Kings Dock Mill
Luxury Waterfront Apartments
Liverpool City Centre
Prices from £175,000
7% Net Rental Return
L1 Boutique
Grade II Listed Building
Liverpool City Centre
Prices from £134,995
7% Net Rental Return
New Development Hotspot
Prices from £97,500
7-8% Net Rental Return
City Terraces
Residential Apartments Liverpool
Liverpool Waterfront
Prices from £86,995
7% Net Rental Return
Fabric District Residence
Luxury Residential Apartments
Liverpool’s Fabric District
Prices from £75,950
8% Net Rental Return
One Islington Plaza
Luxury Student Accommodation
Liverpool City Centre
Prices from £61,995
8% Net Rental Return

Property Investment Company

With over 14 years of experience, RWinvest is a market leading UK property investment company with offices in London, Liverpool and Manchester. We specialise in buy to let investment and offer our clients support in buying rental property, providing them with exclusive access to high quality residential and student new build properties across the Northern Powerhouse.

property investment

We are passionate about providing our clients with exclusive access to the most up and coming and profitable developments out there. Our large team is spread across 3 core cities and possess a diverse range of professional skill sets.

We offer a wide range of services and take pride in providing excellent client care to help our investors feel supported in searching for their next buy to let investment property. Our focus has always been on transparency, reliability and quality, bringing investors together with the top development management companies in the UK.

Off Plan Developments

Investing in our off plan developments comes with an incredible array of benefits. Investing in new build properties is often considerably cheaper than investing in pre built properties and the returns are often significantly higher. Not to mention, you can beat the crowds and have your pick of the very best units available.

We offer amazing pre release payment structures and, since we only work with the most experienced developers, you can rest assured that your investment will deliver the promise of high rental yields and capital appreciation.

Visit our Show Apartments in our Flagship Branch


We are the only company in the UK to exhibit show apartments in our Liverpool flagship branch, which enables us to offer investors an in depth informative experience before buying rental property.

On display in our Liverpool Headquarters, we have an example studio, identical to the ones you will find within our newest development, One Islington Plaza. Additionally, we have a model one bedroom apartment, identical to those you will find within our luxury coastal residence, Crosby Gardens.


What Makes Us Different?


We are the only dedicated UK property investment company working with developers from the planning stage through to completion. We’ve taken this unprecedented step because we want more control over the opportunities we market, right from the beginning.

Having this control means we can offer investors better returns, growth prospects and a better service. When we founded RWinvest in 2004, our mission was to help investors like you succeed, matching you with carefully vetted buy to let investment opportunities that offer excellent growth prospects.

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Why Invest in UK Property?

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Property remains one of the most robust investment classes, especially for those looking for long term returns. Although research and accurate forecasting are obvious advantages, specialist knowledge isn’t essential for buying rental property.


Property attracts a variety of investors, thanks to its ease of entry and relatively straightforward exit process. To successfully invest in the stock market requires an understanding of the complexities of financial trading. To invest in property, however, requires only a sufficient cashflow, a clear strategy and a wise choice of location.


There are a whole range of exciting buy to let investment opportunities across the UK. From luxury city centre new build properties to refurbished listed buildings, there is something to suit every investor. Successful urban regeneration schemes are creating a new range of attractive affordable property. Across the former industrial heartlands, old buildings are being rejuvenated to provide homes full of character.

Demand for property in the UK far outweighs supply and the market is constantly subject to new trends and legislation. Once the heartbeat of British industry, old warehouses and factories now provide the office and residential space driving the new economy; new markets are being created all the time.


Understanding the UK’s primary regeneration zones and recognising up and coming commercial hotspots is therefore integral to building a successful buy to let property portfolio.


Property investment offers a degree of flexibility that other asset classes don’t. For example, you can choose an off plan investment, benefit from discounts during construction and purchase property below the market value. Property investment can also offer greater control and higher capital growth than the stock market. Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) provides a different proposition altogether.

property investment

With expert financial advice and by choosing the right market, location, and rental management company, property provides a secure and profitable way to invest your money. At RWinvest, we have extensive experience working with the UK’s leading developers and rental management companies to ensure that your property investment delivers.


We are amongst the UK’s best property companies. If you wish to buy an investment property and want access to the latest buy to let investment opportunities, then RWinvest can talk you through your property investment strategy and provide you with information on a range of the best investments 2017.


Often, customers want a high return on investment and a secure exit strategy. RWinvest understand this and work tirelessly to ensure our clients get access to the very best investment properties out there.

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