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Is Property the Best Way to Invest Money?

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    Invest Money and Grow Capital with Property Investment

    With more people than ever starting to make their money go further through investments, you may be weighing up your options.

    And likely one of the major solutions to come to mind is real estate, but is owning property the best way to invest money and the best thing to invest your money in?

    That’s what we’re here to find out.

    In this property investment for beginners guide to real estate investing, we’ll take a look at all the property options you have.

    Topics on this page include:

    • Why invest in property?
    • Is property a good investment in the UK in 2024?
    • How much money is needed?
    • How to finance your buy-to-let rental property?
    • What is the best property investment strategy?

    2024 UK Property Market Forecast Out Now

    Get the latest projections for the UK property market in 2024 with our latest guide.

      Property as an Investment

      Why Invest in Property?

      Your first step in deciding if real estate investing is right for you is to think about exactly why people invest in property in 2024.

      Simply put, buying an investment property is an excellent and (comparatively) safe way to invest your hard-earned cash.

      However, investing in the property market may not be right for everyone, with the effectiveness of an investment strategy being dependent on your goals.

      With this in mind, check out the pros and cons of property investment to see if it’s the right solution for you.

      For a full, detailed look into why you should invest in property, be sure to check out our brand-new guide.

      Pros of Investing in Property

      • Rental Income is Currently Higher Than it Has Ever Been – In fact, the HomeLet Rental Index found that the average monthly UK rental income was a record-high of £1,199 per month in April 2023.
      • Property is Safer than Stocks – Property is known for its ability to remain resilient throughout economic turbulence. For example, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, UK house prices reached record highs, surpassing £290k in July 2022 for the highest-ever growth. In comparison, the stock market suffered its worst crash since 1987 as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.
      • Huge Rise in Prices Predicted – Savills’ optimistic property price predictions show a rise in UK prices of up to 6.2% by 2027, ideal for those looking to make a profit from selling their property.
      • Rental Demand is at a Record-High – Due to supply issues with the number of new properties being constructed, there is currently an incredibly high demand for rental properties. The Guardian has reported that availability has halved since 2019.
      • Can Be Completely Hands-Off – While you can choose to self-manage your buy-to-let investments and become a landlord, you can also consider hiring property management companies to handle all landlord responsibilities, such as collecting rent. Their services are available for a fee, usually around 10% of your monthly income.

      Cons of Investing in Property

      • Potential to Earn No Income During Void Periods – If you fail to find a tenant, your property could spend time earning no money while you will need to foot the bill for mortgage payments. This is why research is essential to identify residential property that will be popular amongst tenants.
      • Property Investment is a Long-Term Investment – Unlike stocks or cryptocurrencies that can net you a quick profit, property is a long-term strategy. The most successful investors allow property prices to increase for many years before selling for a big cash pay out. If you want quick returns, investing in property may not be the perfect strategy for you.
      • Buying Real Estate Can Be Expensive – While there are ways to reduce the upfront costs of property investment, the reality is it can be expensive for some, with our estimates suggesting you’ll need around £31k at a minimum to buy a £100k property, factoring in mortgage payments, stamp duty tax, and legal fees.

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      How to Invest in Property UK?

      If regular rental income and the potential for capital growth have interested you, then this section is for you.

      We’ll also be looking at ways to finance your real estate investments and the costs involved.

      Best Property Investment Strategies in 2024

      While real estate investments are an excellent choice, not all strategies are equal.

      Real estate is a diverse strategy with plenty of options to choose from. Investing money in property is different for everyone, with numerous potential strategies

      Currently, the most popular real estate investment strategies include:


      • Buy-to-Let Residential Property – The most basic form of buy-to-let, where an investor will buy a property and rent it to a tenant for a profit.
      • Student Accommodation – An investor can purchase either a purpose-built student accommodation or an HMO and rent to a student tenant during the academic year.
      • Off-Plan Property – Landlords can purchase residential or student real estate that isn’t yet completed for a discounted fee.
      • Commercial Real Estate – Buying a property to rent to a business or corporation.
      • Buy-to-Sell – Another popular strategy, otherwise known as house flipping, is where an investor buys an undervalued property and adds renovation work or home improvements to increase its value. They will then sell the property as soon as possible for a profit.

      The suitability of these strategies for your needs will highly depend on your investment goals.

      To get a full breakdown of each of these strategies and a list of the pros and cons of investing, check out our guide to the best property investment strategies in the UK.


      How to Invest in Property With No Money UK?

      If you’re looking at real estate investments, you may be wondering how you can afford the venture.

      Property prices can be high, with the current UK average sitting at £291,044 according to the latest House Price Index.

      So, if you don’t have enough cash, what options do you have for investing in property?

      Well, you may need to opt for a buy-to-let mortgage, which differs from more traditional mortgages you may be familiar with.


      What Is a Buy-to-Let Mortgage and How Does it Work?

      A buy-to-let mortgage is a mortgage that has been specifically designed for real estate investors.

      They work slightly differently from a traditional mortgage, with higher interest rates and a higher deposit – usually 25%, but can range between 20-40%.

      They’re also usually interest-only, which means you’ll only pay the interest each month without touching the overall debt.

      Following the end of your mortgage term, you’ll need to pay off the total capital debt – typically achieved by selling your properties or re-mortgaging.

      To learn more about BTL mortgages, check out our complete guide.

      Buy-to-Let Investment Guide

      Want to become a successful buy-to-let investor? Get our free investment guide today for all the latest tips!

      Download Guide Guide - Buy to let investment guide

      Off-Plan vs Completed Property

      The ultimate guide to help you choose whether to invest in off plan or completed property in 2024.

      Download Guide
      House placed on coins Men's hand is planning savings money of coins to buy a home concept concept for property ladder, mortgage and real estate investment. for saving or investment for a house,

      How Much Money Do You Need for a Property Investment?

      So, how much capital do you actually need to pay for investment properties in the current UK market?

      The answer to this is slightly complicated, as the property’s value can depend on many factors. For starters, if you invest in student accommodation, you’ll pay a lot less than you would for residential properties.

      It can also depend on where you buy. Due to large regional variations, the average property price can change heavily depending on your location.

      For example, the purchase price of a property in Manchester is around £500k cheaper than prices in London.

      It may also change if you’re a first-time buyer, with tax costs sometimes cheaper for those buying their first home.

      Regardless of these outliers, you’ll likely need around £31k to pay for a £100k property. This is factoring in expenses like a mortgage deposit, stamp duty, legal fees, land registry fee, and a cash buffer used to pay for any unexpected costs that arise.

      However, this only considers the upfront costs of property, with other ongoing expenses and exit costs including:

      • Ground rent
      • Mortgage interest payments
      • Property management companies’ fees
      • Maintenance costs
      • Landlord insurance
      • Capital gains tax
      • Estate agents fees

      To get a full breakdown of the costs involved in investing in properties, be sure to check out our full guide on how much money do you need to invest in property in the UK market.

      What If You Can’t Afford the Money Needed for an Investment?

      If you’re asking how to invest in property with no money in the UK, you may encounter some problems.

      Investing in properties can be expensive and time-consuming. You’ll need money to handle the upfront costs and upkeep of an investment. There are ways for investors to invest in property without paying the money required to purchase a buy-to-let investment.

      1. You can save up money and wait until you can afford a BTL property.
      2. You can invest alongside a business partner.
      3. You could rent out a room in your home and earn income.
      4. You can invest in a real estate investment trust/REIT with fewer upfront costs or financial obligations.

      Just remember that this isn’t investment advice. If you’re looking for financial advice or guidance on your financial decisions, it’s vital you speak to a specialist advisor for help on investing in the housing market.

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        Best Places to Invest in Property in the UK in 2024

        To make the best investments in the UK and generate the highest income possible, you’re going to need to do some research.

        The first step in this research is deciding on where to invest in property. As an investor, you’ll want to narrow down your search by considering some essential factors. These include finding an area with:


        • Affordable properties, ideally below the UK average of around £290k.
        • Strong capital growth potential for when you decide to sell the property.
        • High rental income and strong rental yields.
        • Good transport links and infrastructure for professionals.
        • High levels of regeneration, which is a good sign of a growing housing market.


        In this regard, we’ve done the hard work for you, as we’ve written a list of the best places to invest in buy-to-let property.

        Our top recommendations at the moment are Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, and Leeds.

        This guide is also helpful if you want to make a balanced portfolio and invest in different hotspots – something that is ideal for investors looking to reduce the risk of investing in one area.

        You can find out more about these locations, their latest market data, and market predictions by clicking the links above.

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          Alternatives to Investing in Property

          While we think buying a property is a good method for making money, we need to address other investments out there that may be more ideal for you.

          Depending on your funds, we have a perfect guide outlining your options at various price points.

          The guides include:

          Strategies like buying premium bonds, investing in stocks, and cryptocurrency are all outlined here, so you can decide exactly what sort of business you’re looking to make.

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          Yes, buying a house is a good investment in the UK. This is because property prices are constantly growing and perform well during times of uncertainty, with prices rising by 4.1% in the past 12 months.

          So, is property the best thing to invest in?

          While the best investment to make will depend on your investment goals, property is widely considered one of the best things to invest in.

          This means you can feel safe knowing that depending on the circumstances, quite often real estate is the best investment opportunity.

          The best investment for you will depend on your investment goals, available funds, what you’re willing to pay, and if you’re looking to sell quickly in the short term.

          However, property is considered the best investment by many as it performs well during times of uncertainty, as highlighted with the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the average UK property price rise to over £250,000 for the first time in history.

          Currently, property is a good investment in 2024. This is because property prices are increasing at the fastest rate since 2004, while rental income is currently higher than it ever has been at £1,279PCM, according to HomeLet.

          The best places to invest in property are Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, and Leeds. Thanks to low property prices, high capital growth potential, and high rental yields, these are the standout locations.

          Buy-to-Let Investment Guide

          Want to become a successful buy-to-let investor? Get our free investment guide today for all the latest tips!

          Download Guide Guide - Buy to let investment guide

          Off-Plan vs Completed Property

          The ultimate guide to help you choose whether to invest in off plan or completed property in 2024.

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