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What Are Voters’ Key Property Market Priorities for the Government?

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    40% Voters Believe There Should Be More Emphasis on Housing

    Joint research from Zoopla and Ipsos has revealed what housing policies and priorities are most important to voters in the run-up to the 4th July election.

    The research found that a large proportion of voters would like to see more focus on the housing sector from the political parties. 40% of voters polled said the parties don’t focus enough on housing.

    They also found that one in two voters believe the government can do more to encourage building more housing.

    21% strongly disagree with the statement, stating, “There isn’t much British governments can do to influence the building of more homes,” and 50% disagree with the statement overall.

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    The most popular policy cited by the voters polled for Zoopla’s report was ramping up the construction of affordable housing. 44% chose ‘building more affordable homes’, followed by “tackling homelessness and rough sleeping” (41%) and “reducing the number of empty homes” (39%).

    While support for first-time buyers seems to dominate most of the major parties’ proposed housing policies, this issue is not as important to voters as other problems, such as a lack of housing supply. “Helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder” came in fourth with 33%.

    The manifestos of the major political parties all set targets of 300,000 homes built per year in England. However, this level hasn’t been achieved since the 1960s, suggesting it will be difficult to hit.

    When asked how home building should be funded, 41% of respondents supported increased government borrowing, but only 26% agreed that taxes should be increased to help pay for new housing schemes.

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      Housing Priorities Differ Depending on Voter’s Living Situation

      The results were also broken down depending on each respondent’s living situation to show differences between homeowners, social renters, and private renters.

      Homeowners stated that building more homes is the most important thing for them, followed by addressing homelessness and giving more support to first-time buyers. For private renters, the most popular response was controlling the pace of rent rises, followed by building more homes and increasing renter protections.

      Zoopla’s study found that while voters in different living situations had different priorities they wished the government would address, homeowners, social renters, and private renters all agreed that building more homes should be one of the government’s top priorities. Please read about the best things to invest in right now with our free guide.

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      What Are Voters Key Property Market Priorities for the Government?

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