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East and Green, Birmingham

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One Park Lane, Liverpool

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© 2023 RWinvest. All rights reserved.

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State-of-the Art Facilities

Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa

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Premium Gym

Residents Lounge

Residents Lounge

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S O L D   O U T

Parliament Square

One Baltic Square

Shaw Street

Prices from £145,950

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1 - Unrivalled House Price GrowthLiverpool investment property currently has the highest house price growth in the UK, with prices soaring by nearly 18% in the last 12 months, according to the Land Registry.

2 - Massive Young Population - The lifeblood of any investment, Liverpool property investment offers a huge population of available renters, with 75% of Liverpool city centre aged 17 to 29.

3 - A Sensational Regeneration Hotspot - With over £14 billion of regeneration projects dotted across the city, Liverpool has been transformed as the perfect place to live, work, and play.

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

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Why invest in Liverpool

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East and Green, Birmingham

Heaps Mill, Liverpool

P R I C E S   F R O M   £ 1 2 4 , 9 5 0

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Birmingham Property Investment

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Birmingham is one of the UK’s best cities to invest in, with a thriving economy, a strong property market, and some excellent buy to let deals.

If you’re considering starting your Birmingham property investment journey, look no further than East and Green, one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available.

Enquire today to find out more about this investment and benefit from 5% projected rental returns and a central Birmingham location. Don’t miss out on the best available units!

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Prices From Only £198,000

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Discover More About East and Green

Are you looking for more detailed information on East and Green? You can download a copy of our infopack today and learn everything you need to know about this fantastic opportunity. Alternatively, you can access floor plans for the best units in this development which will help guide your decision on which East and Green unit to invest in.

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Available Units

Take a look below to see the best units currently available in the stunning East & Green.

1 Bedroom Apartment

Price: £207,000

Net rental income: £10,350

2nd Floor

Top Pick

2 Bedroom Apartment

Price: £271,000

Net rental income: £13,550

3rd Floor

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Excellent Capital Growth Prospects - Compared to some other UK cities, Birmingham offers strong capital growth potential due to rising house prices. By 2026, the West Midlands region is expected to see average property prices grow by over 15%, which is great news for investors.

High Demand From Young Tenants - 
Birmingham is considered one of the best places to live for students and young professionals, and as a result, levels of rental demand in the city are high. Those investing in high-quality Birmingham properties in top locations can expect a lot of rental demand year after year.

Major Regeneration Is Underway -
 Regeneration is ongoing throughout Birmingham under projects such as the Big City Plan which is set to create 50,000 new jobs and bring £2.1 billion to the local economy of the city. This regeneration further cements Birmingham as a great place to invest.

Why Invest in Birmingham?

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Why invest in Birmingham?


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