest is ideal.

3 Units Remaining

The Summit

Stylish Baltic Triangle Living

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Invest From £35,000

ELEMENT - The Quarter

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Liverpool Prices from £74,950

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300m Away From New £1bn Royal Hospital

10% Deposit

Off Market Manchester Apartments

Premium Residential Investment

Manchester Prices from £219,112

5.5% NET Rental Return

10% Deposit Required

What to Do Before Choosing a Company 

Before starting your investment journey with a company, there’s a few things you need to consider.

Firstly, you need to research the company.

Due diligence is vital when investing in property, as you will want to feel safe and secure in your investment.

For that reason, be sure to look at both the investment company and the project developer if it’s off-plan.

Look at their portfolio and if they have a history of delivering properties on time and at the price advertised.

Likewise, check out reviews of the companies on websites like Trustpilot.

Here at RWinvest, we’re incredibly proud of our customer feedback with 0ver 900 five-star reviews.

Another thing worth researching is the property market in general.

Currently, the North West is one of the best property investment locations in the UK, thanks to the highest predicted capital growth in the country of 28.8% by 2025.

With that in mind, it’s worthwhile considering property investment companies that specialise in North West properties like us.

If you want to understand more about due diligence, and how to identify a good property development company, check out our guide.

Who is RWinvest? 

RWinvest is an award-winning property investment company, voted the best property business in the North West in 2020.

With over 17 years of experience, we specialise in residential and student property investment.

If you want to invest in property and explore all the latest options, be sure to contact our property specialists today.

Enquire now and get access to exclusive properties and deals – only with us.