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Flats for Sale in Liverpool

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    Learn More About Investing in Liverpool Flats

    Liverpool is known as one of the top cities for those looking for a UK investment property for sale. Generating plenty of worldwide interest as a great place to visit or live and work in, more people are also recognising Liverpool as an ideal place to invest in.

    If you’re exploring the idea of investing in Liverpool in 2024 and beyond, and are currently researching the available flats for sale Liverpool has to offer right now, make sure you read this guide to buying Liverpool property. Here, we cover some of the most important things you need to know before purchasing Liverpool flats for sale, including the best postcodes to invest in, and offer information on our current Liverpool investment opportunities.

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      The Benefits of Buying Flats for Sale in Liverpool

      If you’re searching for flats for sale in Liverpool, you’ll most likely already know that there are some major benefits to this kind of venture. The main benefit of any investment is the ability to generate a high return on investment, and it’s safe to say that flats for sale in Liverpool city centre and around the city are capable of doing this. To help you understand the appeal of Liverpool investments a little better, here are the biggest benefits behind exploring Liverpool flats for sale in 2024.


      Rental yields in Liverpool are some of the highest in the country, which is a major factor that’s helped put this city on the map for buy-to-let investments. Rental yields are the percentage figure that indicates whether or not an investment will be successful, and the higher the yield is, the more lucrative your rental returns will be.

      When looking for flats for sale in Liverpool, it’s unlikely you’ll see properties listed with yields of less than 6%, with many of the properties at RWinvest generating yields of up to 8%. This is just one of the benefits of exploring Liverpool flats for sale.

      It’s not just flats for sale that makes Liverpool so good. The entire housing market, in general, is incredibly affordable, making it arguably the best place to buy house in UK locations.


      While rental yields are certainly a key part of any buy-to-let venture, savvy investors will also incorporate capital growth into their search. Those buying flats for sale in Liverpool will be glad to know that Liverpool is one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities, with strong house price growth across the city and some of the best predictions for a rise in property values. Being that Liverpool is based in the North West region – a region that’s set to see the highest house price growth in the country, of 11.7% by 2027 – investors keen to make large capital growth returns shouldn’t overlook flats for sale in Liverpool city centre and the rest of the Liverpool area.


      For an investment in property to be a success, demand is essential. Without demand for your rental property, you won’t make any returns through rental income. Since Liverpool is such a popular UK city for students and young professionals alike, those who have purchased flats for sale in Liverpool will find that they’re never short of interested tenants seeking high-quality, well-located accommodation. Whether you’re looking at flats for sale on the Liverpool Waterfront, in the city centre, or in more suburban parts of the city like Lark Lane, you’re sure to find a high level of interest for your property for many years to come.

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      The Best Postcodes in Liverpool With Flats for Sale

      Before completing your search for suitable Liverpool flats for sale, it’s important to know about the best parts of the city to invest in. While Liverpool is undoubtedly a great place to purchase a property for investment purposes, not every area within the city offers the same potential. The best way to identify the best flats for sale in Liverpool is to know about the key parts of the city when it comes to rental yields, demand, and property price growth. Here are a handful of the best postcodes with flats for sale in Liverpool.


      Those looking for flats for sale in Liverpool city centre will likely be familiar with the L1 postcode. Home to the popular regeneration scheme, LiverpoolONE, the L1 postcode is well-known as one of the most prominent parts of the city centre, attracting a lot of demand from young professionals and students. Better yet,  L1 is one of the best postcodes in the UK for rental yields, generating yields as high as 10% in some areas.


      The L3 postcode of Liverpool is home to the Knowledge Quarter, a regeneration area which is popular with students and professionals. It comes as no surprise, then, that this is one of the most coveted parts of the city to live in, attracting high levels of rental demand year upon year, and generating yields of up to 8.64%. This makes L3 a great choice to consider if you’re looking for flats for sale in Liverpool city centre.


      Liverpool’s L2 postcode is another area which is a hotspot for young professional renters. Home to the city’s business district, amongst an array of fashionable bars and restaurants within spots like Castle Street, L2 remains a popular investment area for anyone seeking lucrative Liverpool flats for sale, with gross yields of up to 7.56%.

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      If you’re ready to get started with Liverpool property investment, be sure to contact us after browsing our range of flats for sale in Liverpool / Hands off Investments. With a choice of great flats for sale in Liverpool city centre, we can offer the best property prices and most attractive yields for our clients. Get in touch via our contact page, and one of our experienced sales professionals will guide you through your first Liverpool investment.

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