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Stockport Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About the Stockport Buy-to-Let Market

    Stockport is a town in the North West of England. It is classed as a part of the Greater Manchester area. The town sits between Manchester, the Peak District and rural Cheshire.

    As such, Stockport offers plenty of perks as a buy-to-let investment opportunity. But is it worth your capital?

    This guide will look at Stockport property valuations and rental yields. In addition, we’ll look at some of the best areas to buy in Stockport and why people choose to live in this town, as well as the UK property market as a whole.

    Let’s get into it!

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      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Stockport

      According to the most recent HM Land Registry House Price Index, Stockport has an average property price of £300,336. The town experienced a year-on-year 2.50% price growth as well.

      The same index puts the average UK house price at £289,824, with a 1.70% year-on-year price growth.

      Stockport’s average price is 3.56% higher than the national average. This is also high for the Greater Manchester area and the North West.

      In terms of property type, landlords can expect to pay the following average prices:

      • Flats and maisonettes: £172,494
      • Terraced: £228,615
      • Semi-detached: £322,182
      • Detached: £522,503

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Stockport’s Stockport Market Rent Summary puts the average rent in Stockport at £1,365 PCM.

      According to those statistics, tenants can expect to pay the following averages depending on property type:

      • Room: £535 PCM
      • Flat: £1,092 PCM
      • House: £1,555 PCM states the average rent is £1,414 PCM.

      If we take the average property price from the Land Registry and compare it with the average rent from those two sources, the average Stockport rental yield is between 5.45% and 5.65%. These figures sit just above the national average of 5.28%.

      However, the North West Homelet Rental Index puts the average rent at £1,006 PCM, making Stockport’s rent more expensive than many other places in the region. 

      In addition, the Homelet Rental Index also puts annual change at 10.43%. In comparison, the UK national average rent is £1,276 PCM with an annual change of 10.09%.

      As such, the North West has enjoyed a faster rental growth rate than the national average. 

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      Buy-to-Let Investment in Stockport: Area Breakdown

      Stockport has numerous areas that are popular with tenants and buy-to-let investors alike.

      Let’s look at them in greater detail.

      Please note: Property prices in this section are from Rightmove, and rental costs are from

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        Embankment Exchange

        Stockport Town Centre

        Stockport town centre offers fantastic transport links to the broader area and major cities like Manchester and Liverpool. The centre has access to the M60 motorway, typical town amenities, and leisure activities. The council plans new homes in the area to boost Stockport’s residential activity.

        Properties in Stockport town centre are usually much cheaper than the suburbs.

        Average Property Prices in Stockport Town Centre

        The average property price in SK1 is £201,085. Most sales in the area were for terraced properties.

        Average Rental Yield in Stockport Town Centre

        The average rental yield in SK1 is 5.24% – roughly the same as the national average.

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        The Heatons

        The Heatons comprises four different areas in Stockport: Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor and Heaton Norris.

        The area is popular with families and young professionals alike. For instance, Heaton Chapel has a bustling independent retail market, plenty of charm, and a wide selection of properties suitable for first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike.

        Heaton Mersey has plenty of green spaces, a conservation area with stunning views across Cheshire, and good schools, amenities and things to do.

        Average Property Prices in the Heatons

        The average property price in SK4 is £355,890. In the last 12 months, the majority of sales in the area were for semi-detached homes.

        Average Rental Yield in the Heatons

        The average rental yield in SK4 is 4.0%.

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          Cheadle – and by extension, Cheadle Hulme – is a popular village-type area with good amenities and peaceful surroundings. While Cheadle has a busy main street with plenty of shops and things to do, Cheadle Hulme offers middle-class properties perfect for families and retirees. The area provides excellent transport links to Manchester, so it can also attract professionals happy to commute into the city for work and leisure.

          Average Property Prices in Cheadle

          The average house price in SK8 is £380,611. Like SK4, the most popular property type was semi-detached homes over the last year.

          Average Rental Yield in Cheadle

          The average rental yield in SK8 is 3.73%.

          (Averages house prices taken from Zoopla, rental yield estimate calculated with figures from,

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          Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Stockport?

          Stockport offers several benefits to entice property investors and tenants into the area.

          Regeneration Initiatives

          Stockport town centre is subject to a £1 billion regeneration effort, making the area more exciting for residents, visitors and professionals.

          The Stockport Town Centre West Mayoral Development Corporation is the name given to a master plan that takes on future property needs.

          The Stockport Exchange scheme has introduced modern office spaces, hotels and leisure facilities to the town. It also intends to re-establish Stockport as a North West business hub. Over the next five years, such efforts should introduce 1,000 new homes to the town centre and surrounding areas. In addition more courses are likely to be rolled out in Stockport University college.

          Interested in property investment and sustainability? For a full overview, take a look at our Manchester Regeneration Case Study.

          Advantageous Location and Good Transport Links

          Stockport is only 6 miles away from Manchester city centre. As such, parts of Stockport are popular with commuters, offering more space and greenery than the city itself.

          Some parts of Stockport are popular places to buy or rent, with some commuters who work in Manchester. Parts of Stockport offer good value, more space and better access to the countryside than Manchester itself.

          Stockport also has excellent access to Manchester Airport and train links to Manchester city centre, Liverpool, Birmingham and London Euston. Drivers can access other parts of the UK via the A6 and M60 motorway.

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            Stockport New-Builds

            Public and private developers have been working together on housing developments in Stockport to meet the demand for new-build homes.

            This includes hundreds of new flats through the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Brownfield Programme. As these regeneration areas boost homes and jobs in the region, the area becomes increasingly attractive for private developers, adding more property investment opportunities.

            Areas of Greater Manchester, such as Stockport, have been identified as buy-to-let hotspots with massive rental demand, so there are diverse options for new-build property investment.

            If you also look into central Manchester, there will be opportunities for student accommodation and short-term lets. It may also be worth looking at other options in the North West, like Southport new-builds.

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            Off-Plan Property in Stockport

            As the property investment trend shifts towards new builds, many investors seek ways to get a good deal.

            New-build properties are usually more expensive than older properties. However, strategies like off-plan investment offer the opportunity to acquire a new property at a discounted price.

            Investing off-plan involves purchasing a property while it is still in the developmental phase of construction. Alongside flexible payment plans, properties such as these are often presented at below-market-value prices and provide a more affordable option for investors.

            The best off-plan opportunities are usually concentrated in major cities. This can include locations like London, Manchester, and Liverpool. But as mentioned, Greater Manchester has a reputation for being a buy-to-let hotspot, so there will likely be some options for off-plan investment in the Stockport area.

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              How Does Stockport Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

              While Stockport is situated in the North West – a region with the best capital growth prediction – buy-to-let investors would enjoy better rental yields with Mancher or Liverpool investments. Learn more on how to build a property portfolio with RWinvest today!

              Both major North West cities have lower average property prices than Stockport. HM Land Registry puts the average Liverpool property price at £177,224 – the Manchester average price is £230,967.

              In addition, both cities also have better rental yields. Manchester offers an average yield of 8.88%. Meanwhile, Liverpool also has many areas with average rental yields in excess of 7%.

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                Want to Invest in Stockport?

                Stockport is filled with desirable properties in the top region for predicted capital growth in the UK. As such, it could prove to be a smart addition to your property portfolio. However, investors may find higher yields and more significant capital appreciation in some of the nearby major cities, such as Manchester and Liverpool.

                If you’d like to read more insights into the UK property scene, feel free to check out some of our most recent buy-to-let guides below: 

                Map of Stockport

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