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Our market news section covers the latest updates within the UK property market and details up-to-date developments within the industry.
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Brexit Property Guide

Want to know the effects of Brexit on the UK Property Market? Check out our free guide for the latest trends and insights!

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Autumn Budget 2021

Wondering what the Autumn budget means for the UK property market? Find out in our free guide today!

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UK Property Market Report 2018

Keep up to date with UK property investment. Download our free 2018 market report today!

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RWinvest - Foreign Investment Guide
RWinvest - Interest Rates Guide
RWinvest - Buy to Let Taxes Guide

Download Our Helpful Property Investment Guides

Our detailed buy-to-let investor guides have been specially curated to provide our clients with the most useful and up-to-date property investment advice.

Whether you have an expansive portfolio or you are just getting started in property investment, our extensive property investment guides and market reports have everything you need to learn about one of the most lucrative investment strategies out there.

From rental yields to capital appreciation to finding tenants, we have covered a range of property investment topics, so our investors can make the best decisions available to them.

RWinvest’s Investor Guides are full of up-to-date and relevant information about the UK buy-to-let property market. We look at what have been the biggest fluctuations in the market, what is predicted to change, and how it could potentially affect your property investment decisions.

There are a number of factors that are affecting the UK property market, from exchange rates to political changes and more. Our property investment experts tackle many of these issues across the helpful guides.

We also have in-depth guides throughout the website aimed at informing and making you an expert in property. We give you crucial advice on topics such as where to buy property and outline the best places to invest so you know exactly how to make the most lucrative investment possible.

How to Invest Money – Guides for Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or not, research is of the utmost importance when investing, so our guides are essential reading for all investors. In particular, those who are new to investing can benefit from getting clued up on a range of topics relating to property investment.

If you are interested in buy-to-let, for example, our buy-to-let investment guide will give you the necessary background knowledge to decide if you want to proceed further with your investment journey. We also make use of our 19 years of industry experience to provide insider knowledge in our guides that any investor can benefit from.

Student property investment guide

Overseas Investors Guide for UK Property

If you are an overseas investor looking to get a foothold in the lucrative UK property market, this is the guide for you.

Here, we discuss all the latest information you need to know before starting your investment journey.

With the average UK house price fluctuating all the time, you may be unsure where the best area is for UK property investment.

Our fantastic guide will discuss residential and student property and help show you the best place to take your cash in the UK.

All your burning questions will also be answered, like, “why should overseas investors consider the UK buy-to-let market?” or “how do I buy UK property as an overseas investor?”

You will quickly learn the North West is the best area for property investment in the UK, with the latest facts and figures to back up this claim.

Buy to Let Investment Guide

Finally, our exclusive buy-to-let investment resource is the ultimate property market guide for anyone looking to get started in the buy-to-let market.

It even offers long-serving investors a refresher course on the market and where is best to invest.

This discusses the North and South divide and how the property market has shifted away from London.

It also offers you the necessary information on how to calculate rental yields and how to go about investing.

All of these guides should be extremely helpful in providing you with everything you need to make the right investment decision and achieve success with your portfolio.

UK property has long been a preferred asset for many, and the buy-to-let market is perfect for investors looking to make the most out of their funds.

Whether you want to know how to buy your first property investment, you are interested in which UK cities have the best rental yields, or you simply want to know more about buy-to-let mortgages, you might find that our helpful investor guides are the ideal companion.

Invest in Manchester's Skyline

The developer is now welcoming offers on this 2-bedroom apartment in Manchester. Get yours in today!

RWinvest - Buy to Let Taxes Guide

Explore A Range of Property Investment Strategies

Student Property Market

If you are looking to maximise your rental yield returns, student property poses an exciting prospect.

A perfect blend of affordability and high returns, the student property market can be incredibly lucrative, but it can be hard knowing exactly where to invest in the UK.

Thankfully, our student property market guide is here for you.

With the latest facts and figures, this guide will explore the UK student market, from population size to demand for property, to help you decide the best place to take your cash.

The guide will explore multiple areas to find the best student hotspot in the country.

The North West is currently one of the best options for student property, with cities like Manchester and Liverpool having some of the top universities in the country.

With a combined student population of over 170,000 and with huge amounts of overseas students, the region offers an incredibly tempting proposition for investors looking to get involved with student property investment.

Off-Plan Property Guide

Our off-plan property market guide is an extremely helpful resource which will help investors – both first-time and veterans – to navigate the off-plan property market.

Allowing investors to purchase an asset that hasn’t yet been completed for a cut-price deal, you can find some amazing savings when buying off-plan.

Offering all the essential information you need to know about investing in off-plan property in the UK, our updated guide is perfect for those looking to get the most out of their investment.

Completed Investment Opportunity

Secure this completed apartment today with just over £100k in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter.

UK House Price 2023

What is the Best Investment to Make Right Now?

There’s no easy answer to the question of what is the best thing to currently invest in, because the most suitable strategy will be different depending on the individual investor. The choice will be highly dependent on their needs and hopes for the venture. If you have a certain amount in mind for your investment, it will be beneficial to read our guides to investing £50,000, £100,000 or £1 million.

How to Find the Best Long-Term Investments

In order to find the best safe, long-term investments with high returns, it’s important to carry out extensive research beforehand. Our guides provide information on a range of property investment strategies that can provide sizable long-term gains. If you have the patience for it, investing long-term is one of the best ways to maximise returns, and this is especially true in the property industry.

The Best Long-Term Investments in the UK

When it comes to the best long-term investments in the current UK investment scene, it’s worthwhile getting a primer on all options in the property market to decide if it’s the best investment for you to make. Property is historically one of the most popular long-term investment strategies, and it offers diverse opportunities for those investors who are in it for the long run.

Completed Investment Opportunity

Secure this completed apartment today with just over £100k in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter.

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