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Slough Property Investment: 5 Reasons to Invest in Slough

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    Property Investment in Slough: The Next Big Thing?

    The town of Slough often gets some bad press.

    Commonly associated with Ricky Gervais’ hit TV show, The Office, the area is depicted as a run-down and unattractive concrete jungle, far from the glamorous city life of the capital.

    The reality is much different, though.

    From a thriving economy, excellent growth rates, and fantastic transport links, Slough is an up-and-coming UK town that’s growing more popular in 2024.

    And, like many other up-and-coming areas, Slough’s property market has started gaining recognition as a great place for buy to let investment.

    If we’ve piqued your interest, take a look at our Slough property investment guide.

    In here, you’ll find:

    • An insight into the booming Slough economy.
    • Information on Slough property prices and future house price predictions.
    • Reasons why Slough is outperforming London for buy to let potential.
    • Details on the best areas to invest in Slough and the best opportunities to explore.

    Keep reading to discover why Slough buy to let could be worth your consideration in 2024 and beyond.

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      Chapter 1: The Slough Economy

      For an area to truly thrive, it needs to have a strong economy.

      Well, as recent reports and news would suggest, the town of Slough has just that, and this economic strength undoubtedly plays a huge part in the success of Slough property investment.

      In this section of our Slough buy to let guide, we’ll explore the Slough economy and learn what makes the town stand out as a top UK area.

      Key Topics:

      • The strength of Slough’s job market, with a thriving business scene in the area.
      • Facts about the Slough economy and its population.
      • Information on Slough employment levels, which benefit Slough buy-tolet prospects.

      The Slough Region Has a Booming Economy

      Despite being situated so close to London and sitting in the London commuter belt, the Slough region is often in a league of its own when it comes to economic strength.

      With a population of 164,000, there are an estimated 82,000 jobs in the area.

      Around 48,000 workers living in Slough are commuting from the town to major cities like the capital.

      More and more people are attracted to the prospect of Slough each day, with the population increasing by 15% over the last decade.

      It’s unsurprising why so many people choose to live in Slough rather than other South-Eastern cities. The main reason behind this is the employment opportunities.

      The town boasts impressive statistics for business and enterprise, making it a great option if you’re considering an property investment tips.

      Here are a few of the main points that help the Slough economy stand out and encourage investment in the area:

      • Slough unemployment levels are a third of the national average.
      • The town is home to the largest concentration of global corporate headquarters outside London.
      • Huge businesses like tech giants Amazon, Mars UK, and O2 are all located on the Slough Trading Estate.
      • The town is based on industries like tech and manufacturing. For this reason, the region has been dubbed the UK’s Silicon Valley with a tech-centric industry worth a whopping £8 billion.
      • Slough Trading Estate is the biggest business park in Europe. It is responsible for the employment of over 20,000 people across 500 companies.

      According to the Centre for Cities, all these statistics result in Slough being considered the most productive place in Britain.

      It’s not just the town’s present that is exciting, though. Slough also has a great future ahead of it.

      According to the European Cities and Regions of the Future report, Slough has been listed as the 3rd most promising region in Europe for infrastructure.

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      Chapter 2: Regeneration in Slough

      Chapter two of our Slough property investment guide will look at regeneration in Slough.

      Here you will find the latest regeneration schemes helping to grow Slough into a top place to live and work.

      Key Points:

      • The regeneration scheme that’s massively improving Slough’s transport links.
      • How regeneration in Slough is improving the quality of life for residents.

      A Hotspot for Regeneration

      When it comes to property investment, cities with regeneration ongoing are often the first to catch the attention of savvy investors.

      Cities with extensive regeneration point towards a strong housing market with positive capital growth rates and high rental demand.

      Since Slough is an area that’s benefitting from many impressive regeneration projects, it’s clear why Slough property investment is becoming more attractive.

      Helping support this industrious backbone, the Slough Borough Council has set their sights on completely transforming the town with tonnes of investment in Slough through regeneration.

      From improving transport links to transforming the town centre, Slough will be unrecognisable in the next decade.

      So what are the most significant regeneration schemes in Slough that you should know about?

      The New Crossrail Route

      The primary investment in Slough that should get investors excited is the fantastic new Crossrail route.

      Costing a whopping £14.8 billion, the new Crossrail links will offer four new, high-capacity train services to London’s key areas like Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf.

      All in all, Crossrail links will bring around 1.5 million people within a 45-minute trip to Central London.

      With these additional links, transport connections will only improve, substantially impacting house prices in Slough.

      It has been recorded that properties within a one-mile radius of the new Crossrail route have increased in value by a staggering 66%.

      The time to buy property in the area has never been better with the ability to take advantage of growing capital growth rates.

      The Slough Urban Renewal Project

      It’s not just transport links in Slough that have had a much-needed makeover.

      Through the incredibly ambitious Heart of Slough regeneration project, the city’s quality of life has regularly improved for residents.

      Initially valued at £450 million, the Slough Urban Renewal project has gone from strength to strength, with current estimates placing the regeneration at a value of over £3 billion.

      Major landmarks have been rejuvenated and developed thanks to the Slough Urban Renewal and Slough Borough Council.

      The first completed project was the cultural hotspot, The Curve. Reaching completion in 2016, The Curve is a stunning library with an iconic design.

      The development houses performance venues, community learning spaces, exhibition spaces, and the Slough Museum.

      Costing around £22 million, The Curve’s unique three-dimensional curved design helped it with Development of the Year in 2017.

      Another exciting development is the Queensmere Shopping Centre, which will lead to the development of two million square feet of office space, 500,000 square feet of retail and food units, and 1,200 new apartments.

      The scale of investment in the area is, quite simply, staggering. The Slough Northern Extension will see the creation of 10,000 new homes.

      And with other major housing projects underway, Slough property investment seems like an exciting proposition for investors.

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      Liverpool Station

      Like regeneration, transport links are a key factor in making property investment more appealing in an area.

      Areas with good transport links are typically good places to live, leading to rental market demand and house price growth.

      In Slough, the fantastic transport links available in the town have put the area on the map as a growing buy-to-let hotspot.

      Let’s explore this a little more in chapter three of our Slough buy-to-let guide.

      Key Topics:

      • Details about transport links in Slough.
      • How transport in Slough helps the town stand out as a top investment area.

      Fantastic Transport Links

      The bulk of Slough’s appeal to businesses and workers is its fantastic location.

      The town sits in the London commuter belt, with easily accessible transport links to get anywhere in the capital.

      Around 48,000 workers commute from the town each day, with about 20,000 employees based at the Slough Trading Estate.

      These commuters rely on excellent transport links, and the Slough region offers plenty of options.

      Nestled right by the M4, M40, and M25, Slough is connected to hundreds of locations in the country.

      The town also lies on the Great Western Mainline railway route with trains into London, the South West of England, and Wales.

      In fact, London’s famous Paddington Station is less than 20 minutes away.

      With all these established transport routes, it’s unsurprising that Slough was voted the 3rd most promising region in Europe for infrastructure by the European Cities and Regions of the Future report.

      That’s not the only impressive accolade the town has, though. It was also voted the 2nd best location in all of Europe for connectivity.

      It gets even better for Slough investment property, with tonnes of projects underway to bolster connectivity even further.

      The previously mentioned Crossrail route development is set to connect the town to even more locations in the heart of London.

      Slough is already just 18 minutes away from Central London and Heathrow.

      With this new train route, 24 minutes have been shaved off the total travel time to Canary Wharf.

      Not only this, a potential new railway called the Western Rail Approach To Heathrow Airport could reduce travel time to just six minutes.

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        Chapter 4: The Thriving Slough Property Market

        Chapter 4 of our guide will cover in detail the housing market in Slough.

        Average house prices are a huge deciding factor for many investors considering making a buy to let purchase.

        Most investors prefer to avoid areas where property prices are extortionately high to avoid paying above the odds.

        However, knowing that house prices in an area have a track record for high growth and predictions for some promising future growth is important as this makes strong capital appreciation more likely.

        Evidently, Slough property investment ticks many boxes when it comes to its housing market, which we’ll explore in chapter four.

        Key Points:

        • An exploration of house prices in Slough and their average values.
        • Property price growth predictions in Slough.
        • The Slough rental market and its appeal.

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        House Prices in Slough

        For investors considering Slough buy to let and Slough property investment, it’s essential to understand the fundamental principles behind the area’s property market.

        For those considering a Slough investment property, an important thing to know is that the town offers some of the property market’s most solid statistics.

        Let’s start with house prices in Slough.

        As of March 2023, Slough house prices are around £320,969 on average, according to the latest from the House Price Index.

        This may seem relatively high, especially comparing it with other buy to let hotspots like Liverpool and Manchester, where average property prices fall below £250k.

        The average UK property currently sits at a record high of £285,009, according to the House Price Index, meaning Slough is higher than that too.

        However, in context, Slough house prices offer some of the best property value due to its proximity to the capital.

        You can typically expect to pay a premium when purchasing a property in South East locations, but this value gets even higher when located near London.

        Slough has the best connectivity in the South East, with access to London and Heathrow in a matter of minutes.

        This makes the town and the price of property even greater.

        Slough offers fantastic value, especially when comparing it to London property, with average values of nearly £1 million.

        Due to Slough’s position and appeal for workers, anything significantly below London’s average property price could be considered an outstanding deal.

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          House Price Growth in Slough

          By July 2021, property prices had increased in Slough by over 6.86% compared to early 2020.

          Furthermore, Savills latest UK property price forecast has predicted house prices in the area will rise by 16.7% by 2028.

          Factoring in the likelihood that price growth will be even higher depending on the proximity to the new Crossrail route, it seems now is a great time to act and purchase property in the Slough region.

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          Sizeable Rental Growth for Properties in Slough

          Another aspect growing for properties in Slough are rental values.

          As it stands, the average rent is around £1,963, according to

          This is higher than the UK average calculated by Homelet, which sits at about £1,213.

          While this is good news for investor pockets, these values are only set to increase over the coming years.

          These excellent property values and sizable rental costs paint a perfect picture for rental yield.

          Rental yield is often considered the most crucial aspect of property investment.

          It calculates how much money you earn as a percentage of your initial investment through rental income.

          Based on Zoopla’s latest data, you can expect the average property in Slough to generate yields of up to 6.09%.

          These yields get even higher depending on what type of property you buy. For instance, one-bedroom flats will generate sizeable rental returns of 5.2%.

          The year 2024 is set to be very fruitful for Slough property investment.

          Check out our latest Slough property market report for more information about the Slough housing market.

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            Chapter 5: Slough Property Investment Vs Other UK Areas

            So we know that Slough’s economy, regeneration scene, and property market are performing well right now.  

            But how does the potential of Slough property investment compare to the buy-to-let market in other parts of the UK?  

            In chapter five of our Slough buy-to-let guide, we’ll compare the property market in Slough to that of three other major UK areas – London, Manchester, and Liverpool.  

            Key Points:

            • Slough property investment vs London buy-to-let.
            • Slough property investment vs Manchester buy-to-let.
            • Slough property investment vs Liverpool buy-to-let.

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              Slough Vs London

              If you’ve ever considered property investment, the chances are that London has entered your mind.

              It seems like an obvious choice.

              The capital has the largest economy in the UK, the largest population, and attracts considerable overseas investment.

              However, when you look at the statistics, you’ll realise that buying an investment property in London isn’t all it may seem.

              Those keen to appeal to London’s many young professional tenants would be wise to instead invest in Slough.

              This way, investors can target those looking for more affordable rental accommodation within a commutable distance to the capital.

              Here’s why:

              • The average London asking price right now, according to Zoopla, stands at £967,009. That’s more than double Slough’s £338,469 average.
              • London is expected to see property prices increase by around 12.4% by 2025. That’s lower than Slough, which expects 19.1% growth for the South East region.
              • Recent statistics show that rent prices in London have dropped in value by a sizeable 4.5%, while Slough has seen rental growth rates upwards of 7%.
              • The average rental yield in London is around 3.5%, while Slough yields are available at over 5%.

              Looking at property prices, capital growth, and the rental market, it’s clear that property investment Slough is a more suitable option for those looking towards the future.

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              View of Manchester

              Slough Vs Manchester

              Manchester is one of the UK’s most renowned economic powerhouses. Compared to Slough property investment, Manchester actually ticks a lot more boxes for buy to let potential.

              Manchester is located in the North West region and has one of the UK’s largest populations.

              A lot of those living and renting in Manchester are young professionals and students.

              Due to the fantastic range of business prospects available, Manchester boasts a 43% graduate retention rate.

              Here are some figures that highlight how investments in Manchester compare to Slough buy to let:

              • According to Zoopla, the average asking price for property in Manchester is £249,534, which is lower than Slough’s £338,832 average. This makes Manchester investments a good choice for those with a lower budget.
              • Savills predicts the North West region to see average house price growth of a massive 11.7% by 2025, compared to Slough’s 3% prediction.
              • Average rental yields in Manchester exceed 5%, with some investment opportunities in the city offering yields of up to 6.5% and over.

              It’s clear that Slough property investment and Manchester buy to let both offer strong potential.

              However, investors hoping to spend less money on their investment while benefitting from better capital growth returns should consider Manchester as the better choice.

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                Cruise ship at Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool

                Slough Vs Liverpool

                Also located in the North West, Liverpool is another great city for investors to consider.

                Liverpool is a popular rental hotspot due to a large number of students and young professionals living in the city, which has put a focus on buy to let potential.

                Like Manchester, house price growth in Liverpool is some of the very best in the country.

                So how do statistics for Liverpool buy to let compare to Slough’s investment market?

                • Zoopla states that the average asking price in Liverpool stands at £177,803 as of March 2023.
                • Since Liverpool is based in the North West region, the city benefits from the expected 11.1% capital growth by 2027, significantly higher than Slough’s 3% prediction.
                • According to the House Price Index, Liverpool property prices have increased by an average of 7.19% between March 2023 and March 2023. In Slough, a 5.57% increase was recorded during the same period.
                • Liverpool has some of the best rental yields in the UK, with yields reaching highs of 10% in certain postcodes.

                For those focusing on the best possible investment returns through rental yields and capital appreciation and a more affordable price tag, it seems that Liverpool buy to let is the better option.

                A good option for those with a significant amount of money available to invest is to build a property portfolio by investing in a top buy to let city like Liverpool alongside making a Slough investment.

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                  Chapter 6: The Best Buy to Let Areas in Slough

                  If you’ve decided that Slough properties are worth your investment, then you will likely want to know the best place to live in Slough.

                  The best buy to let areas Slough include locations like Langley, Britwell, and more. Here’s some more information about the best Slough areas to invest in.

                  Key topics:

                  • Best places to invest in Slough
                  • Latest house prices and rental yields

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                    Best Buy to Let Areas in Slough

                    If you’re looking for the best buy to let areas in Slough, then this section is for you.

                    Here, you will find the top 4 best buy to let areas in Slough.

                    They are:

                    1. Langley
                    2. Wexham
                    3. West Slough
                    4. South Slough

                    Keep reading to learn more about these areas.

                    Population: 17,583 +
                    Average house price: £487,339

                    Found in Slough’s Eastern districts, Langley is technically a separate township but is often referred to as part of Slough.

                    The east of Slough features areas like Shreding Green and Iver, and is popular amongst residents and workers due to its excellent transport links.

                    It is located very close to major motorways like the M40, M4 and M25, and also has significant train stations in reach.

                    You can expect reasonable house prices of around £487,339, with rental yields reaching as high as 5% and over.

                    Population: 2,378 +
                    Average house price: £560,816

                    Ranking as a strong contender for the best place to live in Slough, Wexham in Northern Slough is desirable for residents.

                    You can find the vast Wexham Park hospital here, and desirable commuter spots surround it.

                    In general, Northern Slough is fantastic for investors and includes suburbs like Britell and Manor Park.

                    There are some slightly higher prices for properties in Slough found here, with an average asking price of £560,816 as of June 2023.

                    However, this is dependent on the property type, as one-bedroom flats can be purchased from as low as £190,000.

                    Population: 35,500 +
                    Average house price: £390,000

                    Western Slough is a dream for commuters with nearby transport links like the M4 and Burnham’s railway station, providing excellent business access.

                    It is also near the Slough Trading Estate, which employs over 20,000 people.

                    This means you can expect some tremendous rental demand, making the area one of the best buy-to-let areas in Slough.

                    Based on the SL1 postcode, you can earn yields of around 5.4%.

                    Population: 28,700 +
                    Average house price: £380,135

                    Located near the town centre and Central Slough, the town’s southern suburbs include Salt Hill and Upton.

                    The area is ideal for its house value, which sits lower than the other areas covered on this list.

                    Its access to the M4 and town centre makes it one of the best places to live in Slough.

                    Coupling that with attractive potential yields, the Southern part of Slough is worth considering by property investors looking for the best buy-to-let areas in Slough.

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                    Chapter 7: Begin Your Slough Property Investment Journey

                    In the final chapter of our Slough buy to let guide, you will find the latest investment property for sale in Slough.

                    We will also summarise why you should consider investing in Slough and why you should invest with RWinvest.

                    Key topics:

                    • Why invest in Slough?
                    • Slough investment properties for sale
                    • Invest With RWinvest

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                    Why Invest in Slough?

                    Why Invest in Slough?

                    Overall, it is clear that Slough is one of the best places to invest in UK property. Here’s a summary of the main points covered in our Slough property investment guide:

                    • Slough is one of the best commuter towns outside London, with massive house price growth and capital growth.
                    • House prices in Slough are more affordable than those in London, with better capital growth in store.
                    • The rental market in Slough is strong due to demand from professionals enjoying the Slough and London business scenes.
                    • Regeneration and economic stability are putting Slough on the map as a buy to let hotspot.

                    If you want an investment hotspot with giant businesses, excellent Crossrail links, unrivalled journey times into London, and a location just minutes from Paddington station and Heathrow Airport, Slough is the town for you.

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                    Slough Investment Properties for Sale

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                    As such, buyers can expect plenty of tenant demand from this stylish investment opportunity.

                    Each unit in this development features a spacious, modern design, and many apartments offer balconies and terraces.

                    Rental yields are available on request, and investors are encouraged to take a virtual tour of this development to truly understand the appeal of this Slough property investment opportunity.

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