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In 1800, Liverpool surveyor John Foster Snr laid out plans for a new area of housing east of Rodney Street. Over the next 100 years, elegant rows of houses were built, mainly in Georgian style and became populated by Liverpool’s wealthy elite. The streets were laid out in a distinctive grid structure and offer one of the finest examples of Georgian urban design anywhere in the UK. Named the Liverpool Georgian Quarter, it’s now the home of award-winning street, Hope Street.

Proud winner of the Academy of Urbanism ‘Great Street Award’ after receiving a huge £2.9 million investment in 2006, Hope Street is at the heart of the Georgian Quarter, Liverpool. Over a decade on, the famous road is home to two of Liverpool’s leading cultural venues where city goers can sample an assortment of musical events, the Everyman Theatre and the recently refurbished Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. A number of the city’s best hotels and restaurants also line the street, including one of the UK’s most celebrated pubs, The Philharmonic Dining Rooms. Liverpool’s two world-famous cathedrals also punctuate each end of Hope Street.

Philharmonic Hall Georgian Quarter Liverpool

The Liverpool Georgian Quarter has endured many of the city’s periods of transition; the rise and fall of industrialism, two World Wars and the phenomena of The Beatles. History courses through every row and the period architecture and cobbled streets has led to the quarter providing the location for a number of films and television series.

Liverpool Georgian Quarter

The Georgian Quarter also merges with the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, making this part of the city very inviting to graduates and young professionals. Additionally, the quirky quarter is in a location popular with the city’s cool university scene because of its close proximity to the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores and Liverpool Hope universities. Businesses have cottoned-on to the trends of this fashionable social hang-out by setting up independent bars and restaurants to provide relaxing dining and drinking experiences that enhance an indulgent student lifestyle.

As if this isn’t enough, natural beauty complements the attractive buildings in the form of the Grade II listed English Heritage site, St James Gardens, as well as the gardens accessible at Falkner Square that create a pleasant communal area for residents to congregate and socialise. Surrounding the gardens are characteristic gothic architecture and terraced buildings which are being met with more modern designs as housing schemes in the area are attempting to increase diversity and attract a wider variety of tenants.

Falkner Square Liverpool Georgian Quarter

Those buildings which have been sensitively converted are offering 21st-century tenants modern and stylish interiors fit for luxury living in stunning period structures. Investors are benefiting from the hard to come by features of property in the Liverpool Georgian Quarter for sale which boast both high rental yields and competitive property prices for investors in buy to let. As a hungry appetite for refurbished properties with historic value stirs in the stomachs of most investors, this rare district is the perfect answer for those looking to add something a little more traditional to their property portfolio.

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