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European Property Markets Offering Opportunistic Gains for Global Investors

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    Supply-Demand Imbalances Make Europe’s Real Estate Ripe for Investment

    According to UK-based fund manager Patron Capital Partners, European real estate assets are presenting promising investment opportunities for global investors due to ongoing supply-demand imbalances. This is especially true of Asian investors who have accumulated wealth during the pandemic and wish to start investing it.

    Patron Capital Partners say that demand in Europe has remained buoyant due to higher savings, but supply is not keeping up. In many cases, the supply of available assets has declined because of a lack of investment during the recent economic crisis.

    So, is buy-to-let worth it in Europe as an overseas investor?

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      Japanese Investors Look to European Property to Deploy Pandemic Wealth

      Keith Breslauer, Managing Partner at Patron Capital Partners, suggests that taxes on European property investment are lower than in the US, adding another attractive feature to European real estate for global investors.

      This is especially true of Japanese investors, as many have amassed savings during the pandemic and have been relatively inactive over the last five years.

      Breslauer said: “They have quite a lot of savings, and they are looking for investments and diversification.”

      According to the South China Morning Post, he recommends residential properties and light industrial assets as solid potential investments because they are in short supply on the market, ensuring high demand.

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      Is UK Property Investment Worth it?

      Of all European countries, the United Kingdom continues to be a favourite real estate investment location for overseas buyers. It boasts one of the most historically stable property markets, and massive growth in the past few decades has led to big returns for investors. Another attractive point for foreign investors is that there is no requirement for citizenship or residency in the UK to be eligible to invest in property.

      Depending on the region, there are also high rental yields to be found. For example, the North of England is currently outperforming the South, with some cities surpassing 7% average gross rental yields.

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