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Top 10 Property Investment Strategies You Should Consider in the UK (With Pros and Cons for 2024)

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    Top Property Investment Strategies You Need to Know

    As investing in UK property continues to grow in popularity, it’s becoming increasingly harder to settle on an ideal property investment strategy.

    With so many options to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed at all the property investment strategies you have at your disposal.

    But fear not, as on this page you’ll find the top 10 best property investment strategies you should consider in 2024.

    Here, we’ll give you the best investment ideas UK property has to offer, and provide effective alternative property investments perfect for 2024.

    Let’s get started.

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      What Are the Best Property Investment Strategies UK?

      When it comes to investing in the UK property market, property investors have three main choices.

      1. They can invest in a rental property and rent to tenants for a profit.
      2. Property investors can buy an investment property and sell for a profit.
      3. A property investor can own a share of a company that owns property on their behalf.

      However, it can get a bit more complicated than that, with different property strategies falling into each of these categories, all coming with their own pros and cons and varying suitability for different people.

      This is exactly what we’re going to discuss in this guide as we break down the pros and cons of the best property investment strategies UK real estate has to offer.

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      London, UK-circa 2013: Estate agent "let by" signs line the road in a suburb of London

      1. Single Let Residential Property

      As far as rental properties go, single let is likely the most traditional and easy-to-understand example of property strategies UK.

      A single-let residential property is real estate that is rented to a single ‘tenant’, which can be an individual person or an entire family.

      Single-let residential property has been long considered the best property investment strategy in the UK for two main reasons.

      • Rental Income – Those property investing can earn monthly rent each month, which recently reached an all-time high of £1,199 PCM in the residential UK market.
      • Long-Term Growth – Despite the economic pressures seen at the end of 2022, UK property prices have increased by 5.52% in the last 12 months, according to the Land Registry, which is set to increase by a further 6.2% by 2027 according to predictions from Savills.

      For these reasons, you can expect a lucrative strategy when buying property. Be sure to check out our full guide to single-let buy-to-let property to learn more information about this top house investment strategy.

      Top Tip: To make the most out of your buy-to-let property investment and become a successful investor, be sure to focus on areas with a high young professional population as they are the age group most likely to rent for the foreseeable future. This is because younger people are more drawn to renting, whether through choice or lack of financial ability to purchase a home of their own.



      • With residential property in huge demand, looking at tenanted properties for sale in the UK can offer a less risky buy-to-let strategy.
      • Easy to get started without expert knowledge.
      • Allows investors to make consistent rental income, with high rental yields available in certain UK areas.
      • Generates two types of returns through a combination of rental returns and capital growth returns when the investor sells the property.
      • Less time-consuming than some other rental property investment strategies, with the option to hire a rental management company for a hands-off investment.


      • Residential buy-to-let is a long-term investment strategy, so not the best choice for those looking to quickly make significant short-term returns.
      • Potential void periods if investing in an area without high rental demand.

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      Students inside HMO Kitchen

      2. Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

      A top contender for the best property investment strategy, purpose-built student accommodation has shot up in popularity since 2019.

      Purpose-built student accommodation is another type of buy-to-let property investing strategy. The only real difference is that with PBSA, you will rent exclusively to student tenants.

      A report from Savills in early 2021 found that over £5.77 billion was spent on student accommodation in 2020 – the highest-ever amount in one year.

      This goes alongside a thriving UK student market, which has seen the number of 18-year-olds applying to an undergraduate course in 2023 ranking as the second highest on record – with 314,660 applying, down slightly from 320,420 in 2022 but significantly higher than the pre-pandemic figure of 275,300.

      With many students seeking stylish and well-located accommodation to live in during their time at university, there’s likely never been a better time to invest in a student buy-to-let strategy.

      You can learn more about student property investment in our detailed ultimate guide for 2024.

      Top tip: Focus on student cities with a high student population and graduate retention rate to ensure tenant demand. Examples of top student cities include Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London and Newcastle.



      • A good option for first-time investors due to low property prices and high yields.
      • Offers a combination of rental income and capital appreciation for maximum returns.
      • High and consistent rental demand due to a booming UK student property market.
      • Hands-off investment options make student buy-to-let easy and hassle-free.


      • May not see as high capital growth returns as you do with residential buy-to-let.
      • Limited to one tenant group.

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        Interior of a home

        3. HMOs

        A top choice for any property portfolio, an HMO is another excellent example of top property strategies UK.

        An HMO, otherwise known as a house of multiple occupancy, is real estate that is rented out to multiple tenants who each pay rent and have shared facilities like a bathroom and kitchen.

        Certain types of student accommodation fall under the category of an HMO, with shared student houses being an alternative to purpose-built student accommodation.

        HMOs have fallen in popularity amongst students in recent years, who are opting to live in higher-quality accommodation that can’t be provided by HMOs that tend to be older buildings.

        So, while a property investor can earn some huge returns on the HMO property market, it’s likely no longer the best property investment strategy to target students.

        You can learn more about HMOs and other student investments by reading our guide to how to invest in student property.


        • Offers the chance to generate income from multiple different tenants at once, resulting in high yields.
        • If one tenant stops paying their rent, you’ll still have rental income from the other tenants to fall back on.


        • This type of investment strategy comes with more complex tax rules, planning requirements, and legislation requirements.
        • Difficult to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage for HMO properties.
        • More management is involved, which makes this property investment strategy more time-consuming.
        • As the demand for more luxury private accommodation increases, people may be less inclined to rent shared properties.

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        4. Buy-to-Sell / Property Development

        The first non-buy-to-let strategy on this list, buy-to-sell, is one of the most popular property investment strategies in the UK.

        Buy to sell, otherwise known as house flipping, is when an investor purchases a property that needs refurbishment and sells it for a profit.

        Buy to sell is usually grouped up with property development, as investors will typically need to complete renovation work to boost the value and appeal to potential buyers.

        Unlike a buy-to-let strategy, this kind of property investment strategy doesn’t involve renting the property out to tenants and doesn’t rely on a regular income.

        Instead, it relies on a strong property market and positive market conditions with high demand. This seems to be the case in 2023/24, with a report from Rightmove finding buyer demand to be 6% higher than that in 2019.

        Of course, you can also completely become a property developer and build one property from the ground up.

        If this is something of interest, check out our full guide to how to become a property developer to learn more about securing planning permission and making a good investment.


        • Potential to make large rental returns if you can add value to the property with renovations and capital growth.
        • Don’t need to deal with tenants and rental property management duties.


        • Buy-to-sell is a very hands-on method of property investing, requiring time and expertise to succeed.
        • Could lose money if not done right.
        • It can be costly depending on the level of renovation needed to increase property value.

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          LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - APRIL 3, 2017: People walking in the Liverpool One shopping centre. The place is the largest open air shopping centre in the United Kingdom and the 5th largest overall.

          5. Commercial Buy-to-Let

          When it comes to property strategies UK and property investment ideas, an effective choice in 2022 is commercial buy-to-let.

          Here, an investor will purchase a commercial building, which can include an office block or retail space, and rent it out exclusively to companies and business owners.

          While investors may struggle to find sellers for commercial property, commercial buildings tend to have longer lease periods than traditional buy-to-let, making it easier to secure a long-term tenant and get a consistent cash flow.

          However, commercial property can be hit heavily in times of economic struggle like the financial crisis, something that a potential property investor should keep in mind before they decide to choose this alternative property investment to traditional buy-to-let.


          • Lease lengths for commercial buy-to-let tend to be longer than residential buy-to-let property investment strategies.
          • There are certain tax advantages involved.


          • Finding the right tenant can take a long time, meaning more extended void periods in between tenants.
          • Buy-to-let mortgages can be more costly compared to residential buy-to-let.
          • In times of recession or economic uncertainty, the commercial property market tends to be hit hard.

          6. Holiday Lets

          Increasingly popular amongst those searching for property investment ideas, holiday lets are another type of buy-to-let property investment strategy that many UK investors opt for.

          Like residential or student buy-to-let, investing in a holiday let involves purchasing a property – whether a house or apartment – and then renting it out for income.

          These types of properties are let out on a short-term basis as they’re rented by those seeking somewhere to stay while on holiday.   For those unsure of the difference between long-term vs short-term rent, holiday lets are a perfect example of short-term rent investments.

          Also known as serviced accommodations, these properties will typically be listed on websites like Airbnb and other platforms to showcase holiday rentals.


          • Buying property for Airbnb or holiday let allows investors to make attractive rental income, depending on the overall quality and popularity of the property.
          • Better tax benefits compared to traditional buy-to-let.


          • Finding a buy-to-let mortgage can be tricky.
          • A lot of work is involved in maintaining and marketing the property.
          • The property could go empty for long periods, especially if it’s based in an area that sees more seasonal demand, such as a seaside town.

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            7. Hotel Lets

            If you’re looking for alternative property investments UK, hotel lets are an incredibly niche investment strategy you likely may not have thought of when considering a rental property investment strategy.

            Hotel room investments are when an investor purchases a room within a hotel and generates income from guest stays.

            Instead of having a full-time tenant like other buy-to-let strategies, an investor will gain income from those travelling for business or a holiday.

            Hotel lets are ideal for UK investors who want a completely hands-off investment when investing in property.


            • It can be possible to make large returns if the hotel is popular and generates a lot of demand.
            • A hands-off strategy with no need to deal with tenants.


            • Because a hotel is essentially a business, you’re at risk of the hotel failing, damaging your investment.
            • If the hotel doesn’t see a lot of demand, you will lose income due to void periods.
            • The hotel’s reputation is out of your control, and bad customer reviews could impact demand.

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              8. Property Crowdfunding

              Getting into more niche alternative property investments, property crowdfunding is an interesting strategy for those looking to indirectly own property.

              Property crowdfunding is when a group of investors pool together their funds to buy real estate, with each investor owning a share of the asset.

              While you can do this with friends, property crowdfunding usually refers to an online platform that secures money from multiple investors and then manages the property on their behalf.

              After the online platform generates enough money, it will then form a limited company, with investors given a share in the company representative of the cash they invested.

              As a way to buy property, crowdfunding can be an excellent tool, with investors only needing to spend around £1,000 rather than the £30k you would usually need to buy affordable housing in the UK.

              Of course, the trade-off is that you will earn considerably less income than owning a single property.


              • A more affordable way to own money-generating property.
              • No need to worry about landlord duties like finding tenants and managing the property.
              • You can easily diversify your portfolio and ‘buy’ multiple properties.


              • You will be earning far less income than if you owned a single property, with profits shared amongst investors.
              • You have no control over how the property is managed and if it is kept or sold.
              • You will need to conduct your own due diligence as property crowdfunding can be risky with no track record to know what you’re getting yourself into.

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              9. Rent-to-Rent

              For investment ideas UK, rent-to-rent can be an effective and little-known strategy that can get you on the property ladder without paying a huge price tag.

              Rent-to-rent is when an investor rents a property from a landlord and then rents it out to a tenant.

              The investor who rents out the property from the landlord has the responsibility of finding tenants, maintaining the property, and paying property bills, while the regular rental costs that the investor is required to pay will usually be discounted to allow them to make a profit.


              • Quick to get started with and begin generating income.
              • Doesn’t require the purchase of a property.


              • The number of landlords who will agree to this arrangement is limited.
              • Limited returns compared to other property investment strategies.
              • No ability to make returns through capital growth.

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                  What Is the Best Way to Invest in Property?

                  To work out which of these investment strategies is right for you, you need to think about what you want to get out of your property investment project.

                  Ask yourself the following questions when contemplating a property investment strategy:

                  • Are you focused on making regular returns from rental income, a large sum of money from a property sale, or both?
                  • How much risk are you prepared to accept with your investment?
                  • Is the property investment strategy you’re interested in capable of generating a high influx of demand?
                  • Do you want a long-term property investment or do you want quicker short term returns?

                  If you want the best type of property investment, a buy to let strategy will likely be your best choice.

                  This is because buy to let strategies, most notably residential and student buy to let, can offer two types of return on investment – rental returns and capital growth.

                  However, if you’re more focused on making a lump sum of money rather than a long-term cash flow, then property investment strategies like buy to sell may be better suited to your needs.

                  To fully understand which property investment strategy is right for you, it may be a good idea to speak to a financial advisor who can provide clarity on what each investment strategy involves.

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                    How Can I Make My Property Investment Strategy a Success? (4 Tips for 2022)

                    Once you’ve decided what kind of property investment strategy you’re going to pursue, you need to follow certain steps to make your real estate venture as successful as possible.

                    Here are four property investing tips to keep in mind for building effective UK investing strategies.

                    How to Build a Property Portfolio, Get Started Now!

                    Tips on how to start building your property portfolio with tools for success.

                    Person holds a piece of paper writes 'what to expect'

                    Know What to Expect

                    Nobody should ever enter an investment without knowing what to expect. When it comes to property investment strategies, this means learning about all of the fees and payments involved with investing in property.

                    While you have the cost of the property itself to consider, you also need to be prepared for the following expenses:

                    • Property taxes like stamp duty tax.
                    • Property management fees.
                    • Rental property insurance.
                    • Ground rent (if you purchase a leasehold property).
                    • Property maintenance costs.
                    • Other applicable fees.

                    This is why so many investors believe that setting a budget is such an essential part of every property investment strategy.

                    Whether you have a budget of £50k or £500k, you’re still perfectly able to find a lucrative investment property. You just need to be prepared for the costs and fees involved so that you can budget accordingly.

                    Learn more about how much money you need to invest in property by reading our updated 2024 guide.

                    You also need to factor in your responsibilities if you choose to become a landlord. Click the following link to learn more about landlord responsibilities with references to safety, housing benefit tenants and everything you need to know about energy efficiency.

                    Foreign Investment in the UK 2023/24

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                    Think About Your Tenant

                    Once  you’ve chosen a property investment strategy, you’ll have a good idea of the type of tenant you should rent your property out to.

                    Understanding your tenant profile is so essential before you begin your buy to let journey. With property investment, UK cities attract tenant demand from a range of different renters.

                    Before you put your property on the market, you should think about the type of tenant that’s likely to be interested in the investment. This will allow you to tailor the design and amenities to them.

                    For instance, you might view student property as one of the best types of property for a property investment strategy in the UK, in which case the obvious resident will be student tenants.

                    To give yourself the best chance at success, however, you should pay attention to unique details that could help your property stand out to this tenant.

                    If you researched the student market in the UK, you’d find that students favour qualities like proximity to their university campus, high-speed internet, and modern designs and furnishings.

                    Other luxury amenities like an onsite gym or round-the-clock security and maintenance are also desirable.

                    Knowing this information about your target tenant can take your property investment strategy to the next level and offer attractive qualities that your competitors may be lacking.

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                    Plan an Exit Strategy

                    Before you even start your property investment strategy, you should already have an exit plan in mind.

                    Your exit strategy is an integral part of your journey when investing in property in the UK. Without it, you could be limiting your investment potential. So how do you create an exit strategy?

                    Think about how long you imagine investing for, how you plan to leave your investment, and who your ideal buyer would be.

                    For example, you may wish to invest for the longest period possible so that you can generate many years worth of rental returns.

                    Then, when the market is booming, you’ll think about selling the property to benefit from capital appreciation.

                    Be sure to spend time thinking about this, especially if you intend to build a wider property portfolio.

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