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How to Generate Passive Income - UK 2023 (10 Simple and Effective Ways)

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    How to Make Passive Income

    Want to find out how to generate passive income in the UK this year? 

    Then you’ve come to the right place. 

    Here you will learn 10 simple and effective ways you can start making passive income investments in the UK today that will help you move that bit closer to financial freedom. 

    In a world flooded with online ‘experts’, we are constantly being bombarded with ways to quit our day jobs and start earning a lucrative income with little to no effort.

    Unfortunately, it’s just rarely that simple and identifying secure passive income investments that work for you require a bit of research and careful financial consideration.

    In a bid to help you out in this endeavour, this blog will show you how to earn passive income UK through some of the most accessible and cost-effective methods.

    • What is Passive Income UK?
    • The Best Passive Income Ideas UK 2023
    • How to Generate Passive Income Streams With no Initial Funds
    • Beginner Passive Income Investments UK

    For the 10 methods listed, you will see a rating out of five by which we gauge the risk and potential reward of each. This rating is intended as guidance only and should not be considered advice specific to your needs. 

    This will help you understand the sort of financial reward that can be expected and indicate what we believe are the best passive income ideas out there at the moment. 

    Following this, we’ll also touch briefly on:

    • How to Generate Passive Income Streams with No Initial Funds
    • What is the Best Passive Income UK?

    So, what is passive income in the UK, and how do you go about earning it?

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      What Is Passive Income?

      So, what is passive income, how is it defined, and what is the best way to get started with passive income investing?

      Put simply, passive income is money you generate without directly working for it.

      This could mean putting in the time to write a book and earn royalties or buying a property and earning a regular rental income.

      On this list, however, we will not be including any methods that require a huge time investment as this means they’re not exactly passive – and that’s kind of what you’re here for right? Well, it should be…

      While other lists on the internet will include methods like writing a book, starting a business, or making YouTube videos, these strategies are simply ineffective in generating passive income as they require a substantial time investment at the start.

      So if it’s TikTok fame and fortune you’re looking for, sorry, but now’s the time to press the back button. Thanks for stopping by all the same!

      In short, all methods on this list will be straightforward and consume very little time but may require a significant initial investment. Additionally, we’ll be paying particular attention to passive income investing in the UK.

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      How to Make Passive Income UK - Top 10 Methods

      1.) Buy to Let Property
      2.) Stock Market Investing
      3.) Index Funds
      4.) Real Estate Investment Trusts
      5.) Peer to Peer Lending
      6.) Rent on Airbnb
      7.) Interest on Savings
      8.) Robo Investing
      9.) Cashback Rewards Websites
      10.) Switch Bank Accounts

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      1. Invest in Real Estate With Buy to Let Property

      Financial Investment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★​
      Return Potential: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★​

      Of the most effective ways to generate a lucrative passive income, UK real estate investment is up there with the best.

      Real estate investment, otherwise known as property investment or buy-to-let investment, is the process of buying a property to rent to tenants.

      As a method of generating passive income, real estate (or rental property) is ideal as it can give investors monthly passive income through rent.

      Better yet, rental property is subject to capital appreciation, which means its value increases over time.

      Put simply, this will allow investors to sell the property further down the line for a sizeable cash payout.

      This is true of the current UK market, where both property and rental values are set to rise significantly in the coming years, making buy to let property one of the best passive income investments in 2023.

      In terms of lucrative passive income streams, UK real estate is one of the best investments you can make in 2023.

      There are three main reasons for this.

      1. Capital appreciation is soaring with property prices set to rise nationally by up to 20.2% in the North West by 2028.
      2. The average UK rent is higher than ever – over £1,279 per month, according to HomeLet.
      3. Property prices are set to drop briefly by 10% in 2023, making this an incredible opportunity to make money on UK property with future capital gains.

      Another important factor is that real estate can also be made completely passive by hiring a property management company to handle all landlord duties.

      Perhaps the biggest stumbling block for many will be the entry point.

      After a record-breaking two years, property prices in 2023 are now £285,009 on average, according to the Land Registry.

      However, you can acquire property for much less, especially if use the services of a property investment company or buy off-plan property.

      Using these methods, you can start investing from as low as £34k, making this an attainable passive income investment.

      This means whether you have £50k to spare or want to know how to invest 500k, real estate is an excellent option to consider.

      Why Invest in Real Estate?

      So, why is passive income from rental property so ideal?

      Well, rent is one of the most hands-off ways to make a return on your passive income investment.

      By investing some cash, you can quite simply sit back and watch your monthly rental income soar.

      You can earn thousands each year on a single property, and if you buy more than one, you can double or even triple this income.

      Many millionaires own multiple pieces of real estate, providing them with a stream of passive income sources.

      In reality, if you own enough properties, you could replace your primary sources of income with property investment. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a lucrative area in which to generate such a passive income, UK property is well worth considering based on current market forecasts.

      Pros of Income From Rental Property

      • Easy to understand.
      • Huge capital growth.
      • Two forms of returns – rent and capital appreciation.
      • Completely hands-off if you hire a property management company.
      • Holds strong during market downturns.

      Cons of Income From Rental Property

      • More of a long-term strategy to allow the property to rise in value. However, if you’re looking to invest for retirement, this may be the perfect venture to consider.
      • May lose out on income if the property is vacant.

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        2. Buy Stocks on the Stock Market

        Financial Investment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
        Return Potential: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

        A major millionaire manufacturer, the stock market is one of the highest-earning passive income streams UK investors have historically capitalised on.

        The ultimate high-risk/high-reward passive income strategy, buying stocks can make you filthy rich one day and cause you to lose it all the next.

        Stocks, sometimes known as equities, allow investors to purchase fractions of a company.

        You can buy multiple stocks in a company, which will then increase your overall income via dividends.

        In terms of a lucrative passive income, UK investors have found few other areas in which they can earn as much.

        How and Why You Should Invest in Stocks

        There are endless tools to help you get on the stock market today.

        With several easy-to-use investment apps like Robinhood, Acorns, and Round, there’s an app for every skill level, which has opened up the stock world to everyone, as we saw increasingly throughout the pandemic.

        Perhaps the best route for creating passive income is by investing in high-dividend stocks.

        By investing in several high-dividend stocks, you can make substantial passive gains every year.

        Like property, you can earn two types of income here: through dividends and capital gains.

        It can be complicated, though, as you will need a brokerage account to purchase and sell the dividend stocks, with research being paramount to identifying stocks worthy of investment.

        Importantly, for every success story in the stock market, there are a million failures. That’s because it is tough to predict when stocks will rise and fall and when it’s the right time to sell.

        While property prices change slightly per month, stocks change heavily per minute, making it impossible to know what’s next.

        This is why, in the battle of investing in rental property vs stocks, many opt for buy-to-let property as the ultimate investment choice.

        If you want a passive income strategy with little risk, the stock market is probably not for you.

        However, if you have some money to spare and feel confident, this could be the best way to generate passive income.

        With the London Stock Exchange currently valued at around £3.8 trillion, when it comes to ways to make passive income, UK stocks provide endless opportunities.


        • Flexible and liquid asset, so can leave investment at any time.
        • Two forms of returns – dividends and capital appreciation.
        • Can earn huge capital growth returns.


        • Incredibly volatile.
        • Difficult to identify the right stock to invest in.
        • Will need to monitor the stock market to maximise success potential.

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        3. Index Funds

        Financial Investment: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
        Return Potential: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

        In terms of slightly more alternative ways to make passive income, UK investors have increasingly turned to Index funds.

        In layman’s terms, an index fund is a collection of stocks that mirrors the stock market’s overall performance in a particular sector, such as energy, banking, and emerging markets.

        It mirrors this performance through what are known as indexes.

        Indexes monitor the health and performance of a market. They do this by monitoring a set number of prominent company stocks as a representative of the entire sector.

        Examples of index funds include:

        • American Vanguard 500 Index Fund – tracks the S&P 500.
        • iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF – tracks the FTSE 100.
        • Russell 2000
        • Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index

        In theory, index funds are ideal as you are essentially investing in a market rather than an individual company.

        While companies rise and fall consistently, the market typically outperforms a single investment in the long run, making this a more stable means of making extra money.

        Warren Buffet is a big fan of index funds and has argued it’s one of the better investment forms for retirement planning.

        So, what are the benefits?

        Fundamentally, index funds are easier to get started with, cheaper to purchase than normal stocks, and incur fewer fees than actively managed funds.

        You won’t have to choose specific stocks when to buy and sell or rebalance your portfolio.

        Instead, you can simply sit back, relax and let the stocks earn you extra cash.


        • Lower risk than normal stocks.
        • Lower entry fees than normal stocks.


        • Not flexible as can’t choose what companies to invest in.
        • Less chance of earning significant gains compared to managed funds.

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          4. Invest in a Real Estate Investments Trust

          Financial Investment: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
          Return Potential: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

          Combining the world of real estate and the stock market, REITs are a popular way of investing in property without the required fees and knowledge.

          A real estate investment trust is a company that owns rental properties on behalf of the shareholders.

          Private investors contribute finances to the company, which is then pooled into a fund used to purchase a property.

          Investors then make money through dividends.

          Trusts must give out around 90% of the rental income earned to shareholders each year, meaning plenty of cash will be circulated amongst investors for an excellent passive income stream.

          Regarding passive income investments, UK investors have become increasingly drawn to REITs as a lucrative, hands-off earner.

          However, they perform like any other company listed on the stock market, meaning share prices can fluctuate based on external factors.

          Income also isn’t as high as buy to let property, albeit with a smaller entry price.

          Perhaps the best method to understand how to generate passive income is to diversify your portfolio by buying stocks in a REIT and purchasing a buy to let property, thus generating multiple passive income sources.

          This selection of methods means you could have various passive income streams, and hence achieve financial freedom even sooner– with no hard work involved.


          • A liquid asset.
          • Can easily diversify your portfolio.
          • More affordable than traditional property investment.


          • Prices are volatile.
          • Less regular income than buy to let property.
          • Less capital growth potential than real estate.

          5. Peer to Peer Lending

          Financial Investment: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
          Return Potential: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

          Another of the lesser-known passive income ideas UK investors have found success in is peer-to-peer lending.

          Peer-to-peer lending, otherwise known as P2P lending, is the process of individuals providing loans to other individuals or businesses.

          They do so through online peer-to-peer lending websites, such as:

          • Prosper
          • Lending Club
          • Upstart
          • Peerform
          • Funding Circle
          • Payoff

          Recently, P2P Lending has become a popular way to make money and is often seen as an excellent alternative to savings accounts and banks.

          This is because it has netted investors very healthy profits and offers better returns and interest rates than a traditional savings account.

          The process is beneficial for the borrower, too, as those borrowing can also earn better rates than a bank could offer.

          How Does Peer-to-Peer Lending Work?

          Using the sites mentioned, an investor can open an account and deposit money into it, which can be used for loans.

          Then, any potential borrowers will follow five easy steps to apply for loans.

          1. The borrower completes an online application on their chosen P2P lending platform.
          2. The platform then assesses the application and evaluates the risk potential and credit rating of the borrower. Based on this risk, the borrower is assigned an interest rate.
          3. The borrower sees available lenders based on the provided credit rating.
          4. The borrower chooses a lender.
          5. Upon acceptance, the borrower will then pay back the lender through monthly interest payments, with the platform taking a fee from both the lender and the borrower.

          However, there is a chance the borrower could default on payments.

          To reduce this risk, be sure to diversify your portfolio by loaning small amounts to various loanees and research your loanee’s profiles thoroughly to make an informed decision.

          While there’s a learning curve reducing the level of passiveness, you can soon be investing and seeing returns regularly on autopilot.

          A lucrative side hustle, when exploring how to make passive income, UK earners have been increasingly drawn to P2P lending, making this one of the more popular alternative passive income streams.


          • Higher returns for investors than savings accounts.
          • Widely accessible for borrowers.
          • Better rates for those borrowing.


          • Potentially risky – chance of borrowers defaulting on payments.
          • No government protection.

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            6. Rent Out a Room on Airbnb 

            Financial Investment: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
            Return Potential: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

            When exploring how to earn passive income, the UK Airbnb industry simply can’t be ignored.

            This increasingly popular platform is primarily used by holidaygoers trying to find more affordable accommodation in destinations worldwide, but did you know it can generate a healthy passive income?

            Through Airbnb, you can rent out part of your home or serviced accommodation investment to tourists or as a more permanent residence for a long-term tenant.

            This way, you can earn a rental income without having to buy a new property, and it’s easy to advertise on social media.

            There are also some income tax-saving schemes involved, so you might even be able to save money while renting out a spare room.

            For instance, the Rent a Room scheme lets you earn up to £7,500 per year tax-free if you rent out furnished accommodation.

            Of course, if you are explicitly aiming to house tourists, you may go for long periods without earnings in the winter and autumn months – even longer if you don’t live in a popular tourist area.

            For this reason, Airbnb isn’t suitable for everyone.

            However, if you find yourself in a tourism hotspot, there’s little to lose by renting out a spare room.

            Buying property for Airbnb has become one of the more common passive income ideas UK residents have adopted recently and can be a steady earner for many during peak season.

            If you’re interested in buying property for an Airbnb investment, be sure to take a look at our Liverpool investment opportunity, Rice Works. This development offers the chance to invest in a luxury serviced apartment for just £159,950 with projected 10-15% rental returns. These investments are also hands-off, taking away the usual hassle that could come with owning an Airbnb property for passive income.


            • Easy way to boost your income if you already have the facilities.
            • Tax benefits in the UK.
            • Often results in higher returns than with traditional buy-to-let.


            • May go long periods with no income.
            • Will need to ensure the house is suitable for extra inhabitants.
            • Could encounter mortgage issues to see if your lender allows a lodger.
            • Potential security risks renting to a stranger.

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              7. Earn Interest on Savings 

              Financial Investment: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
              Return Potential: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

              Another straightforward form of passive income UK residents can adopt, savings accounts are one of the easiest methods to start building personal finance and don’t require any hard work.

              If you shop around, you’ll find many savings accounts with respectable interest rates and in most cases, what you earn is tax-free.

              However, choosing the right savings account can be difficult, and there are several things you need to consider while browsing.

              1. Up to £85,000 per person is protected in the UK.
              2. Interest from the savings you earn is tax-free for most people.
              3. You don’t just have to put all your eggs in one basket and all your money in one bank.

              Notably, with savings accounts, your returns will correlate with how much money you put in.

              However, UK interest rates remain relatively low, so it’s unlikely you will make anything sizeable regardless of the investment size.

              It’s still a wise move to put some money away. Who doesn’t want to earn money while saving?

              For a full list of the best savings accounts with the best interest, be sure to check out your options online.


              • Easy to open and can do so online.
              • Cash is protected up to £85,000 in the UK.
              • Interest is tax-free for most people.


              • Low interest rates in 2023.
              • Some accounts charge you for taking money.

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              8. Try Robo-Investing

              Financial Investment: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
              Return Potential: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

              For many, the idea of generating passive income means doing absolutely nothing for money.

              While all contenders on this list require some effort to get the ball rolling, investment apps are probably the most hands-free investment possible.

              Sometimes referred to as Robo-investing or a Robo advisor, apps like Acorn and Moneybox round up your spending and invest the difference.

              They’re a great answer for how to make a passive income.

              Let’s say you’ve just bought your lunch and it comes out at around £2.50. Well, apps like Acorn will round the purchase to the next pound and invest 50p instantly creating a small but undeniably effortless side hustle.

              Due to these small outgoings, though, you likely won’t be earning a lot of income.

              Plus, with apps like Acorn, you get charged for the privilege, with three different subscription methods starting from $1 a month to $5.

              That may not sound like much, but when you invest pennies here and there, it can eat out of your overall profit.

              Regardless, investment apps are a neat way of earning some cash on the side and are a great method for creating passive income.


              • Incredibly affordable way to make money.
              • Great at diversifying a portfolio.
              • Flexible, with different platforms offering different specialities.


              • Not always financial planners, so can’t give advice.
              • Can’t choose your own investments.
              • A low entry point means low return potential.

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                What is capital appreciation?

                9. Use Cashback Rewards Websites

                Financial Investment: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
                Return Potential: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

                We all like buying stuff, right?

                It’s nice to splash the cash every so often, but wouldn’t it be great if we could earn money while spending it?

                Well, lucky you, as you can get some great savings through cashback rewards websites.

                Cashback sites are a great method if you’re asking how to create passive income.

                These sites will give you cash rewards if you use their affiliate links to buy products.

                That means you can go onto these sites, click on a link to a shop, and then purchase as usual on their website.

                This is an incredibly easy way to make some money, as you will likely already want to make a purchase from a particular website.

                Using these websites will simply save you money by clicking on a link – it’s a no-brainer.

                Sites like Quidco and TopCashback can also give you some freebies, with you earning cashback for mundane tasks like surveys.

                It doesn’t even have to be restricted to the world of online shopping.

                For instance, Quidco has an app that lets you earn money on the high street. All you have to do is buy a product and take a picture of the receipt.

                One thing to keep in mind, though, is that some cashback sites can incur fees, with some requiring a premium membership.

                Overall, though, these sites are a fantastic way of making a bit of extra cash in an incredibly easy way.


                • An effortless way to make money.
                • Clarity over exactly what rewards you will receive.


                • Some sites can require premium memberships.
                • Will need to research the best websites.
                • Payment thresholds mean you won’t get rewards until you reach a certain amount in cashback rewards.

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                  10. Switch Bank Accounts

                  Financial Investment: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
                  Return Potential: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

                  We have a tendency to complicate things when trying to improve our personal finance, but when exploring how to make a passive income, UK banks offer yet another simple solution.

                  When you think of passive income, it’s likely that bank accounts and saving accounts come to mind.

                  Both are fantastic forms of saving and earning passive income, but you might not have realised that switching bank accounts can be incredibly beneficial.

                  Brand loyalty doesn’t get you anywhere these days, with rival banks offering cash incentives for you to switch to them.

                  HSBC’s Advance account can get you a free £125, with additional access to a 1% regular saver account, which can help you save up to £250 each month.

                  On the other hand, First Direct gives a free £100, with access to a 1% regular saver, too.

                  And finally, if you like a weekly wine, Virgin Money gives 12 free bottles from Virgin Wines, £50 for charity, and 2.02% interest on up to £1,000.

                  Now, there are specific parameters you need to follow to get these bonuses.

                  HSBC is fairly simple, requiring you to apply and switch within 30 days with at least two direct debits.

                  First Direct is a bit more complex, requiring you to open an account and pay £1,000 within three months.

                  Likewise, Virgin Money requires you to apply online, switch within 31 days, including two direct debits, register for a mobile banking app, and then add £1,000 to the account.

                  Be sure to shop around for the best options for yourself and do some research to figure out which bank is giving you the most… bank.


                  • Easy to switch.
                  • Free benefits for no work.


                  • Some research is needed to find the best option.

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                    What’s the Best Passive Income in the UK for 2023?

                    We hope you’ve enjoyed this post offering some insight into how to make passive income UK in ways that are both accessible and affordable.

                    However, the question remains: what exactly is the best passive income UK investors should consider in 2023?

                    Fundamentally, the best method for you will depend on exactly how much cash you have and how much you want to see in returns.

                    Generally, investment strategies that offer the highest returns require higher entry costs.

                    However, if you want high returns and have the cash, investing in real estate is by far one of the most lucrative and rewarding passive income sources.

                    This way, you can enjoy a sizeable monthly rental income of potentially over £1,000 while also seeing your property grow continuously in value.

                    No matter your entry cost, there is likely a property out there for you.

                    If you have £50k, £100k, or even £1 million to spend, we have the guide for you.

                    Just click on the links to read our free investment guides today.

                    Claim Your Free Buy to Let Costs Guide

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                    Lady joyfully looking at her laptop

                    How to Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds?

                    As you can tell from our top 10 list, most strategies involve investing cash to see huge returns, but is there a way to generate passive income with no initial funds?

                    Well, if you truly have no money to invest in an asset, the best options are probably robo-investing or switching your savings account.

                    Both of these strategies are excellent passive income ideas in 2023 and are ideal for beginners looking to make passive income.

                    Presently, however, there are endless other ways to generate passive income streams without investing huge funds.

                    How to Make a Passive Income UK While Keeping Costs Down:

                    • Start a YouTube channel and gain subscribers.
                    • Host a podcast.
                    • Become an online blogger.
                    • Sell items on Etsy.
                    • Start your own Amazon business.
                    • Sell digital products.
                    • Affiliate Marketing

                    While these may require a little work initially, they can be a great starting point, require little to no financial investment, and can all be promoted for free on social media.

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