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The 2024 Guide to Liverpool Student Property Investment

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    All About Buy-to-Let Student Accommodation Investment in Liverpool

    As an investment, student investment property in Liverpool is currently offering one of the most lucrative opportunities for investors.

    But why is this the case? Why should you consider Liverpool student investment property?

    Let’s find out in this guide.

    Here, you will learn all about student investment property in Liverpool.

    Topics in this guide include:

    • 5 Reasons to Invest in Student Property Liverpool
    • The Best Areas to Invest in Liverpool Investment Student Property
    • The Latest Student Investment Property for Sale Liverpool

    Read on to learn all about student property investment in Liverpool…

    This guide is one of seven released as part of our student property investment series.

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      Why Should You Invest in Student Property Liverpool? (5 Reasons)

      If you know anything about property investment, it may not surprise you to hear that Liverpool is likely the top investment location in 2024.

      After all, with considerable property price growth over the last few years outweighing the likes of Birmingham, Leeds, and London, Liverpool has continued to deliver huge returns for rental property.

      But is this the same for the student market?

      Thankfully, Liverpool student investors are seeing some of the highest returns in the UK, with the Merseyside city renowned as one of the best places to invest in student property.

      There are five good reasons for this, which we will go into detail in the following section.

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      1. Highly Affordable With Significant Returns Available

      Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of student property investment in Liverpool is the city’s thriving property market.

      Currently, Liverpool is one of the most affordable locations in the UK.

      According to the latest Land Registry data, the average Liverpool property is valued at just £178,283 – more than £100k below the UK average.

      This is reflected directly in the student investment property Liverpool market, where it is common to see premium student investment property for sale in Liverpool for less than £100k.

      While property prices are low, rental yields are high, with premium facilities boasting comparatively high rental returns.

      For instance, Liverpool is home to the highest-yielding postcode in the UK, according to TotallyMoney, which reports that the city centre postcode of L1 can generate returns upwards of 10%.

      It’s not uncommon to see purpose-built student accommodation for sale in Liverpool generating returns upwards of 8% NET.

      However, what sets Liverpool apart truly from the rest is its capital appreciation potential.

      With property prices steadily growing and with predictions of a 20.2% growth by 2028 for the North West – one of the highest predictions in the UK – this is both good and bad news for investors.

      The good news is that investors will see higher returns than they ever have before in the coming years.

      The bad news is that with increasing house prices, the time to act is now before prices get even higher.

      Luckily, this is where RWinvest can help. Skip to the final section of our guide to find the latest available student investment property for sale in Liverpool.

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      World Class Universities

      2. Five Excellent Universities

      It’s very rare for a city to offer three world-class universities, never mind five, but that’s what Liverpool has to offer students.

      Home to the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool School of Tropical Science, and Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, students are spoiled for choice in Liverpool.

      The main headline university is the University of Liverpool, which is part of the prestigious Russell Group and continuously ranks among the top 200 best universities in the world.

      However, Liverpool John Moores University is quickly emerging as an attractive choice for students.

      In fact, LJMU was the first university to receive two commended judgements from the Quality Assurance Agency, which reviews how a university meets the standards of UK higher education.

      Due to these universities, it’s unsurprising that Liverpool ranks 22nd in the top 200 student cities in the world!

      Major campuses for LJMU, the University of Liverpool, and Liverpool School of Tropical Science are all focused around the £2bn regeneration zone, the Knowledge Quarter, making the area a smart student property investment location in Liverpool.

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        Students inside HMO

        3. Huge Student Population Generating High Demand

        Liverpool’s vast and growing student population is one of the many reasons to get excited about its property market and investment opportunities.

        With more significant numbers than the likes of Leeds, a rival city in the property investment market, Liverpool boasts a student population of over 70,000.

        Liverpool also has one of the largest Chinese student populations of any city in the country, making it a prevalent student accommodation investment choice for international investors.

        This international student population is significant for investors, particularly those looking to invest in purpose-built student accommodation.

        Around one in five students studying at the University of Liverpool are Chinese.

        According to a report in Savills, Chinese students are around 2.2 times more likely to stay in high-quality purpose-built student accommodation than domestic students.

        This is likely due to Chinese students having wealthy parents to provide for them.

        For this reason, purpose-built student accommodation can be an incredibly lucrative investment in Liverpool.

        It gets better, too, especially when you factor in supply and demand.

        Across the UK, there is a significant lack of available supply to meet the high levels of demand seen for student property.

        Full-time students reportedly outweigh available bedrooms by 3:1.

        This is great news for Liverpool student buy to let investors, as a growing tenant base means that they will be in with a better chance of retaining tenancy in their property and thus making a consistent income from rental payments.

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          4. Legendary Nightlife Scene

          While investors themselves may not be interested in the nightlife opportunities on offer in a city, it is still a vital measurement to consider.

          After all, nightlife and lifestyle are a major part of a student’s thinking when choosing a university city, so it’s important to assess these options to see if a city will be popular for students.

          Luckily for those interested in student investment property in Liverpool, the Merseyside city has one of the most iconic nightlife and lifestyle opportunities in the UK.

          Thanks to Liverpool’s varied and diverse approach, there is something for everyone.

          For the more cultural student, the world-class National Museums Liverpool offers seven top destinations. Likewise, the Tate Liverpool and Liverpool Empire Theatre is available for students who love the arts.

          Students looking for a place to eat are also spoiled for choice. With famed restaurants dotted across the city in places like Liverpool ONE, Bold Street, and more, there is a range of affordable and delicious food spots to pick from.

          Lastly, Liverpool’s excellent nightlife scene is a major attraction for students.

          With excellent clubs and bars found in the city centre, Lark Lane, and the Baltic Triangle, students will find some of the most affordable and fun-filled nights possible.

          It’s no surprise, then, that Liverpool was voted the best city for nightlife in the UK.

          The Merseyside city was also voted the 2nd best student city in the UK.

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          Employment Opportunities

          5. Incredible Employment Opportunities Leading to Massive Graduate Retention

          Employment is a huge component behind a city’s appeal to students. After all, the main factor behind achieving a degree is to get employed.

          Not only this, though, but part-time jobs are also vital, as many students often rely on them to get by.

          Thankfully in Liverpool, the city is bustling with world-class employment opportunities for both graduates and students.

          In July 2020, the Liverpool city region was voted in the top 10 international locations for business start-ups.

          Interestingly, for graduates, the bulk of these businesses are found in high-skilled and high-paying sectors.

          Notably, the majority of these businesses are focused on the Baltic Triangle and the Knowledge Quarter, which are two of the most exciting and renowned clusters for tech industries in the world.

          The Knowledge Quarter, for instance, is renowned as a global research hub and is home to the likes of Liverpool Science Park, The National Oceanographic Centre, Mersey Bio Incubator, and RedX Pharma.

          Regeneration is significant in the year, with over £2bn worth of investment in the pipeline. The nearby Paddington Village, for example, features the world-renowned Royal College of Physicians in their new headquarters, The Spine.

          With billions more in the pipeline in Liverpool, these employment opportunities will only continue to expand, further attracting students to the city.

          Currently, Liverpool has the 8th best graduate rate in the UK and is better than the likes of Oxford and Cambridge.

          The city has also been previously named the 6th most employable city for graduates, creating a recipe for success for Liverpool student property investors.

          Buy-to-Let Investment Guide

          Want to become a successful buy-to-let investor? Get our free investment guide today for all the latest tips!

          Download Guide Guide - Buy to let investment guide

          Liverpool Investment Guide

          Invest in the UK's most popular property market. Check out the ultimate Liverpool Investment Guide 2024!

          Download Guide Guide Liverpool Investment Guide

          What Are the Best Student Buy-to-Let Areas in Liverpool?

          Now that we’ve covered the reasons why investing in student property investment in Liverpool is a good idea, it’s now time to look at where to invest.

          While the city of Liverpool generally is an extremely popular investment spot, there are specific areas and postcodes that rise above the rest in offering the best student accommodation investment yields.

          With this in mind, here are the three best investment areas you should consider when looking at a student investment property in Liverpool.

          Avg. House Price: £165,918 (Based on L1 postcode) 
          Avg. Gross Rental Yield: 6.39% (2023)

          Liverpool city centre is undoubtedly the best place to invest in the city, but the Knowledge Quarter may perhaps be the best for students.

          In the Knowledge Quarter, investors and students can find the ultimate place to live in Liverpool.

          Home to two of Liverpool’s universities (the University of Liverpool and LJMU), plus major transport links like Liverpool Lime Street, the Knowledge Quarter is a rapidly growing region supplying everything a student needs within arms reach.

          The area is home to thriving tech and science businesses perfect for graduates while also featuring Merseyside’s busiest teaching hospital, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

          Factoring all that’s on offer here, as well as incredibly low average house prices and sky-high returns, investors can find the perfect destination to invest in student property in Liverpool.

          You can find the revolutionary Liverpool student investment property, ELEMENT – The Quarter here, with prices from only £74,950 and 8% NET returns.

          Avg. House Price: £165,918 (Based on L1 postcode)
          Avg. Gross Rental Yield: 6.39% (2023)

          The Baltic Triangle area of the city is another location for Liverpool student buy-to-let investors to get extremely excited about.

          The area is perfectly placed in the L1 postcode and is quickly growing as the number one spot for young professionals, aspiring students, and digital tech start-ups.

          Once an abandoned collection of factory and warehouse buildings from years prior, the sector has undergone (and still continues to undergo) mass amounts of regeneration and development.

          Not only has it become the coolest place to live in Britain, but it also offers a unique investment opportunity, offering some of the best student accommodation investment yields to investors.

          Liverpool’s answer to Manchester’s Northern Quarter and London’s Shoreditch, the Baltic Triangle is an eclectic mix of fun and business, making it a dream place to live for students.

          Nestled just opposite Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront, the Baltic Triangle is home to some of the finest coffee shops, breweries, music venues, and restaurants you’re likely to find anywhere in the UK.

          Purpose-built student accommodation proves a hit in the area, with students eager to live amongst the excitement of the region, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to invest in student property in Liverpool.

          Avg. House Price: £176,412 (Based on Wavertree)
          Avg. Gross Rental Yield: 5.86% (2023) 

          Last but certainly not least is South Liverpool.

          Home to the likes of Edge Hill, Toxteth, and Wavertree, South Liverpool is considered one of the best places to invest in student property.

          While located out of the city centre, rent is more affordable for students, who typically opt for HMOs in this region of Liverpool.

          The area is gifted with fantastic places to eat, drink, and shop, particularly around Smithdown Road – one of the busiest student hotspots in Merseyside.

          Direct and regular bus links make living in South Liverpool easy, too, with students able to travel to the city centre in under 15 minutes.

          While South Liverpool doesn’t offer the returns of PBSA in the city centre, HMOs are a popular option here, especially for those targeting second and third-year students.

          If you want to know whether you should invest in PBSA or HMOs, be sure to check out our guide on how to invest in student property.

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            Student Investment Property for Sale Liverpool

            Welcome to the final section of our student property investment in Liverpool guide.

            Here, you can find the latest student investment property for sale in Liverpool from RWinvest.

            You will also find out more about RWinvest and why you should invest with us.

            ELEMENT – The Quarter: Liverpool’s First Eco-Property

            Prices From Only £74,950

            Up to 8% NET Rental Returns 

            The most exciting investment student property in Liverpool we have ever launched, ELEMENT – The Quarter, has been making local news thanks to its ground-breaking premise.

            ELEMENT – The Quarter is the North West’s first-ever eco-concept.

            This means the development is built with the environment in mind and has been filled to the brim with revolutionary eco-saving technology.

            For instance, one such technology is a Central Building Management Server.

            This acts as the central brain of this high-tech development and monitors and regulates temperature in every room.

            It’s so intelligent, in fact, that the system can detect if a tenant has left a window open with the central heating running and appropriately reduce the energy consumption.

            This will not only save the planet, but it will also help save tenants hundreds on energy bills.

            But that’s not all The Quarter has to offer. Built specifically with the modern student in mind, the development has been carefully crafted to supply all the vital facilities students crave.

            These facilities include:

            • On-site gym
            • Cinema room
            • 24-hour concierge
            • Exclusive tenant app
            • Launderette
            • Car parking and cycle storage
            • Work from home area
            • Games room and hangout spaces

            All these factors, along with ELEMENT – The Quarter’s world-class location in the Knowledge Quarter, combine to make one of the most exciting student investment property in the whole of the UK.

            City Point

            Prices From £59,995

            Up to 8% NET Rental Returns 

            A completed and 100% tenanted student development, City Point is one of the most popular student accommodations in Liverpool.

            Built with students in mind, each apartment has been expertly crafted with modern necessities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, and built-in workstations.

            Better yet, the development also offers premium facilities unheard of at this price point, with tenants given access to an on-site gym, concierge, and bike storage.

            Developed by industry veterans Caro Developments, City Point is just 10 minutes away from Liverpool city centre, and less than 500m from the Knowledge Quarter.

            Plus, with 8% returns on offer, this is an all-around fantastic Liverpool investment student property.

            Shaw Street

            Prices From £69,995

            Up to 8% NET Rental Returns 

            The fantastic Shaw Street, another completed and fully tenanted PBSA, has been turning heads since 2013.

            Previously a Georgian Terrace, Shaw Street was developed for a mammoth £1.5 million by experts Caro Developments.

            Offering an unquestionable charm, thanks to stunning external brickwork and luxury pillars, Shaw Street offers a uniquely characterful student accommodation in the heart of Liverpool’s City Centre.

            With access to a nearby gym and communal social space, the development has been meticulously designed to attract students for years to come, regularly reaching 100% tenanted for the past eight years.

            Who Is RWinvest?

            If you’re interested in investing in student property Liverpool, then be sure to contact RWinvest today.

            RWinvest is an award-winning property investment company specialising in residential and student investment property in Liverpool and Manchester.

            Crowned the North West’s Best Property Business in 2020 and nominated as Business of the Year 2021, RWinvest has an immaculate track record delivering the best investment properties on the market.

            With 1,000 five-star reviews and over 18 years of experience, there is no other investment company as well-known and as trusted as us.

            So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start your property investment journey to get access to huge 8% NET returns.

            We have exclusive properties and deals you simply cannot find anywhere else.

            Start your student investment property Liverpool journey today with the best in the business. Start your journey with RWinvest.

            Alternatively, if you want to learn more about student property investment, we have several guides available to make you an expert.

            You can find guides on:

            Plus much more, just click the links here or scroll to the top of the page to see our student property hub for more information.

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