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Wallasey Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Wallasey Buy-to-Let

    Wallasey is a town that sits on the tip of the Wirral peninsula, located at the meeting point of the Irish Sea and River Mersey. While many investors are unfamiliar with Wallasey, they’ll undoubtedly know the city on the other side of the Mersey – Liverpool.

    Due to the proximity to this historic city, Wallasey attracts attention from buyers and tenants looking for good-value properties without being too far away from all the action in the centre of Liverpool.

    Today, we’ll dive into the prices of Wallasey’s buy-to-let property investments, the local rental market and various reasons why people may want to purchase properties in this area.

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      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Wallasey

      Over the past year, the average property price in Wallasey stood at £173,465. Terraced properties dominated the sales market, commanding an average price of £139,331, while semi-detached properties fetched £219,864 on average, and flats sold for around £118,379.

      Comparatively, the overall sales prices in Wallasey experienced a 6% decline compared to the preceding year yet remained in line with the peak seen in 2021, which averaged £173,358.

      To put that into perspective, the average UK house price for the last year was £282,691, according to the Land Registry UK House Price Index.

      This makes Wallasey properties around 47 % cheaper than the rest of the UK.

      The Savills Residential Property Forecast predicts the North West region will see 20.2% capital growth. This is considerably better than the likes of London (13.9%) and the UK (17.9%) as a whole.

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Wallasey

      Wallasey offers good-value rents for tenants, especially compared to the rest of the UK.

      According to the HomeLet Rental Index, the average UK rent price is £1,262 PCM (as of February 2024).

      However, the Wallasey Rental Market Summary puts the average rent in this town at £986 PCM. However, there are areas such as Seacombe and Egremont where rents can be significantly cheaper.

      Let’s take the average property price according to Rightmove and the above rental average. Investors can expect yields of 6.8%, which is good compared to the national average gross yield but falls short of Liverpool’s average of 7.43% (per Zoopla).

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      Investment Properties for Sale in Wallasey

      As a part of the North West region, Wallasey is bound to catch the attention of investors due to the region’s position in the UK property market.

      According to HM Land Registry, the average property price in the North West is £215,082. This is significantly less than the national average.

      However, the North West tends to offer better rental yields than many other locations across the United Kingdom. For example, the average yield in the UK is around 5.4%, while Wallasey has yields of 6.8% on average. In addition, the likes of Liverpool, Blackburn and Burnley all made it onto Zoopla’s list of the best-yielding cities.

      If you want to invest in Wallasey, you’ll find prices can be less than the national average, while terraced properties are the most popular property type.


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        Buy-to-Let Investment in Wallasey: Area Breakdown

        When it comes to the Wallasey area, buy-to-let investors have two postcodes in which they can find investment properties: CH44 and CH45.


        CH44 consists of Seacombe, Egremont, Poulton, and Liscard. The majority of properties in these areas are terraced homes and flats. In Seacombe, along the waterfront, investors can find some larger detached and semi-detached houses and properties converted into apartments. Liscard is a popular shopping destination with multiple retail outlets, supermarkets and bars. This part of Wallasey has been subject to regeneration courtesy of the Wirral Council.

        Properties in these areas are considerably cheaper than CH45, while rents are less extravagant than some of the more affluent places in Wallasey. The area has many bus routes that lead to Liverpool and the wider Wirral area. However, CH44 lacks train stations, so commuters must travel to Birkenhead, Wallasey Village or New Brighton to use the local rail network.

        CH44 attracts families and older people – many young professionals relocate to Liverpool to be closer to job opportunities and things to do.

        Average Property Price in CH44

        In the past year, properties in CH44 commanded an average price of £146,785.

        Terraced properties dominated the sales market in CH44, with an average selling price of £127,034. Semi-detached properties fetched an average of £184,110, while flats were sold at an average price of £106,636.

        Average Rental Yield in CH44

        The average rental yield in CH44 is roughly 5.05%.

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          CH45 is the more affluent part of Wallasey, home to areas like New Brighton and Wallasey Village. Homes are more expensive here – with properties on Warren Drive exceeding £1,000,000 in property price.

          These locations sit on the local rail network, allowing commuters to reach Liverpool, West Kirby and Chester (indeed, if you want to know about Chester property investment, check out our guide to Chester buy-to-let).

          New Brighton has enjoyed plenty of regeneration in recent years and now has a popular concourse, complete with a Light cinema, Morrisons supermarket and multiple eateries, attracting visitors from across Merseyside.

          Wallasey Village is home to St. Mary’s Catholic College and also provides access to the national motorway network and other parts of the Wirral, leading into Leasowe and Moreton.

          Average Property Price in CH45

          In the past year, properties in CH45 commanded an average price of £198,629.

          Semi-detached properties were the most prevalent in CH45’s sales market, with an average selling price of £239,917. Terraced properties followed, selling for an average of £165,667, while flats fetched £117,602.

          Overall, sold prices in CH45 over the last year experienced an 8% decrease compared to the previous year and a 1% decline from the peak in 2021, which stood at £201,340.

          Average Rental Yield in CH45

          The average rental yield in this area is 3.9%, though it is possible to find properties almost double that percentage, particularly in popular areas like New Brighton.

          (Average property prices were taken from Rightmove in early 2024; gross rental yield estimates were calculated with figures from in the same period)

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          Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Wallasey

          Plenty of Things to Do

          As aforementioned, the CH45 part of Wallasey offers plenty of things to do for locals. The regenerated New Brighton area has a stunning beach, arcades, funfair and other attractions. It is also home to the Floral Pavilion, which has regular shows and performances. The Victoria Road part of New Brighton underwent substantial change over the last six years or so, with numerous hip bars and independent eateries popping up.

          New Brighton and Liscard have parks with plenty of green space, while the coastal walk from Seacombe to West Kirby is well worth doing at least once.

          New Brighton, in particular, attracts people from all over due to its connection with the Beatles – the band played numerous times at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom. However, the tower has since been deconstructed, though a plaque commemorates their performances on the field that remains.

          With the sheer amount of things to do and the multitude of amenities within walking distance of most properties, Wallasey could be a good place for investors looking to cater to families and young professionals.

          Proximity to Liverpool

          Wallasey boasts a strategic location ideal for those keen on easy access to Liverpool while preferring a more tranquil way of living.

          The preferred mode of transportation for many commuters is the train, with regular services available from New Brighton and Wallasey Village to multiple stations in Liverpool city centre. The journey typically spans 20-25 minutes.

          Commuters can also access Liverpool via bus or car, travelling through the Wallasey tunnel. Alternatively, commuters can go through the Birkenhead tunnel further away. The 432 and 433 bus routes operate through the Wallasey Tunnel.

          Close proximity to Liverpool also makes Wallasey popular with students attending the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University – both of which sit in the city centre.

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          Wallasey New-Builds

          The Wallasey new-build market predominantly features newly constructed terraced and semi-detached properties. Social housing initiatives like Magenta Living contribute to the Wallasey new-build landscape.

          If you’re looking for new-build property investment opportunities in Wallasey, you may be better served looking over the other side of the Mersey. For example, The Gateway and The Mercantile in Liverpool are just two examples of redeveloped and new-build properties in the big city.

          The market for property investments in Liverpool is populated with many stunning city centre apartments that cater to young professionals, couples and even families who want to live in the heart of one of the UK’s bustling city centres.

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            Off-Plan Property

            Off-Plan Property in Wallasey

            Investing in off-plan property provides an avenue for accessing newly built developments at a more economical price. Investors opting for off-plan commitments typically secure properties before completion, often benefiting from discounted rates compared to prevailing market prices.

            Getting involved early can result in substantial capital appreciation with a relatively modest initial investment, as property values tend to increase as the off-plan project nears completion.

            As with standard new-build investments, off-plan properties typically enjoy robust rental demand, especially in sought-after areas. This could potentially deliver reliable yields for years to come.

            As Wallasey does not offer much by way of off-plan investment opportunities, those considering this strategy may want to check the likes of Liverpool and Manchester first.

            Both cities have better rental yields than Wallasey – Liverpool also has comparative property values to the average Wallasey price.

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            How Does Wallasey Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

            While Wallasey boasts reasonable property prices compared to the national average, its rental yield may not match the likes of larger North West cities such as Liverpool.

            Still, the North West region as a whole offers considerable capital growth forecasts at 20.2%, much higher than the UK’s expected growth of 17.9% (per Savills). When coupled with Wallasey’s lower property prices, these factors could convince investors to take a chance on this small town.

            Wallasey’s charm lies in its unique blend of coastal living, historical significance, and proximity to major urban centres. While it may not command the same rental market as London or Manchester, its affordability combined with the promise of future growth paints a compelling picture for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

            Overall, while Wallasey may not top the charts in every aspect of the buy-to-let market, its distinct advantages and potential for capital appreciation make it a noteworthy contender worthy of consideration alongside other UK regions.


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              Want to Invest in Wallasey?

              So, is Wallasey the best area for UK property investment?

              The area presents several positives for investors seeking properties close to Liverpool, especially if they want to tailor their strategy towards families.

              However, for property investment opportunities offering better value, consider looking across the water, particularly if you want to earn higher yields and appeal to Liverpool’s expansive student and young professional demographic.

              Exploring emerging neighbourhoods within Liverpool itself might offer a more diverse range of investment options, catering to various market segments and potentially yielding higher returns in the long run.

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