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St. Albans Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About St. Albans Buy-to-Let

    St Albans is a city that sits 19 miles north of London, which presents multiple opportunities for investors. Due to the proximity to the capital, St. Albans is a commuter hotspot, allowing locals to easily reach London for work or leisure. However, St. Albans is far enough away to give locals a quieter way of life compared to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

    For this reason, St. Albans attracts a diverse tenant pool, meaning investors can adapt various investment strategies to the area. Whether you’re investing in apartments for young professionals or larger dwellings for families, you may be able to find suitable buy-to-let opportunities here.

    Today, we’ll cover the prices of St. Albans’s buy-to-let property investments, the current rental market and various popular areas with tenants.


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      St-Albans street view

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in St. Albans

      As is typical of the cities and towns surrounding London, St. Albans property prices are considerably more expensive than the UK average.

      As per the HM Land Registry UK House Price Index, the average market value of property in St. Albans was £553,372 as of December 2023. In sharp contrast, the average UK house price for the same period was £282,691.

      This makes St. Albans properties around 64 % more expensive than the rest of the UK.

      Whether you want to purchase a detached property or studio apartment, you can expect to pay the following for different-sized buy-to-let investments.

      • Detached: £1,085,459
      • Semi-detached: £677,041
      • Terraced: £494,239
      • Flats and maisonettes: £295,230

      The Savills Residential Property Forecast predicts that the East of England region is expected to see 16.7% capital growth. This is considerably better than the London region (13.9%) but pales compared to the UK’s 17.9% capital growth prediction.

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      St-Albans Aerial View

      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in St. Albans

      Like property prices, St. Albans rental prices are also more expensive than the UK average.

      The HomeLet Rental Index puts the average UK rent price at £1,262 PCM (as of February 2024), while rents in St. Albans are £2,385 PCM on average (as per

      When we consider the average rent for the region and the price of a St. Albans property, investors can expect lower rental yields than many other places in the UK.

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      Investment Properties for Sale in St. Albans

      St. Albans offers diverse investment properties like detached homes, semi-detached residences, and flats. Despite their cost, they present a more affordable alternative than neighbouring London.

      During the past year, semi-detached properties dominated sales in St. Albans, commanding an average price of £701,318. Terraced properties followed with an average sale price of £557,068, while flats fetched £314,228 on average. We recommend reading our useful resource detailing the UK interest rates chart for futher insights.

      According to Rightmove, property prices in St. Albans experienced a 5% decrease compared to the previous year but remained 2% higher than the peak in 2021, which was £617,854.

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        St-Albans aerial view

        Buy-to-Let Investment in St. Albans: Area Breakdown

        St. Albans City Centre

        St. Albans boasts a charming, historic city centre adorned with narrow streets and traditional character properties. These include a variety of Georgian and Victorian terraces, cottages, and period houses alongside newer constructions.

        The city centre is highly sought-after among young professional renters seeking proximity to shops, pubs, restaurants, and excellent commuting options via train.

        Average Property Price in St. Albans City Centre

        The average property price in St. Albans city centre is £622,944.

        Average Rental Yield in St. Albans City Centre

        The average rental yield in St. Albans city centre is roughly 2.87%.

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          St-Albans Cathedral

          South St. Albans

          To the south of St. Albans city centre lie the residential areas of Sopwell, St. Stephens, and St. Julians. These neighbourhoods are popular among residents due to their charming older homes, convenient access to the city centre, and good transportation options via road and rail from St. Albans Abbey.

          Further beyond, you’ll find the distinct village of Chiswell Green and the larger town of London Colney. Chiswell Green is particularly appealing to commuters as it boasts two railway stations. While London Colney is not as close to St. Albans, it offers amenities, including shops and schools, along with notable sites like the Arsenal FC and Watford FC training grounds.

          London Colney also enjoys easy access to the M25 and numerous workplaces nearby. The properties here range from traditional cottages to newly constructed homes, with prices averaging around 20% lower than the St. Albans average.

          Average Property Price in South St. Albans

          The average property price in this area is £568,998.

          Average Rental Yield in South St. Albans

          The average rental yield in this area is 4.64%.

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          Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in St. Albans

          Strong Visitor Economy & Plenty to Do

          St. Albans draws many visitors due to its rich history. Key attractions include St. Albans Cathedral, renowned as Britain’s oldest site of Christian worship, the Verulamium Museum, the Roman Theatre of Verulamium, The Roman Mosaic and Hypocaust, and St. Albans Museum & Gallery.

          Factors such as these attract thousands of people to the city yearly, which means investors may have some luck with short-term rental properties.

          St. Albans maintains a friendly and cosy ambience despite being a city. It boasts unique independent shops, inviting pubs and restaurants, and a vibrant cultural scene. A few years ago, the Times newspaper named St. Albans the best place to live in the South-East.

          Proximity to London

          St. Albans is conveniently placed for travelling into London, appealing to people who want to be close to the capital but enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

          The most common mode of transport is by train, with frequent services from St. Albans to London St. Pancras International. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

          St. Albans is also commutable by car. Commuters can reach the centre of London via the M1 in just over an hour.

          Good Local Education Options

          The diverse selection of schools in St. Albans contributes to its appeal among families looking to buy or rent properties. Among the prominent independent schools in the area are St. Albans School, St. Albans High School for Girls, and St. Columba’s College.

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          St. Albans New-Builds

          The St. Albans new-build market predominantly features newly constructed houses and social housing schemes in conjunction with the St. Albans council, with a smaller presence of freshly built apartments also entering the market.

          According to Shawbrook Bank, landlords anticipate city centre apartments as a profitable investment in 2024, driven by increasing demand from tenants seeking proximity to urban employment opportunities. To capitalise on this potential surge in demand, it’s advisable to concentrate on areas like city centres.

          However, it’s worth noting that the new-build apartment sector in St. Albans is comparatively less dynamic than that of major cities such as Liverpool or Manchester.

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            Off-Plan Property

            Off-Plan Property in St. Albans

            In recent years, St. Albans has seen a greater influx of off-plan developments, particularly in the form of new high-rise apartment buildings, such as the upcoming Verla in the city centre.

            Off-plan investment entails investors purchasing property directly from developers at a discounted price. These properties typically boast contemporary amenities and fixtures constructed in compliance with the latest EPC regulations. Such features are appealing to tenants seeking to minimise their energy expenses.

            As mentioned, new-build investment opportunities are somewhat limited in St. Albans. Therefore, investors may find a more diverse range of off-plan investment options that are more concentrated in urban cities where capital appreciation and rental demand are more guaranteed.

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            St-Albans train station

            How Does St. Albans Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

            While St. Albans boasts a convenient location for commuters to London, property prices in this area surpass the national average, and rental yields are notably low. These factors merit consideration for those interested in property investment.

            Additionally, the East of England is projected to experience a modest capital growth of 16.7% over the next five years, positioning it as one of the less robust markets in the UK buy-to-let sector.

            In contrast, regions like the North West offer higher capital growth forecasts at 20.2%, coupled with comparatively lower property prices and more attractive rental yields.

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              Want to Invest in St. Albans?

              St. Albans presents several appealing aspects for investors seeking properties close to London while also aiming to reduce their property expenses.

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              However, for property investment opportunities offering better value, consider looking further north. These North West and North East regions feature lower average property prices and more robust tenant demand, which means higher yields are attainable in the right locations.

              If you want to learn about where the best buy-to-let areas are, check out some of our area guides, including:

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