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07 Aug, 2018

The Knowledge Quarter Liverpool Regeneration Scheme

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    The Future of Innovation in Liverpool

    The Knowledge Quarter Liverpool is a much anticipated innovative district that is home to some of the most influential players within science, technology, health, and education.

    The area is one of the most popular places to study too, boasting over 54,000 students across three universities.

    Since the first investment scheme started back in 2000, there has been over £1 billion spent helping the area thrive.

    The latest plans reveal a new angle being taken on the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, with more money being spent on surrounding areas such as the nearby Paddington Village and other cultural institutions.

    Before investing in Liverpool, you should brush up your knowledge of the area to find out the profound changes throughout the city region that have happened in the past two decades.

    Are you interested in finding out more about the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter and the ever-changing skyline of Liverpool?

    Keep reading to find out more about this fantastic area of the city.

    Dramatic aerial view of Liverpool with Mersey river in foreground

    Liverpool Knowledge Quarter: An Innovative District for Health, Technology and Science

    Various academic and educational institutions sit within the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter, including the likes of the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and the Liverpool Bioinnovation Hub.

    The Knowledge Quarter is a unique part of the city that has benefitted from huge amounts of investment.

    Accommodating some of the world’s major players in various industries, the scheme has promoted businesses to invest in the city’s 54,000 students and creative, independent businesses.

    In collaboration with Liverpool City Region and council, the Knowledge Quarter in Liverpool aims to bridge the economic gap between the North and South of England.

    Since Liverpool has an incredible pool of talent, from creative entrepreneurs to junior doctors and trainee nurses, the Knowledge Quarter gives these people a place to continue thriving.

    It is no secret that so far, the area has produced some of Liverpool’s brightest minds and will continue to do so as the area continues to be pumped with investment.

    Various projects have been attracted to the area, like ELEMENT- The Quarter, Liverpool’s first-ever eco-development.

    To support the growth of the Knowledge Quarter, local businesses are actively encouraged to invest their money or move into the area and build on their prospects there.

    Geographically, the Knowledge Quarter is an ideal place to pick up tourists and local residents as it’s practically right in the city centre.

    One of the largest Liverpool development schemes to happen in the area has to be the £450 million Royal Liverpool University Hospital redevelopment.

    University of Liverpool Exterior

    Notable Areas Within the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool

    Despite having a range of iconic universities in the area, it is also known to have some of the world’s best institutions for science technologies.

    The area is rooted in a creative core for research, science and healthcare, meaning it has various dedicated buildings that are leading the way in knowledge and enterprise.

    Investment that has been put into the area has only boosted the already successful part of Liverpool.

    Liverpool Science Park

    At the forefront of global innovation, the Liverpool Science Park sits at the heart of the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter.

    With over 120,000 square feet of technology, health, educational and science-based space, the area is packed full of new facilities and laboratories.

    These facilities have provided essential development to the city’s educational needs, bolstering courses offered at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University – two of Liverpool’s three major universities.

    Paddington Village Liverpool and The Spine

    Paddington Village Liverpool is a vibrant community destination for students and residents alike. It provides a perfect place to live, and a great place to work, plus, has the exciting prospect of a world-class building within the vicinity.

    A £35 million Liverpool development, The Spine, is projected to be one of the biggest projects ever to grace Liverpool.

    The building will be dedicated to the Royal College of Physicians, offer support for science technologies and boast 14 stories of global innovation.

    According to Professor Andrew Goddard, Royal College of Physicians president, the building made great progress as of early 2020:

    “Our new northern home The Spine is making fantastic progress and is definitely making its mark on the Liverpool landscape. Its design and facilities will support our doctors and staff in improving patient care, and I’m really excited about the building opening in 2021.”

    Officially opening later in 2021, The Spine has become of the city’s best regeneration hotspots.

    Royal Liverpool University Hospital

    As well as the different Paddington Village Liverpool developments, the Royal Liverpool University hospital is another major project that is currently undergoing redevelopment.

    After construction started on the Liverpool development in 2013, it was set to be completed by 2017.

    However, due to unforeseen circumstances, estimated completion was pushed back, officially opening in October 2022.

    The major teaching and research hospital is the busiest in the Liverpool city region and is home to the largest emergency department in the UK.

    A leader in health research and innovation, the redevelopment of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University hospitals is set to change healthcare training throughout the UK.

    Liverpool, UK - December 16, 2022: Science Park building in the Knowledge Quarter Innovation District, Mount Pleasant

    Regenerating Liverpool: A City Reborn

    The future for the city of Liverpool is exciting, and the regeneration of the Knowledge Quarter is only a small part of the countless projects happening throughout the city.

    Since the success of the Baltic Triangle area, Liverpool Lime Street regeneration by Liverpool City Council and Project Jennifer, the North West city will only continue to see vast improvement through investment.

    RWinvest has a range of luxurious apartments across the city centre, and our exclusive deals and affordable prices mean even those who haven’t considered investing in a property before can start researching and learning more.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about our Liverpool residential and commercial property investment opportunities, get in touch today.

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