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The 2020 Guide to Liverpool Student Property Investment

Is Student Property Investment in Liverpool still worth it in 2020?

When it comes to student property, Liverpool investment prospects tend to stand out amongst the rest. Student property investment, also known as purpose-built student accommodation, has, traditionally been considered one of the best ways to make money from buy to let. Unlike other tenant groups like young families who will be in the process of buying a home of their own, renting student accommodation is essential for those who are moving to a new city to study. Unless they stay with a friend or family member, students will need reliable rental accommodation during their studies, and that’s where buy to let investment comes in.

With a high student population thanks to its reputation as a top university city alongside other student cities like Manchester, Liverpool has always been on the radar of many investors considering student investments. But is Liverpool student property investment still the profitable and reliable opportunity it has been over the last few years? To answer this question, here are some of the main benefits of Liverpool student buy to let in 2020.

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The Benefits of Buying a Student Investment Property in Liverpool in 2020

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A Growing Student Population

Thanks to the presence of some amazing institutions such as the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, the city has a student population of around 70,000, including large numbers of international students. Compared to other similar cities such as Leeds which is reported to house a student population of around 60,000, Liverpool certainly boasts an attractive figure when it comes to student numbers.

When analysing recent reports, we at RWinvest found that Liverpool’s overall population is growing at quite a rapid rate, having seen a 0.94% rise between 2017 and 2018. A lot of Liverpool’s growth was reportedly based within the city centre – one of the most popular areas for students to live. With such steady population growth, it’s likely that the student population of Liverpool will increase further throughout 2020 and beyond. In 2018, it was revealed that record numbers of young people had been accepted onto a University course, suggesting that the influx of students seeking quality accommodation in both Liverpool and the UK as a whole is set to continue.

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High Rental Yields in Thriving Liverpool Areas

Liverpool generates some of the highest-ranking rental yields in the UK. In a report by Totally Money, a total of six Liverpool postcodes appeared in the UK’s buy to let map, with L1 coming out on top thanks to rental yields of 10.00%. Many of Liverpool’s top buy to let postcodes are areas which are popular with student tenants. A prime example is with the completed development, One Islington Plaza, which is based in Liverpool’s L3 postcode. L3 was ranked number 15 out of 25 UK buy to let postcodes thanks to its 7.40% rental yields.

The high average yields investors can find in Liverpool is evidence of the overall strength of the city’s property market. Property prices are highly affordable, with a current average asking price of £173,878 according to Zoopla. Both residential and student rental properties are seeing a growth in rental costs in Liverpool, resulting in an average rental price of £978 pcm. For those considering student property investment, Liverpool is an unmissable location if rental yields are at the top of your agenda for 2020.

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A Positive Outlook for Capital Growth

Whether investing in residential or student property, Liverpool investment offers investors the chance to benefit from a perfect combination of high yields and impressive capital growth. Liverpool boasts one of the UK’s fastest-growing economies, and this has led to an increase in property prices in the city. Alongside other Northern cities Manchester and Leicester, Liverpool has seen the most impressive rates of house price growth throughout 2019.

In 2018, Liverpool’s annual price growth rate was recorded at 7.5%, exceeding any other UK city. The entire North West has also recently hit the headlines when it comes to capital growth. Predictions show that property price growth in the North West is set to outperform any other UK region, expecting rises of up to 24% within the next five years. Those buying a student investment property in Liverpool can become a part of this surge in growth and take advantage of the cities current affordability.

Poets Place

Exciting Liverpool Student Property Developments on the Horizon

While attractive qualities like demand, rental yields and capital growth are necessary for a solid investment strategy, the development you choose to invest in also plays a big part in your overall success. Luckily, extensive and ongoing regeneration in Liverpool has led to the upcoming development of a number of exciting student properties. Some of the best examples include Poets Place, an upcoming off-plan development which is catered to both students and young professionals, with prices from just £70,950.

Due to the off-plan nature of many of Liverpool’s current student investment opportunities, investors are able to benefit from below-market prices and heightened capital growth prospects. If you’re not keen on making an off-plan investment, however, there are still plenty of completed student developments in Liverpool ready for a 2020 investment. City Point, for instance, is a completed and tenanted Liverpool student property investment opportunity, located just a ten-minute walk to Liverpool John Moores University. Better yet, if you opt for the fully managed option rather than making a hands-on investment, this property comes in partnership with an experienced rental management company for extra peace of mind.

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