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Will Liverpool Football Regeneration Have a Positive Impact on Property Investment?

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    How Are Liverpool’s Sporting Venues Being Transformed?

    Liverpool is renowned worldwide for its links to football, which draws sports fans to the city and boosts the local economy. Several ambitious projects are currently underway that will take the local teams’ stadiums to the next level and have a major effect on various industry sectors.

    The exciting developments at Bramley-Moore Dock, soon to be the new home of Everton Football Club, will create new job opportunities, boost the local economy, attract tourism and positively impact property value.

    Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield Project Regeneration has helped improve the areas around its stadium. These club-funded, new-built, and regenerated properties have the potential to further entice those interested in buy to let property in Liverpool.

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      LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 17 2018: Anfield stadium, the home ground of Liverpool FC which has a seating capacity of 54,074 making it the sixth largest football stadium in England

      Anfield High Street Scheme

      Since 2014, 600 new-build homes in Liverpool have been built, and over a thousand have been refurbished to revamp the Anfield area, which is home to Liverpool Football Club.

      These improvements are part of a £300 million investment that began in 2014. The investment aims to improve the main road and streets leading to Liverpool Football Club stadium.

      The scheme has been a major boost for local businesses and had an additional impact on property investment companies in Liverpool.

      Another possible project that will revitalise the Anfield area is Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram’s proposal to introduce a trackless tram or glider system to improve connections between Anfield, the city centre, and other significant areas in the city region.

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      Bramley Moore Dock - Everton FC

      Bramley Moore Stadium

      Goodison Park opened in August 1892, with the first game played on September 2, 1892. It was England’s first major football stadium, rivalled only by The Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park in Scotland.

      However, as football stadiums have advanced, Everton FC needed a new home. The new stadium, currently under construction on Bramley-Moore Dock just north of the city centre, is likely to positively impact the economy, transport links, tourism, hospitality, and property values in the area.

      According to Zoopla, North West rental figures have increased by 8.4% in the last few months, making Liverpool a popular destination for buy-to-let properties in the UK. Data provided by Rightmove, published in 2023, shows that the number of enquiries per rental property has more than tripled since 2019 in the North West of England.

      This helps to illustrate further that Liverpool is a city on the rise and the potential impact that football regeneration may have on property demand in the city going forward.

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      Crosby aerial view

      Marine Relocation Site

      The Crosby-based semi-professional club Marine has also been looking for a site to relocate to after its recent promotion to the National League North.

      They are currently playing at the Marine Travel Arena, which has a capacity of 2200, and the team’s officials have suggested that this stadium is too limited for their current growth trajectory.

      The club’s chief executive officer, James Leary, has stated that the club needs to raise £5 million to construct a new venue. After exploring the feasibility of planning and construction, they have found three potential sites.

      He said: “We have had fantastic support from the officers of Sefton Council. We are now at a critical stage where we are hoping to secure one of our land options over the coming months. Having another stadium in the Liverpool city region can only add to the area’s reputation as a top destination for sporting events in the UK.”

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        Besides the obvious considerations such as property price growth and rental demand, many smaller factors can impact a local property market and contribute to an investment’s lucrativeness.

        These features help make an area more or less desirable as a place to live, which can lead to increased or decreased demand.

        Research has been conducted looking at the impact of a football stadium on the local property market. This research suggests that properties closer to stadiums can command greater rental demands and house prices. Properties near stadiums of teams with a global fan base, like Everton and Liverpool Football Club, will have a greater number of interested investors and potential tenants looking for a buy-to-let opportunity.

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