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Manchester Property Investment Guide
Manchester Property Investment Guide

Property Investment in Manchester

Property Investment Manchester

Manchester is a UK city that’s become widely known for its property market. If you’re wondering how to invest in property, there are plenty of reasons to consider this Northern gem for your first or next property investment venture. A city filled with a rich history and culture, buy to let Manchester is attracting attention from investors around the globe. Manchester was once the world’s first industrialised city, the home of the world’s oldest train station, and the birthplace of the world’s first computer and public library. The city’s glowing reputation has served it well over the years, blossoming into a powerhouse for regeneration and investment. By 2019, Manchester has made a name for itself as a property hotspot thanks to the promise of capital gain and impressive returns on investment.


While London was once the go-to city for property investment in the UK, the number of property investors Manchester attracts is growing. Between 2011 and 2016, the economy of Greater Manchester has grown by 19 per cent. Both established and first-time investors see potential in the choices that property investment Manchester brings, many of whom are from overseas. There’s been a recent spike in interest from Chinese investors, while investors in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the wider GCC have voted Manchester the best UK city for investments.

With a famous shopping scene, eclectic nightlife, an endless range of leisure attractions and much more, Manchester is one of the UK’s biggest tourist spots. Floods of people head to the Northern city each year for music events like the Warehouse Project or Parklife Festival, amongst cultural events such as the Manchester International Festival. Manchester’s thriving business scene also regularly attracts high numbers of visitors. Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are commonly held at Event City and other spots in the Manchester area.

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With affordable prices to buy or rent and affordable living costs, Manchester offers its residents a fantastic quality of life. New developments in the city are tailored to the growing demand from a whole host of tenants, be this students and young professionals or couples and families. Whether looking to invest or buy your first home, those seeking property for sale in Manchester will benefit from a much lower cost than what they’d pay in London.

Best Buy To Let Postcodes In Manchester

What are the best buy to let postcodes in Manchester?


Some of the best buy to let postcodes in Manchester are M14, M19, M5, M3 and M16. These areas are perfect for investment thanks to high rental yields, increasing rates of demand, and potential for capital growth. In the M14 area, average rental yields reach an impressive 10.1 per cent, with M19 following behind with 8.6 per cent average yields. M5, based in proximity to Salford’s MediaCity, has average yields of 5.1 per cent, while the M3 postcode comes with yields of 4.7 per cent. The M16 postcode, home to the Old Trafford regeneration zone, brings in rental yields of 4.3 per cent on average.


Aside from rental yields, there are many reasons that Manchester buy to let is so strong in these postcodes. The M5 and M3 postcodes of the city are popular with young professionals and students. Based in Salford, properties in these postcodes are close to MediaCityUK and the University of Salford. MediaCityUK houses a range of big business names like BBC, ITV and Kellogg’s to name a few, attracting students and ambitious young professionals to the city.


Here at RW Invest, we work hard to offer opportunities in the best buy to let areas of each city. Our current Bridgewater Wharf property, based in the M5 postcode, comes with up to 6 per cent projected rental returns. With easy access to MediaCityUK and Manchester city centre, these buy to let Manchester apartments are sure to attract demand from the city’s young professional tenants.


Some other of the best buy to let areas in Manchester, M14 and M19, are also prime locations for student property investment. M14, for instance, includes the Fallowfield area, one of Manchester’s biggest student hotspots. The M16 postcode, home to our sold-out development, West Point, is another prime Manchester area. This postcode contains the Old Trafford area, a growing neighbourhood which is close to the city centre and a number of desirable businesses.

Why Invest in Manchester Property Investment
Beetham Tower Manchester Property Investment

Why Invest In Manchester Property? 


There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in Manchester property. The main reasons so many are attracted to Manchester’s property market are the high rental yields, capital growth, and growing demand. Those investing in Manchester buy to let can enjoy higher rental returns than they would elsewhere in the UK. Rental yields in Manchester reach an average of 5.55 per cent, exceeding the average of many other UK cities. The affordability of Manchester is another factor in the popularity of the city’s property market. The average property in Manchester costs just £173,381 compared to £484,173 in London. This means that those investing in Manchester could buy multiple properties for the price of only one in the capital.


The north-west region, including major cities Manchester and Liverpool, boasts the best rates of house price growth in the UK. Between July 2017 to July 2018, house prices in the region increased by 5.6 per cent, higher than any other region. This house price growth is predicted to continue by 2022, with a huge 18.1 per cent boom expected. This prediction, along with the extensive regeneration projects set for Manchester, means lots of opportunity for capital growth in this Northern city.


Another reason to consider investing in Manchester property is the high level of demand for property in the city. The UK as a whole is experiencing a big gap between supply and demand when it comes to rental properties. In Manchester, the population of students and young professionals is high, creating a constant demand for rental properties. This has led to a 5.76 per cent average rental price growth throughout Manchester — a rise which is more noticeable in key areas of the city.


Buying an investment property in Manchester is a sure-fire way to generate a significant return on your investment. With high rental yields and strong capital growth, investors can benefit from both rental returns and a high return on investment when they decide to sell their Manchester property.

Should I Invest In The Manchester Buy To Let Market

Should I invest in the Manchester buy to let market?


If you want to benefit from attractive rental yields, a steady influx of demand from desirable tenants, affordable prices, and high capital growth, you should consider investing in the Manchester buy to let market. More and more investors, including those from overseas, are turning their sights away from London and investing in this key city. If you want to enjoy average rental yields of 5.55 per cent and an overall thriving property market, look no further than this Northern hotspot.


Regeneration in Manchester as part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative has helped the city and its economy grow significantly. Big plans for the city include a new city centre neighbourhood, St Johns, and a transformation of the Ancoats and New Islington areas of the city. Both of these projects will create multiple new homes, leisure attractions, and business opportunities for the city’s residents. Other plans will see the regeneration of Oxford Road and Manchester Victoria stations, along with an overall improvement of transport throughout the city and region. The economic boost that these regeneration plans will create gives a perfect reason to explore the varieties of investment property Manchester has to offer.


Whatever your goals are for making a property investment, there’s sure to be a perfect buy to let Manchester investment option for you. With a recorded population of 531,470 in 2017, Manchester has been hailed one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Not only this, but Manchester was recently voted one of the youngest cities in Britain. The average age of a person living in Manchester is around 33 years old, with one-quarter of the city’s population reportedly aged between 20 and 29 in 2014.

Just one look at the endless opportunities on offer for students and young people in the city and these statistics make a lot of sense. Manchester is home to some world-class universities, including the largest single-site university in the country — the University of Manchester. Around 19,000 international students are amongst the city’s thriving student population of over 99,000. These consistently high student numbers mean that those seeking Manchester property investment for sale should consider student accommodation as a lucrative investment option.

Should I Invest In The Manchester Buy To Let Market

Not only is Manchester a hit with students, but young professionals are also known to regularly flock to the city. Manchester boasts a lively nightlife scene, a wide range of cultural attractions, and plenty of things to see and do. Along with this, Manchester’s thriving business scene is helping to put the city on the map. A whole host of major businesses and start-ups reside in Manchester, offering young professionals lots of opportunities to succeed in the city.


Record numbers of young people have reportedly been leaving London for Manchester as of late. London was once considered the place to be for young professionals, but the excessive cost of living in the capital has led many to look elsewhere. Even graduates in Manchester are choosing to stay and work in the city, with a recorded graduate retention rate of 70 per cent in 2016. This rise in the city’s young population makes young professionals one of the best types of tenant to target for Manchester property investment. High numbers of young people working in the city are always seeking quality Manchester property to rent. Our stylish city-centre apartments here at RW Invest make a perfect choice, with prime locations and modern designs. Investing in this property type helps investors rest assured that their property will always be in demand.

What Are Manchester Property Market Predictions

What Are Manchester Property Market Predictions?


Manchester property market predictions show continued growth in multiple areas. By 2022, Manchester property prices are expected to grow by an incredible 22.8 per cent. The type of property investment Manchester offers and the returns it brings will continue to attract investors from both the UK and overseas. The recent trend of people moving to Manchester from the South is also expected to continue, boosting the city’s population.


Property price index figures place Manchester at the top of the UK’s 20 biggest cities. Throughout the 12 months to June 2018, capital appreciation in Manchester came to a huge 7.4 per cent, while the national average stood at just 4.6 per cent. During the same period, London’s capital appreciation rates grew by just 0.7 per cent. These figures reinstate the fact that the North is looking a lot more promising than the South when it comes to property market growth.


Throughout the first half of 2018, the number of residential properties sold in Manchester had increased by 56 per cent. While a lot of young people are choosing to move up North to escape the expense and hectic atmosphere of London life, many are moving to Manchester to buy property.  The number of Londoners leaving the capital to move up North has tripled since 2010. Many of those moving to Manchester are first selling their London properties and purchasing larger homes for the same price up North. For £600,000, for instance, you could either buy a tiny one-bedroom London house or a huge six-bedroom property in Salford.


A lot of people moving away from London are also choosing to live up in Manchester to buy their first home. Many young people are struggling to join the property ladder, and so buying a home in an affordable location is a lot more achievable. This trend in London leavers taking on the North was seen throughout 2017 and 2018 and is likely to continue over the coming years. This means that a lot of those moving to the city to buy a home will likely need to find Manchester property to rent while house hunting or saving for a deposit. This will, in turn, boost the overall rental demand, and benefit property investors in Manchester.

At RW Invest, we’re one of the best property investment companies Manchester has to offer when it comes to solid returns on your investment. We work hard to find opportunities in the best buy to let areas in Manchester, and many of our past properties have experienced significant capital growth. Our Salford based Zenith apartments are a great example of this, sold at £149,950 and resold at £210,000 for a 40 per cent increase in value. With such incredible growth predicted over the coming years, investing in a Manchester buy to let property is a smart move for both attractive rental returns and high capital growth potential.


Here at RW Invest, we have some of the best options if you’re seeking a lucrative Manchester property investment for sale. Our dedicated team of property professionals combined with our keen eye for the best new developments, make us one of the strongest property investment companies in Manchester. Looking for the perfect investment property for sale in Manchester? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best route to take.

Manchester Investment Zones


Salford is one of the UK’s most exciting regeneration areas and attracts significant interest from property investors with its wide range of residential and commercial opportunities. In prime position, one mile west of Manchester city centre, Salford is making a name for itself as the UK’s leading hot-spot for startup businesses. According to a recent study by DueDil, 1,393 new companies launched in Salford during the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 85% compared to the same period in 2016…


MediaCityUK is a 200-acre mixed use property development that reaches from Salford Quays into Trafford Park. The complex is home to a diverse range of companies  ̶  from digital startups to major organisations  ̶  with the BBC, ITV, and BUPA among the big name tenants. The sheer number of businesses attracted to MediaCityUK has generated a thriving property investment market, both within the development itself, and across Salford and Trafford


With over 11,000 businesses and boasting the highest productivity per head in Greater Manchester, Trafford is one of the North West’s most economically competitive areas. Four kilometres west of Manchester city centre, Trafford attracts strong interest from residential property investors looking to capitalise on demand for luxury apartments aimed at young professionals. The highest concentration of commercial activity is within Trafford Park, which claims to be the first purpose-built industrial park in the world…


Spinningfields was developed in the 2000s as the city’s high-end commercial centre. Despite encountering turbulence during the economic crisis, Manchester City Council noted that by 2010 Spinningfields accounted for 35% of the city’s prime office space, and that 16,000 people were employed in the area…


Open since 2014, NOMA is a 20-acre mixed-use development adjoining Victoria Station in Manchester city centre. Driven by a vision of sustainability and sympathetic urban regeneration, the complex is a work in progress and combines state-of-the-art office space with cafes, restaurants, events and communal space…


In 1800 Liverpool surveyor John Foster Snr laid out plans for a new area of housing east of Rodney Street. Over the next 100 years, elegant rows of houses were built, mainly in Georgian style, and populated by Liverpool’s wealthy elite. The streets were laid out in a distinctive grid structure and offer one of the finest examples of Georgian urban design anywhere in the UK


Manchester Airport is the third busiest in the UK and has direct connections to many of the world’s major cities, including Beijing, Singapore and Los Angeles. Airport City is an £800 million expansion, encompassing on-site office, retail, leisure manufacturing and logistics facilities. It is the only one of its kind in the UK…


Sportscity is a multi-purpose sporting complex 1.5km east of Manchester city centre. Manchester City FC play their home matches at the Etihad Stadium: originally built as the athletics stadium for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the Etihad has a capacity of 55,000 and has been part of the team’s transition from underdogs to Premier League Champions…


Manchester city centre is served by the Metrolink, a light rail and tram system that reaches out to Altrincham, Ashton-under-Lyne, Bury, East Didsbury, Eccles, Manchester Airport, and Rochdale. The service is operated by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and construction is currently underway to extend the service between Pomona and the Trafford Centre…

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