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The Best Areas in the UK to Buy Student Accommodation

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    Investing in Student Property

    Among some of the most successful investors in the UK market at the moment are both those looking to invest in student accommodation, and those looking to buy student accommodation investment property. A record number of young people are off to university, and numbers are steadily increasing. The supply of student housing in major cities is struggling to compete with the demand.

    According to Knight Frank’s research, it is estimated that by the end of the current year, the student accommodation investment for sale UK market alone is set to be worth over £50 billion to the country’s economy. In UK property, it’s a major pillar going forward. Not only is this investment decision a great choice for the first-time investor, but it can bolster any seasoned property portfolio if rooted in the correct area.

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      Kingston Upon Thames London England UK November 5 2021, Quebec House Student Residential Accommodation Building In Kingston Town Centre For University Students

      Where to Invest in Student Accommodation?

      Student Property Investment Manchester & Liverpool Buy to Let – The Best Areas

      The UK capital of London is increasingly losing its grasp of power over the property market. It’s easy to see why, too, with the immense cost-of-living in the city and the dwindling housing investment market for buyers. London is a city to avoid if you are looking for a profit.

      It is estimated that the average first-time buyer looking to own a home in the London area will have to pay upwards of £100,000 just for their deposit on a house. To put that into perspective against Liverpool, for example, our City Point luxury student accommodation prices start from just £59,995.

      Two of the best cities currently across the UK are Liverpool and Manchester. With the North West region topping the UK’s charts for average rental yields and house price growth (capital appreciation), the cities are without a doubt some of the best options to delve into as an investor looking to buy student accommodation.

      These well-known UK University cities have a vibrant and rapidly expanding student population, with around 70,000 students in Liverpool, and almost 100,000 in Manchester. Evidently, this bodes well for the student market.

      Looking to buy student accommodation? Keep reading this blog outlining the places for student accommodation investment for sale UK-wide. For those with the relevant capital looking to invest in student accommodation and wanting to find the best prospective opportunity with the best chances at capital appreciation and high rental income, here’s a closer look at Manchester and Liverpool – two of the UK’s best in student accommodation investment!

      Invest in Student Accommodation – Is Buying Student Accommodation a Good Investment?

      If you have the capital to invest in student housing property, it’s one of the most lucrative and secure investment opportunities and asset classes in the UK. Within the property sector specifically, student investments (purpose-built student accommodation) also fare well in comparison to other residential investment and commercial property types, such as hotel investments.

      A huge benefit to student property investment is the lower risk of void periods – points in time where your property isn’t inhabited by a tenant. While it’s true that the lucrative capital growth potential of these properties can give your investment long-term value, it is the rental returns that ensure a stable income. When looking to buy student accommodation, apartments and living space are always in steady demand, so that risk is not really a cause for concern.

      To add to this, student accommodation investment yields are also healthy and continuing to thrive. Student rents, on average, around the UK are rising steadily in price, meaning that returns are more fruitful than ever before and can be gained faster than before too.

      City centre living continues to surge within the UK, mainly with young people, and so it is important to become aware of the growing trend while the market remains lucrative and attractive returns are still available.

      Our choices of student accommodation investment for sale in Liverpool, in Poets Place and City Point, offer students high-quality living in a central location, with access to local amenities and educational facilities on their doorstep.

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      University of Liverpool Exterior

      Invest in Student Accommodation – Liverpool Buy to Let

      Liverpool offers excellent travel links for prospective students, with fantastic train and bus services, as well as the easily accessible Liverpool John Lennon airport for international students.

      It’s vital these transport links are accessible, as many students are unable to find accommodation directly within the city centre. This is due to the competitive nature of the buy-to-let student accommodation market and the fact that the city’s three main universities (the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores and Liverpool Hope) are competing with each other for space.

      Liverpool property investment is quickly growing in order to try and satiate the huge tenant demand, and the investment market will not wait for those deciding whether to invest in student housing property to make their minds up. Often the best areas have already been purchased by the time those waiting to invest in student housing property have committed to their property search.

      Our student accommodation investment for sale opportunities offer the best chance at getting fast, high rental yields, as well as a good chance of capital appreciation. Alongside a dedicated team and regular construction updates, RWinvest can help to give you the best chance at financial success that you could hope for. Below are some examples of student accommodation investment for sale.

      With £10k Discount Applied

      Completed and fully furnished back to market property on the 13th floor of our best-selling, flagship development.

      City Point Liverpool Exterior Image

      Buy Student Accommodation – City Point

      Again, with prices from £59,995, the City Point development is a perfect location for the beginner looking to buy student accommodation as a manageable first foray into the investment sector. It’s also great for the experienced investor looking to invest in student housing property as an efficient way of expanding their property management portfolio. With student necessities such as high-speed internet and a gym and common room, it’s a fantastic student property in the UK for those on their property search.

      For this student accommodation, investment yields promise an 8% NET rental return. The property is also completed and fully tenanted, helping to alleviate the concern of a void period. These high rental yields are seen across Liverpool as the city has good returns due to regeneration. The student property investment market has never been better in Liverpool than it is right now.

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        Buy Student Accommodation – Poets Place

        The perfect location for the UK’s student, These luxury units are 950m away from Liverpool’s desired Knowledge Quarter, a £2 billion regeneration zone which is sure to benefit not only the city as a whole but the investor rooting themselves within it with the future in mind. These student developments are nearby to a modern retail site that has come as a by-product of the Project Jennifer regeneration, making them again desirable and handy for tenants.

        With a short walk for the tenant looking to move into the city centre for their education, this development again has an 8% NET rental return guarantee, with prices from £75,950. Features of these student developments include undercroft car parking and modern internal facilities and equipment from an experienced developer, making it both an attractive potential home and an attractive Liverpool property investment.

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        Manchester View

        Invest in Student Accommodation – Student Property Investment Manchester

        Manchester’s ‘northern capital’ nickname is well earned through its significant and continued growth, and it is now regarded as an area to rival the capital in terms of key factors such as quality of life and job opportunity. In terms of student accommodation for sale, Manchester property investment is an extremely viable alternative to the Liverpool buy to let market, and on average, the investment opportunities offer a healthy amount of rental income. Investment in Manchester is a lucrative business and the returns can be very rewarding for any investor, especially when it comes to student accommodation.

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          Invest in Student Accommodation – Ensure the Best

          Student property investment is typically more affordable than the standard residential buy-to-let alternative, but it is still imperative that when looking to buy student property, you ensure that the development is smooth and that the build is as high-quality as possible.

          Student tenants (including the local and overseas student) typically opt for new build and modern apartment living, and the opportunities offered by RWinvest ensure luxury living. Our purpose-built student apartment builds are embedded within high-demand areas, with ease of access to surrounding amenities and transport options. They are feature-complete and equipped for the future of the burgeoning cities they’re located within.

          For the latest on UK student property investment and the housing market in 2024, take a look at our updated investment guides.

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