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New Study Shows Top Buy-To-Let Yields Found in the North

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    North West & North East Are Top Places in England for Rental Yields in 2024

    A recent study sheds light on the regions offering buy-to-let investors the most promising rental yields in the UK property market. With analysis spanning all postcodes, the research reveals how Scotland and Northern England showcase thriving rental markets.

    Today, we’ll look at that data in more detail.

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      Which Regions Enjoy the Strongest Rental Yields?

      The estate and letting agency group Lomond researched the top 10 areas with the highest rental yields for British buy-to-let investors. They analysed recent data on property values and rents across all postcodes in Britain. This revealed which areas offer the best rental returns for investors. The average rental yield across Britain is now 4.5%, up from 4% last year.

      According to the study, Scotland boasts the highest average rental yield among regions, standing at 5.4%. Following closely behind are the North East at 4.8% and the North West at 4.6% — the top two regions in England. On the other hand, the South East currently holds the lowest average rental yield at 3.8%.

      These figures follow the most recent Zoopla data on rental yields, which showed similar results, with the top 10 areas for rental yields being dominated by Northern cities and towns.

      The North West was particularly well-represented in those rankings.

      Three towns or cities in the North West sit in the top ten for rental yields. This isn’t unexpected for those who track yield changes, as Burnley (8.00%), Blackburn (7.52%), and Liverpool (7.44%) were all in the top ten in the last update. Blackpool, Preston, Birkenhead, Wigan, Manchester, and Warrington are featured further down the list.

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      What Did Lomond Make of the Rental Yield Data?

      Martin Elliot, CEO of Lomond’s Yorkshire brands, Martin Elliot, had the following to say about rental yields and buy-to-let property investments: “Despite the government’s best efforts, buy-to-let investment remains a lucrative endeavour, and we’ve seen the average yield on offer increase across all regions of Britain over the last year, with the exception of Scotland, where it has remained static. Of course, some areas remain more profitable than others and by breaking the market down at the postcode level, you can gain a real insight into just where currently offers the strongest returns.

      “So while the government may have attempted to lure more landlords away from the rental sector with a cut in capital gains tax, it remains a very good time to invest in rental market bricks and mortar.”

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