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Bedford Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Bedford Buy-to-Let

    Situated in Bedfordshire, Bedford boasts a population of 80,000 residents and is popular with commuters and young working couples.

    But how does it stack up as a buy-to-let investment hotspot?

    Understanding the nuances of the Bedford buy-to-let market, including rental trends, property hotspots, and regulatory considerations, is essential for investors looking to make informed decisions and maximise their investment potential in this thriving market.

    So, if you’re eyeing the property market in Bedford or looking to diversify your portfolio, take a look at the following guide to buy-to-let in the area!

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      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Bedford

      According to Rightmove, the average price of a property sold in Bedford over the past year was £331,688. This is more expensive than the UK average property price, which currently stands at £281,913, as stated by the UK House Price Index.

      The average price is similar to last year’s figure and 6% up on the 2021 peak.

      Bedford is in the East of England region, which is expected to grow 16.7% when it comes to capital value. This is less than the overall UK average of 17.9%.

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Bedford

      According to, the average monthly rent in Bedford is £1,256 PCM. This is very similar to the overall UK average rent of £1,262 PCM as per the HomeLet Rental Index.

      A BBC article from 2023 reported that rents had risen by 10.5% in Bedford in one year. This significant growth reflects the current supply-demand imbalance in the private rental market, which is felt across the UK.

      The University of Bedfordshire has a campus in Bedford, so investors could also target the student/young professional demographic as an investment strategy.

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      Investment Properties for Sale in Bedford

      Bedford offers a range of different property types, including period housing like 19th-century terraces, semi-detached houses, and large Victorian houses. There are also modern suburban homes, sizable detached houses and townhouses.

      But what is the most popular type of property among buyers in Bedford? According to Rightmove, the majority of sales in Bedford during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £346,200 – terraced properties sold for an average of £271,889, with detached properties going for £532,725.

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        Buy-to-Let Investment in Bedford: Area Breakdown

        Bedford is 46 miles north-northwest of London and 65 miles southeast of Birmingham.

        The town of Kempston is included in Bedford’s built-up area, along with the village of Biddenham to the west, which is popular with commuters due to its proximity to Bedford train station. In the east, Goldington is a sought-after urban area.

        Outside of the built-up area and further out from central Bedford, there are more rural villages in the Borough of Bedford, such as Oakley, Clapham, and Elstow, among others.


        Average Property Prices in Kempston

        The average property price in this area is £322,947.

        Average Rental Yield in Kempston

        The average rental yield in this area is 4.77%.

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          Average Property Prices in Goldington

          The average property price in this area is £317,167.

          Average Rental Yield in Goldington

          The average rental yield in this area is 4.71%.


          Average Property Prices in Oakley

          The average property price in this area is £441,533.

          Average Rental Yield in Oakley

          The average rental yield in this area is 3.44%.

          (Average property prices were taken from Rightmove in early 2024; gross rental yield estimates were calculated with figures from in the same period)

          What is the Best Area of Bedford to Invest in?

          Overall, Bedford is a pricey area compared to UK average property prices, so it may be hard to find a good deal.

          Kempston offers the best rental yield of the places we looked at, at 4.77%. This is a decent yield, but other UK areas with more affordable property can offer much higher yields for property investors.

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            Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Bedford


            There are numerous regeneration schemes currently underway or in development in Bedford. Efforts such as the Riverside Bedford leisure scheme are anticipated to bolster footfall in the area and enhance local infrastructure. Alongside this, the Economic Prosperity Plan 2023 – 2028 aims to stimulate investment and ensure growth in employment opportunities and prosperity over the next five years.

            Regeneration schemes like these are likely to enhance the appeal of the Bedford housing market, potentially resulting in increased price growth and rental yields in the future. Such initiatives are pivotal in shaping the future landscape of Bedford, driving economic development, and improving the quality of life for residents.

            Strategic Location

            Situated in the heart of the UK, Bedford enjoys a strategic location with excellent transport links to major cities such as London, Birmingham, and Cambridge. This connectivity not only makes it an attractive destination for commuters but also enhances its appeal to potential tenants.

            The town’s proximity to key employment hubs and educational institutions further contributes to its desirability as a rental market. Investors can potentially capitalise on Bedford’s strategic location to achieve strong rental yields and long-term capital appreciation.

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            New builds

            Bedford New-Builds

            Across the UK, the current supply of available rental properties is not enough to keep up with demand, and a boost of activity in the build-to-rent sector could help fill the gap. New-builds are popular with both tenants and investors, making them an attractive prospect for buy-to-let investment.

            Central Bedfordshire Council is working to deliver more newly built housing for the local community through initiatives and regeneration schemes such as the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan.

            Private developers also target the area, with some new-build projects occurring in and around Bedford, often consisting of semi-detached and detached houses making new estates.

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              Off-Plan Property in Bedford

              While newly built properties are increasingly in demand, they are typically more expensive to invest in compared to older properties. For this reason, off-plan investment is growing in popularity as an investment strategy that allows an investor to acquire a new property at a discounted price.

              However, as previously mentioned, there aren’t that many chances to invest in new-build properties in Bedford, so it follows that there will also be limited opportunities to invest off-plan.

              At the moment, off-plan options for investment are usually concentrated in urban centres such as London, Manchester, and Liverpool, as well as in-demand commuter towns like Luton.

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              How Does Bedford Compare to Other UK Regions When it Comes to Buy-to-Let?

              When considering buy-to-let investments, despite the high cost, Bedford could stand out as a compelling option compared to other regions across the UK.

              With its strategic location and ongoing regeneration efforts, Bedford offers investors a promising opportunity to achieve solid returns on their investment. Additionally, the town’s proximity to key employment centres and educational institutions enhances its appeal to tenants, ensuring a steady demand for rental properties.

              However, compared to regions outside the London buy-to-let market, its higher price point could alienate some investors.

              It is possible to gain higher rental yields and more robust capital growth without breaking the bank.

              For example, buy-to-let properties in Liverpool and Manchester often see below-average property prices and yields exceeding 8%, depending on where you look.

              The predicted rise in property value in the East of England makes it attractive for buy-to-let investors looking to eventually sell their property for significant gains. However, Savills suggests that the North West is also expected to see an even higher growth of 20.2% in the same period.

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                Want to Invest in Bedford?

                So, is Bedford one of the best buy-to-let areas in the UK?

                Despite its strategic location and solid infrastructure, the high property prices on offer will potentially eat into any rental returns.

                By investing in more affordable regions like the North West, investors are likely to see higher returns at a more affordable price.

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                Map of Bedford

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