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Housing Market Stock Increases by 23% in Pre-Election Rush

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    British Regions See Uptick in Property Sellers Before July Election

    There has been a significant increase in the number of properties on the market across Britain, with sellers aiming to get ahead of the competition before a potential market boom after the upcoming July election.

    A new analysis from Home Sale Pack examining the number of homes listed in the past 14 days has revealed a 22.9% increase in the number of new listings compared to January. 102,035 sales have been listed in the last two weeks, much higher than the 83,033 new listings seen at the start of the year.

    There are currently 810,353 homes available on the market across Britain, 22.3% more than in January 2024. This is good news for investors interested in buy-to-let houses, as they may see more choice on the market. Learn more about how to get into real estate and how to find the perfect buy to let in Liverpool with our free guides!

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    Scotland Records Largest Growth in New Housing Stock Levels

    Every region in Britain experienced an increase in new homes on the market, with Scotland seeing the biggest rise. 5060 homes were listed over the last two weeks, a 36.4% increase in percentage terms compared to January.

    The South West recorded a 32.2% increase in new listings, while Wales (29%), the South East (24%) and London (23%) also saw substantial growth in new stock levels.

    The South East and London saw the highest numbers of new homes listed, boasting 17,521 and 13,821 respectively. To find out the best areas to invest in property in London, take a look at some of our guides covering topics such as investment property Brixton.

    The North East had the smallest increase, yet new listings in the last 14 days rose 12.6% compared to the start of the year.

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      Why Has There Been an Increase in Listings Before the Election?

      So, what’s behind this uptick in new housing stock? According to Home Sale Pack’s analysis, Sellers hope to get ahead of a post-election market surge, avoid delays, and capitalise on election-driven market changes.

      Ruth Beeton, Co-Founder of Home Sale Pack, commented: “Summer is traditionally a busy time of year for the UK property market and with a recent return to form following a period of muted activity, it looks to be a summer of greater stability for homebuyers and sellers. While the general election isn’t expected to impact overall market health, there will be a segment of buyers sitting tight in anticipation of some form of election cost-saving initiative – with stamp duty looking the most likely.

      “With this in mind, it certainly seems as though a number of sellers are getting their house in order ahead of polling day to take advantage of any post-election surge in market activity, with the number of new homes reaching the market in the last 14 days sitting considerably higher than the start of the year.”

      To learn more about the property market, take a look at our guides, which explore topics such as the best way to invest £100k in property.

      Housing Market Stock Increases by 23% in Pre-Election Rush

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