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Dewsbury Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Dewsbury Buy-to-Let

    Dewsbury is known for its rich history as a major centre of textile production during the Industrial Revolution. The West Yorkshire market town is often considered a comfortable satellite town for nearby cities such as Leeds, making it an attractive prospect for investors who want to target commuting renters.

    But is Dewsbury the best choice an investor can make? This article will take you through a deep dive into Dewsbury’s property scene and reveal how the town stacks up for investors considering property investment.  We have produced a comprehensive buying a buy-to-let property guide for all of our readers to utilise.

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      Dewsbury aerial view

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Dewsbury

      According to Rightmove, the average price of a property sold in Dewsbury over the last year was £168,430. This is more than £100,000 cheaper than the average UK house price of £284,691, per the UK House Price Index. This shows that Dewsbury is an affordable area when it comes to property.

      This average price is 6% down on last year and 2% compared to the 2021 peak. This subdued performance was characteristic of the previous year, as 2023 was challenging for the UK property market. But is this disappointing growth in Dewsbury going to continue?

      Savills predicts that the UK property market is set to return to growth from 2025, and healthy growth will kick back in from 2026. Yorkshire and the Humber, where Dewsbury is located, is forecast to experience 20.2% capital value growth by 2028. This is one of the most optimistic figures of all regions and higher than the projected UK average of 17.9%.

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      Dewsbury building

      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Dewsbury

      According to, the average monthly rent in Dewsbury is £704 PCM. This is much more affordable than the UK average of £1262 PCM, as stated by the HomeLet Rental Index. Looking at these figures, it’s clear why Dewsbury is considered a cheaper alternative to living in cities like Leeds, where the average rent is £1218.

      In an article from last year, the BBC reported that rents in Kirklees grew by 8.3% in a year. The current main driver of rental inflation in the UK is the supply-demand imbalance in the private rental sector. It seems that this lack of supply won’t be addressed any time soon, suggesting that rent will continue climbing. The rapid rental inflation that the UK market is currently experiencing is giving buy-to-let a reputation as one of the best passive income investments.

      There are many universities in Yorkshire, such as the University of Leeds and the University of Huddersfield, but none are close enough to attract student renters to Dewsbury.

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      Dewsbury train station

      Investment Properties for Sale in Dewsbury

      Dewsbury is a historic town, so many of the properties on offer are period houses, especially Victorian terraces and mid-20th century housing. Some areas also have modern properties and recent new builds. A key selling point of many Dewsbury properties is the views of the West Yorkshire hills.

      So, what is the most popular type of Dewsbury property among sellers?

      According to Rightmove, most sales in Dewsbury over the past year were terraced properties, and they sold for an average price of £136,588. Semi-detached properties went for an average of £181,135, with detached properties going for £282,667.

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        Dewsbury street view

        Buy-to-Let Investment in Dewsbury: Area Breakdown

        Dewsbury has several distinct districts and suburbs and property prices can vary a fair amount depending on the area.

        Savile Town

        Average Property Prices in Savile Town

        The average property price in this area is £287,500.

        Average Rental Yield in Savile Town

        The average rental yield in this area is 2.80%.

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          Dewsbury aerial view


          Average Property Prices in Chickenley

          The average property price in this area is £157,536.

          Average Rental Yield in Chickenley

          The average rental yield in this area is 5.37%.

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          Dewsbury market

          Dewsbury Moor

          Average Property Prices in Dewsbury Moor

          The average property price in this area is £134,866.

          Average Rental Yield in Dewsbury Moor

          The average rental yield in this area is 5.71%.

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            Dewsbury street view

            Thornhill Lees

            Average Property Prices in Thornhill Lees

            The average property price in this area is £157,708.

            Average Rental Yield in Thornhill Lees

            The average rental yield in this area is 5.01%.

            (Average property prices taken were from Rightmove in early 2024; rental yield estimates were calculated with figures from in the same period)

            What is the Best Area of Dewsbury to Invest in?

            Looking at this selection of Dewsbury districts and suburbs, it’s clear that some areas can offer very reasonable property prices and high rental yields.

            However, it’s worth noting that areas such as Dewsbury Moor and Chickenley have been classed among the 10% most deprived areas in the UK, and it is worth researching these areas before deciding on a property investment in these suburbs.


            Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Dewsbury

            Location and Transport Links

            Dewsbury’s strategic location has significantly contributed to its growth, as it is comfortably nestled between several major urban centres. Leeds and Bradford lie 8 miles to the north, Huddersfield is a similar distance away southwest of the town, and Wakefield is 6 miles east. Dewsbury’s proximity to the M1 and M62 motorways and convenient position on the Huddersfield Line served by the TransPennine Express are also appealing points.

            Dewsbury’s proximity to other major towns and cities makes it an attractive commuter town to draw professional renters.


            Dewsbury is amid an ambitious regeneration programme dubbed the ‘Dewsbury Blueprint’. The 10-year plan will pour investment into Dewsbury Town Centre and develop the area as a strategic employment location within the Leeds City Region. The scheme will also build on the town’s transport links and increase “housing and leisure provision with a consolidated retail and commercial core”.

            Regeneration is a reliable indicator of future growth in an area, including property prices, rental demand, and rental inflation. This makes it a key factor to look out for as a property investor.

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            Dewsbury New-Builds

            The current undersupply of housing has led to calls for more new builds to help fill the gap, and Kirklees Council have pledged to provide 3500 homes in Dewsbury over the next decade. Private developers also target the Dewsbury area for newly built houses.

            However, the opportunities for new build investment in Dewsbury seem quite limited.

            Investors looking for new build investments may find expanding the search beyond Dewsbury valuable. This could include looking at properties in other parts of Yorkshire, such as Bradford new-builds or more major Northern English cities.

            Big cities are popular locations for new-build developments and can usually offer more diverse properties such as student accommodation or luxury apartments.

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              Off-Plan Property in Dewsbury

              New build developments are becoming increasingly popular as buy-to-let investments as they are in demand from both investors and tenants. However, typically, newly-built properties will be more expensive than older housing. For this reason, off-plan investment is gaining attention as an investment strategy. By investing in developments during the planning or construction stages, investors can acquire a newly built property at a discounted price.

              As mentioned, new build investment opportunities are quite limited in Dewsbury, which means there are fewer chances to invest off-plan. Off-plan investment opportunities are usually concentrated in major cities and urban centres with high rental demand and a promising outlook for capital growth in the future.

              For example, new builds in Manchester often have off-plan investment options and are cheaper than in many other regions.

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              How Does Dewsbury Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

              Dewsbury is an affordable town when it comes to property, and investors may be able to snag a good deal in this area. But how does it compare to other regions?

              Yorkshire and the Humber is a promising region regarding capital value growth, which is good news for Dewsbury investors. However, according to Savills, this is no reason to discount other areas as regions such as the North West and West Midlands have a projected growth figure of 20.2% by 2028.

              Dewsbury may be a good option for those looking to invest in a commuter town. However, more major urban centres and big cities can offer diverse investment opportunities with a similar average property price. Leeds is more expensive than Dewsbury, but other northern hubs like Liverpool also have cheaper-than-average properties. According to the UK House Price Index, property in Liverpool goes for an average of £177,521.

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                Want to Invest in Dewsbury?

                Dewsbury is an attractive town with lower-than-average price property, a promising forecast for future growth, and could potentially blossom into an up-and-coming property investment hotspot.

                However, more significant cities like Liverpool or Manchester can offer more diverse investment opportunities at a similar price with more anticipated rental demand.

                To learn more about the UK’s buy-to-let destinations, take a look at some of our latest buy-to-let area guides:

                Map of Dewsbury

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