Liverpool Waters Regeneration

Liverpool Waters – The Waterfront to the World

 Liverpool Regeneration Redefining the UNESCO Heritage Waterfront

Liverpool Waters is a combination of 2 million square metres of land, £5.5 billion of investment and a revolutionary vision for the city and development of Liverpool docklands. The Liverpool regeneration scheme aims to redefine the city’s hot spot waterfront district into a multi-use destination uniting business, residential and leisure facilities. Combining outstanding illustration of architecture and design with innovative creativity adds something unique to the once derelict docks of Liverpool.

Liverpool regeneration has been happening throughout the city for the last few years, becoming more common as time goes on. The city has recently made a name for itself as a key UK regeneration hot spot and the impending Liverpool Waters development scheme sets exciting new changes too. The project has a lot of meaning for the city. It involves many phases and Liverpool Waters is slowly becoming a waterfront to the world and a beautifully designed skyline envied by other neighbouring cities throughout the UK.

What is Liverpool Waters?

Liverpool Waters is a regeneration scheme worth over £5.5 billion that started construction in 2018. A part of the hugely anticipated Liverpool regeneration, the project aims to utilise a series of derelict docks along the Liverpool waterfront and bring about innovative residential, commercial and retail units. The project will make use of multiple docks including Liverpool Waters Clarence Dock and the new home of Everton Football Club, Bramley Moore Dock.

Liverpool Waters is set to impact the city massively, boosting property investment appeal and attracting worldwide interest!

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The Plan of Liverpool Dock – Sustaining Waterfront Heritage

Liverpool is renowned for its vast and historic waterfront. The city anchors itself on its prevalent maritime heritage which stems from Liverpool’s status as a world trading port. A significant player in the growth of the British Empire, Liverpool’s historic docklands boasted a means of transporting people and commodities across seas to Europe and America. Innovative techniques and superior dock facilities set it apart from other trading terminals around the world.

Industry has always been another key component in Liverpool’s past. Home to a major port, many offices worked to organise trade and shipping while warehouses were utilised to manufacture materials for the boats. The plan of Liverpool dock incorporates its history into modern architecture and buildings meaning the waterfront will be sustained. Plans detailing the Liverpool Waters development scheme show the waterfront and various docks being rejuvenated and used by young professionals as well as others living in the inner city, despite once being forgotten about.

2019 is the year for liverpool investmetn

In 2004, Liverpool was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site from the waterfront along the Royal Albert Dock up the Ropewalks and St Georgian Quarter area of the city. The city’s bid for this heritage status was centred around its global influence and maritime history. Due to the nature of the Liverpool Waters regeneration, the proposed plan focused on being sensitive towards the site’s status as well as maintaining but augmenting the waterfronts valuable legacy.

Throughout the Liverpool Waters plan, it is detailed that modern developments will accompany structures such as the Dock Boundary Wall and the Victoria Clock Tower which commemorated the opening of Salisbury Dock in 1848. In fact, the latest Liverpool Waters news expresses the developers plans to utilise the famous dock wall as a contemporary entrance into Princes Dock without jeopardising its inimitable heritage.

In a testament to the waterfront’s past, Liverpool Waters will breathe life back into the now partially run-down dockland zones with the introduction of innovative landscaping and sophisticated building design gifting the city the hugely respectable investment worth over £5 billion of well-deserved regeneration. Much of the recent Liverpool regeneration has seen the city become more modern yet still pay tribute to its past through reviving old and historic buildings. The plan of Liverpool dock allows the city to reach new heights in terms of professional and housing growth.

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The Peel Group – Developing and Leading the Liverpool Waters Scheme

A healthy 30-year time slot has been dedicated to completing most of the construction, with The Peel Group heading up project management. The group will be responsible for redeveloping a total of 1.2 million square metres of property, plus 15,000 hectares of land and water. The Peel Liverpool Waters Development scheme leads the way for property development in the UK and across the globe, with a specific interest in North West locations.

Their previous flagship projects have proved to be a great success, with the developers having a track record of constructions such as MediaCityUK, L2 Superport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Many of these highly anticipated projects have become a key part of Liverpool regeneration throughout the last decade, and The Peel Liverpool Waters Group has been at the forefront of all the action. Unsurprisingly, the group is also working on the neighbouring regeneration taking place over the River Mersey at Wirral Waters, aiming to grace Merseyside’s main channel with a stunning skyline through sustainable infrastructure.

The Liverpool Masterplan prioritises the accessibility of the iconic waterfront zone with the Ocean Gateway vision being rolled out over the next 50 years across the North West. There is a high focus on ports, leisure, residential and commercial developments and renewable energies moving forward into the next decade. These features are placed at the forefront of all the Liverpool regeneration happening throughout the city, including Liverpool Waters.

A Place to Live, Work and Play

The Liverpool Waters development vision places emphasis on its multi-use nature. Aspiring not only to cater to commercial office space but also residential accommodation and an eclectic display of leisure facilities. The Liverpool regeneration hot spot has been branded a location for people to live, work and play. This is particularly true for young professionals looking at residential rental properties to live in, as the likes of Liverpool Waters Clarence Dock pose as a great place to reside while working in the city centre.

Liverpool Waters will comprise of five distinct neighbourhoods that will join Liverpool’s already extensive property portfolio of over 9,000 spectacular waterfront apartments overlooking the River Mersey. The exciting Liverpool regeneration project will be divided up into distinctive phases that will complete at different times. Phase one of the project recently started in 2018 with many others following suit. Since the £5.5 billion project has begun, it has already been turning heads as construction work begins to revolutionise the architecture of Liverpool.

Learn More About Regeneration in Liverpool with Our FREE Guide

Learn More About Regeneration in Liverpool with Our FREE Guide

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The Five Neighbourhoods of Liverpool Waters

Princes Dock

Princes Dock is one of the five neighbourhoods and is already an integral part of the Liverpool Waterfront. These high-quality residential developments will sit alongside office space, hotel and leisure facilities as well as a cruise liner terminal. Despite original plans to have one of the largest residential buildings in the UK modelled on Shanghai tower at this site, the neighbourhood will now feature three smaller yet modern apartment blocks.

Central Dock

Nestled in the heart of the Liverpool Waters development plan, the Central Dock will be the beating heart of Liverpool regeneration for years to come. Unique business spaces and creative hubs standing alongside entertainment and leisure units make for a highly anticipated aspect of this scheme. This location is already a popular location for music festivals and events such as Creamfields Steelyard and Sound City; it is thought the regeneration will add something extra to the much-loved location. Within the plan of Liverpool dock regeneration, there is expected to be a large public park within the central docklands area. The likes of Quay Central and Waterloo Quay currently stand in this neighbourhood, and there are plans for the Isle of Man ferry terminal to be introduced soon.

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Clarence Docks

A vibrant and exciting aspect of the Liverpool Waters, Clarence Dock is anticipated to be an unrivalled waterfront feature welcoming a community of around 3,000 homes woven into the historic docklands. This neighbourhood adjoins Liverpool Waters to the refurbished Titanic Hotel via the historic Bascule Bridge. Planning permission for Liverpool Waters Clarence Dock detail over 5,000 square metres of retail space as well as 8,000 square metres of restaurants and bars.

Northern Docks

Consisting of Bramley Moore and Nelson Dock, Northern Docks neighbourhood is set to see one of the biggest changes of all throughout this Liverpool regeneration plan. As of late 2019, the planning application for Bramley Moore Dock to be home to Everton Football Club and their new revolutionary football stadium has been submitted with hopes of approval from Liverpool City Council soon. The world-class sports stadium, along with more restaurants and bars as well as retail space, is set to boost Liverpool’s economy and offer tourist attractions for international visitors. An additional marina at the head of Northern Docklands will be home to revolutionary ‘floating’ retail units and apartments while leaving room for the finest samples of food and drink in Liverpool.

King Edward Triangle

Seamlessly connecting Liverpool Waters and the city centre’s commercial district, Kind Edward Triangle is set to be a highly anticipated leg of the Liverpool regeneration plans. The neighbourhood will be within proximity to the new Liverpool Cruise Liner terminal, bringing an increased number of visitors to the area. It will also be home to hundreds of residential apartments and businesses, creating an enterprise zone and hub for professionals.

Regenerating Liverpool has proved a huge task but something that will be beneficial for the whole of the city in years to come


Liverpool Regeneration set to Boost Property Investment and City’s Economy

Liverpool is already a city that is rich with investment opportunities, and the latest news infers that it’s the best UK city for rental yields and capital growth. The proposed plans for Liverpool Waters are helping to raise the city’s profile in the investment world and igniting excitement in many UK and international investors.

It’s not only the Liverpool Waters development plans that present residential properties. Those in the surrounding areas which are not officially considered a part of the Liverpool Waters site will still benefit from the scheme’s construction. Developments on neighbouring docks are assuring excellent rental returns due to planned nearby facilities and the overall reputation of Liverpool as a front-runner for innovation and rejuvenation. Regenerating Liverpool has proved a huge task but something that will be beneficial for the whole of the city in years to come.

Liverpool’s growing population is working alongside an undersupply of housing to create perfect market conditions. A large proportion of city centre residents are thought to be between the ages of 17 and 29, which taps into the two major markets in the form of young professionals and ‘generation rent’. These ideal tenants will flood to the city after getting wind of the latest Liverpool Waters development news, in a bid to be part of something spectacular before the opportunity passes.


If you’re a property investor interested in learning more about the Liverpool property investment opportunities we offer at RWinvest that surround the plans for Liverpool Waters, get in touch with us by calling or emailing. It’s an exciting and prosperous time for Liverpool regeneration and the Northern powerhouse city as investment thrives and the economy continues to skyrocket.

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