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Liverpool & Manchester Named Some of the UK’s ‘Most Desired’ Places to Live

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    Liverpool & Manchester Top UK Desirability Rankings in 2024 Study

    A new study from CompareTheMarket has named Liverpool and Manchester some of the most desirable places to live in the UK in 2024.

    This research compiles the most desired destinations across the UK by examining the average monthly Google search volumes for terms related to living and moving to a specific location.

    Let’s see how this affects buy-to-let property in the UK going forward.

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      The Top 10 Most Desired Cities to Live in the UK

      CityTotal Avg. Monthly Search Volume
      Stoke on Trent 22,940

      London takes the top spot as the most desired region to live in the UK, with an average of 36,880 searches per month for terms such as “move to London” and “where to live London”. As the UK’s capital, the city boasts a rich history and culture, but with higher-than-average prices, it may prove to be a difficult entry point for UK investors.

      In second place, Derby saw an average of 22,950 monthly searches. Primarily known for its green spaces and low levels of noise pollution, it is also ranked among the top 10 best cities for couples as well as graduates.

      Stoke-on-Trent closely follows Derby, with an average of 22,940 people searching for moving-related terms each month.

      Conveniently located between Manchester and Birmingham, this is a popular choice for commuters living outside a major city.

      With an average of 19,890 monthly searches, CompareTheMarket believes Birmingham has much to offer. Known as the UK’s Second City, the area is home to the UK’s largest city centre-based shopping centre and various ongoing regeneration schemes.

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      Coming in at number five, Liverpool saw an average of 19,470 searches per month for terms pertaining to relocation. The area is mainly known for its rich musical heritage and renowned football clubs, but the city also offers lower property prices compared to London, making it an attractive option for tenants and property investors alike.

      Manchester—another North West hotspot—takes eighth place, with an average of 17,240 monthly searches. With a substantial student population and high graduate retention rate, the region has a large pool of young professionals looking for a home. As with Liverpool, alongside a thriving rental market, there is also a strong potential for property investment in Manchester.

      Overall, the North West is expected to see 28.8% capital growth over the next five years, potentially leading to lucrative property investment opportunities.

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      Where is the Best Place to Invest in 2024?

      The best place to invest can typically be determined through many factors, such as location, market conditions, and independent investor preference.

      For example, looking solely at these trends, buy-to-let in London may seem like the best choice due to the high level of tenant desirability on offer.

      However, as mentioned, the capital is also home to higher costs, which could potentially be detrimental to investors.

      North West areas like Liverpool and Manchester may be the preferred option for long-term capital growth and high yields without sacrificing affordability.

      Both areas maintain a healthy level of desirability for tenants, as well as many other key contributing factors, like regeneration and diverse property types (such as off-plan property and new-build investment).

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