Devon House
LIVERPOOL Knowledge Quarter
State of the Art Smart Studios
Prices from £67,950
8% Assured Rental Income
Reliance House
LIVERPOOL Business Districs
Luxury Apartments
Prices from £119,950
7% Net Rental Income
West Point
Large Studios & 1 Beds
Prices from £79,000
8% Assured Net Rental Income

Investment Properties at Below Market Rates


Established in 2004, RW Invest offers our clients an opportunity to invest in discounted UK property with high rental yields and a clear, secure exit strategy.

2017 promises to be our most exciting year yet as we offer the most attractive property investment opportunities in the UK, from tenanted buy to let apartments to high-yielding student properties. Discover the difference that an experienced property investment company can make to your portfolio.

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Strand Plaza

Luxury apartments located in the thriving city of Liverpool with stunning views of the city and Albert Docks as well as providing investors with 6.5% net rental income.

About Us

With over 11 years of experience, RW Invest is a market leader in UK property investments, specialising in buy to let, student property and hotel room investments.

Top 10 Tips to Invest in 2016

At RW Invest, we are dedicated to providing our customers knowledge, not just investments. Here are our top 10 tips to get you on the road to financial success.


Whilst the world of property investment is lucrative, it can also be confusing. Our experienced and dynamic team are here to assist you with any query you may have.

What our clients say...

If it wasn’t for the client care team I would never have got round to buying the property. They made sure the process was smooth and efficient. I am not available Monday to Friday 9-5 so they worked around that and made sure I didn’t miss any of the deadlines and completed on my purchase.
I was approached with this deal a few years ago before the Chapel Street regeneration and can honestly say I am so glad believed in the vision! I’ve experienced amazing capital growth and I never have to worry about the flat getting rented out. I should have bought more!

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