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Majority of Landlords Would Install EV Charge Point in Rental Property

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    Landlords Open to Boosting Options for EV Driving Renters

    Research published last month by Direct Line has revealed an overwhelmingly positive attitude among landlords when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

    The survey found that the majority of freehold landlords (86%) with a suitable property would install EV charging facilities if their tenant requested it.

    The main reasons landlords gave for considering the installation of EV chargers were to increase the value of the property (40%), to make the property more attractive to tenants (40%), and to keep their tenants happy (40%). 15% responded that installing EV charging facilities would enable them to charge more rent for the property.

    The survey included 1004 UK residential landlords, 625 of which were freeholders.

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    EV Charging in Rental Property

    Should the Landlord or Tenant Pay for EV Charging Points?

    The survey also asked landlords whether it is the owner or tenant’s responsibility to pay for this kind of eco-upgrade.

    A fifth would be willing to cover the requested charging point’s cost of installation, but most respondents expected the tenant to pay for the installation and charging point (35%) or share the cost (30%).

    Direct Line’s report points out that this may cause disagreements in the long run regarding future maintenance and repair costs and what happens to the charging point when the tenant moves out.

    Sarah Casey, Landlord product manager at Direct Line business insurance, commented: “One in 40 vehicles on our roads are now zero emission, including 960,896 cars3. With the UK government’s pathway for zero-emission vehicle transition by 2035, demand for rental properties with EV chargers is set to soar as more drivers make the switch. Installing a charger will make a property appealing to a broader range of tenants and add value to the property.

    “To avoid complications and disputes, it’s important that landlords and tenants have a written agreement to make sure that there is a clear understanding of who is responsible for maintenance and ownership of the charger.”

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      Are There UK Landlord Grants for EV Charge Point Installation?

      The Direct Line survey also shows that some landlords (26%) are concerned about costs relating to the installation of an EV charging point, including future maintenance. Landlords are not legally required to complete an annual service on EV chargers, but if they do it can ensure safety and usability, as well as help extend the charger’s lifespan.

      There are two grants available to landlords to help them purchase and install a charger for an electric vehicle in their property. The ‘electric vehicle charge point grant’ is worth either £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install the charging facility.

      For landlords with larger properties, the electric vehicle infrastructure grant is also available. The amount this grant covers depends on how many parking spaces the work will cover, with a maximum of £30,000 or 75% off the cost of the work. Both of these grants can be applied to the same property.

      With the recent emphasis on sustainable and energy efficient housing and lifestyles, many property investors are now opting for new-build properties. It’s not uncommon for newly built properties to already have EV chargers installed for tenants to use, eliminating the need for owners to make upgrades themselves.

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