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Welcome to RW Invest – One of the UK’s Leading Property Investment Companies

With 15 years of experience, RW Invest are one of the UK’s leading property investment companies, working hard to create the most lucrative and exciting investment opportunities in the UK. Here at RW Invest, we specialise in both student and residential buy to let properties within some of the top UK investment cities and introduce clients to the most exclusive and superior properties on the market.

Our knowledgeable team of professionals are based in offices in London, Manchester, Leeds and our Liverpool headquarters. Ever since 2004, our property investment company focuses on transparency, reliability and quality to help our clients find the perfect investment property for sale. We want our clients to get the most out of their investments, giving them guidance on how to invest in property successfully and helping them feel inspired and supported throughout their experience.

Dominating the North of England, we recognise the potential of the UK’s top performing cities when it comes to property — Liverpool and Manchester. We bring investment opportunities in the most up and coming neighbourhoods, catering to the north-west’s high demand for residential and student rental properties. Better yet, all of our opportunities offer attractive rental yields that guarantee worthwhile returns for those who want to buy off-plan property.

Properties like our One Baltic Square and Parliament Square developments offer investors the chance to attract desirable young professional tenants and benefit from yields of 7 per cent. We understand the qualities that tenants find attractive in a property, such as modern decor, proximity to the city centre’s main attractions, luxury balconies, and private gardens. Our Bridgewater Wharf and Local Blackfriars apartments in Manchester, for instance, feature high-quality bathrooms and kitchens, and private balconies that overlook the city.

What Is Property Investment?


Property investment involves buying a property and either renting it out to tenants or enhancing it and reselling for a higher price. When done properly, buying an investment property is an incredibly lucrative venture. Successful investments can generate large returns and help you meet your financial goals.

Property remains one of the most robust and flexible investment classes on the market. While other assets such as the stock market require a more complex understanding of financial trading, property success is more achievable. The recipe for a strong property investment lies with sufficient cash flow, a clear approach, and a wise choice of location. At RW Invest, we help investors achieve long term returns by only offering opportunities with the best rental yields and potential for capital growth.

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Why Should You Get Into Property Investment?

You should get into property investment if you’re serious about boosting your income and creating financial growth. Property investments can generate regular income through buy to let, along with the chance to make big returns when the value of your property increases over time.


Property investment offers a degree of flexibility that’s difficult to find within other asset classes. For example, if you buy an off-plan investment such as those that we offer at RW Invest, you can benefit from discounts and purchase the property at below market value. Investing in the properties we offer gives you the chance to make attractive returns both through rental income and house price growth. All of our properties are developed within major regeneration areas in which the economy is only expected to flourish.


How to get into property investment?


If you want to get into property investment, make sure you take all the right steps. Research the best locations to invest in, think about your target tenant, set yourself investment goals, and seek the help of property experts who can help you find your perfect buy to let opportunity.


At RW Invest, we pride ourselves on offering a premium service to both experienced and first-time investors. We’re lucky to have a fantastic team of property professionals that help us stand out amongst other property investment companies. Our dedicated sales team work diligently alongside clients, providing honest and reliable advice to help them find the most suitable opportunities. Our skilled client care team will also be on hand to guide and support your investment from the preliminary stage right through to completion.

How to start property investment?


When starting your property investment journey, the first step is to find an investment property that you’re interested in. Look online for buy to let opportunities that fit your budget, contact property investment companies to enquire about their investments, and keep your end goal in mind.


The team at RW Invest strive to make the investment process as straight-forward as possible. If you’re interested in any of our properties, our sales professionals are on hand to guide you with your investment and provide you with all the necessary information. If you’re interested in making your first property investment, browse our website for information on all of our latest opportunities and contact us to chat with a dedicated member of our team.


If you want a property investment company that’s with you every step of the way, make sure you choose RW Invest for your next property venture.

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